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What flowers to choose for a bridesmaid?

What flowers to choose for a bridesmaid?

It is impossible to imagine a wedding celebration without such an indispensable attribute as flowers. They make the event colorful, emotional, cheer up, and give a splendor, luxuriousness to the solemn event. They decorate an automobile procession; decorate a festive wedding table, of which a bridal bouquet is made. Recently it has become fashionable, following the western trends, to use at weddings compositions of flowers for the bridesmaids.

Now many refuse traditional witnesses at the wedding, replacing them with the bridesmaids of the young wife, and from the groom invite his friends as best men. Today, this fashion is no longer surprising. What is the role of the flower bouquet, and what flowers should I choose for my unmarried girlfriend?

Sometimes just married young women, when by tradition one should throw a bouquet, in order to catch it from one of the unmarried girls, do not want to part with their posh flowers. In this case, the flowers of the bride can be replaced by the flowers of her bridesmaid.What flowers to choose for a bridesmaid?

The queen of wedding bouquets is a rose. It serves as the basis of floral composition. It can be supplemented by various floral plants – orchids, carnations, calls. Hydrangeas, etc. If the bouquet is the cascade, the decoration needs greenery. It emphasizes the beauty of the floral plants that make up the composition, but it should not be much. Use in bouquets of peonies, lilies of the valley, chamomile, freesia. Created by the hands of an experienced florist, the composition of any plants will look good. Flowers should be freshly cut to last in the bouquet all day. The choice of a bouquet depends also on the time of the year.

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This wedding attribute in the hands of a girl acting as a girlfriend will help her cope with the excitement that is invariably present in the painting and in the subsequent actions. Here it plays the role of an antidepressant.

Shafer and girlfriend – the second people at the wedding after the young. A bouquet of girlfriends flowers and a boutonniere of the best man will distinguish these two young people noticeably against the background of other guests. Tapes with the inscriptions of honorary witnesses are out of fashion today. It is better not to use them.

What should be the composition of flowers for the bridesmaids? Naturally, the bouquet should not look better than an unbranded bouquet. Still young – the first person at the wedding, all the attention of the guests should be drawn to it. There is a simple proven solution to this issue – for the girlfriends order a reduced copy of the untitled floral composition.

If you want to be original, flowers for a girlfriend may be different, you only need to consider how the composition fits into the overall interior of the wedding celebration. You need to think about the size of the composition so that the girlfriend would feel comfortable throughout the celebration.

Today, often the floral attribute replaces the so-called floral bracelet. Wear it on the wrist or on the forearm. The latter is more practical – since the girlfriend is always busy with something new. She acts as the bride’s assistant. For the bracelet, you need to choose the floral plants that will last throughout the holiday.

Sometimes a bouquet of flowers is replaced with a spherical flower arrangement with a ribbon loop. She puts on her hand in the form of a handbag. The decoration looks refined and elegant, although it is not as practical as a bracelet. When ordering a composition for their girlfriends, the young must consider how the attribute will be in harmony with their outfits, as well as the preferences of young girls.

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In any case, experienced florists will tell you how to choose the right flower arrangement for a girlfriend.


Wedding Bouquet Of The Bride In The Traditions Of Different Countries

Wedding Bouquet Of The Bride In The Traditions Of Different Countries

Since ancient times, when decorating weddings, special attention has been paid to flowers. With the help of beautiful and fragrant living decorations, you can easily emphasize the solemnity of the moment; give a lot of pleasant emotions to the newlyweds and their guests. Flowers are also used to create a bride’s hairstyle, and making a bouquet of a future wife can be called a separate direction in floristry.

When choosing a floral work for the bride, it is important to take into account a lot of nuances. This is the style of the celebration, and the color, the style of the dress, and the decoration of the event. A bouquet for the bride in different countries is considered a ritual attribute, with which many traditions, superstitions are associated.

A bouquet of the bride in the East

  • In China, from ancient times, wedding bouquets were performed in red tones. Flowers of red color were used for decor, hairdressing, dresses.Wedding Bouquet Of The Bride In The Traditions Of Different Countries
  • In Japan, brides often do not have a separate bouquet. In their hands, they keep painted fans with floral drawings. A fresh chrysanthemum is used to decorate the hair.
  • In India, to design a bouquet of a bride and generally a wedding celebration in general, choose lotuses. Often this flower is the center of the composition; it can be supplemented with roses in the bouquet.

Wedding bouquet in Europe and tradition

Previously, the floristic composition for the bride was collected from herbs. It is believed that the tradition of making a bouquet of flowers from the bride was introduced by Queen Victoria. At the behest of this monarch, the flowers of the orange tree again began to add to the bouquet.

Historians say that around the time of the Victorian era roses were considered the main flower of love, romance. In this historical period, the brides began to hand over their bouquets to friends. This was done so that the couple could not bring damage.

In the Middle Ages in Britain, marigold flowers were often added to the bridal bouquets. And the petals of roses were used to shatter the newlyweds on their way to church so that their marriage was happy.Wedding Bouquet Of The Bride In The Traditions Of Different Countries

As for other European countries, there are some traditions associated with the bouquet of the bride:

  • In Spain in the wedding bouquet necessarily add orange flowers. They are also used to decorate the bride’s hairstyle because this color is recognized as the color of luck;
  • In Greece in ancient times, the bridal bouquet included spices, fragrant herbs to scare off evil spirits. For decoration, ivy could be used – a sign of the girl’s love for the boy. Later in the bouquets, Greek flowers were added orange, emphasizing the innocence of the future wife;
  • In the Scandinavian countries, the girls who were getting married also used fragrant herbs to dress up. It was believed that these components will bring the husband-Viking luck in the wanderings.
  • In Austria in the past instead of bouquets wreaths were used from myrtle, it is a symbol of a happy marriage.

According to the unspoken rule of floristic art, the wedding bouquet is decorated in light colors: they emphasize the bride’s innocence

Traditions of wedding bouquets in America

Wedding bouquet of the bride first started throwing unmarried girlfriends in the USA. A very beautiful ceremony was accompanied by a wish to meet a loved one lucky woman who will catch flowers. Today, more often than not, the bride passes on to her guests not her own bouquet, but a bouquet double. As a rule, it looks like a real wedding bouquet.Wedding Bouquet Of The Bride In The Traditions Of Different Countries

By the way, throwing flowers future wife can be original. For example, she can choose the hostess of the wedding attribute with the help of an attraction, comic contest or competition.

The effective tradition of throwing a wedding bouquet to bridesmaids originated in America, today it is popular in many countries

Bouquet for a wedding in Russia

Few people know that in Russia there was a similar wedding ceremony. According to ancient traditions, unmarried guests at the end of the evening gathered in a circle in the center of which was the bride. She was blindfolded, after which the friends of the happy bride began to dance. When the dance stopped, flowers were received by the girl who was closest to the bride.Wedding Bouquet Of The Bride In The Traditions Of Different Countries

In general, the Slavs did not have a traditional wedding bouquet. He was replaced by a flower wreath. It is a symbol of the sun, which promises a happy and long life to the newlyweds. Most often, for wreaths of a wreath of the bride used healing flowers and herbs, each plant had its own significance. For example, fresh chamomile symbolized strong love and the spikelets of rye – wealth.

The secret tradition in many countries is the use of colors of light and delicate shades when drawing up a wedding bouquet. However, modern brides can show fancy when choosing the model and materials of the future bouquet. It is important only that the work created by the florists pleases the eye and harmonizes with the image of the girl.

Flower Garden From Edible Flowers

Flower Garden From Edible Flowers

Most often farmers grow calendula, nasturtium, marigold, zucchini, pansies, cucumber grass, daylilies for flower cooks.

These farms are located, as a rule, in ecologically favorable areas and have in addition to fields and beds meadow and forest plots. Here they are harvesting edible flowers of wild plants: violets, primroses, dandelions, blackberry, acacia, etc. However, after 1-2 days of storage, the flowers lose their freshness and their wonderful taste.

Flower gourmet can and independently grow a garden of edible flowers to have raw materials at any time. Many foreign trading companies offer flower growers a special collection of seeds called “Edible Flowers” (Edible Flowers). Their composition includes, as a rule, seeds of calendula, chamomile pharmacies, nasturtiums, violets of three-color, marigolds thin-leaved.

But there are flower beds in which it is convenient to arrange plants with edible flowers. All the ideas discussed in different years have been successfully translated by the author into reality, and the created flower gardens continue to please and provide edible flowers, useful and tasty.Flower Garden From Edible Flowers

You can grow edible flowers in a variety of ways. One of the most common and fashionable is cultivation in containers, hanging baskets, etc. Such elements of flower design, even in the smallest garden, on a balcony or loggia, will not take up much space and do not require much time for leaving. In this mini-flower beds are very attractive; they can be easily moved, creating more and more new compositions. By placing a container or a hanging basket with edible flowers near the kitchen, you will always have flowers on hand for your experiments in the field of flower cooking.

Containers for edible flowers

The appearance, shape, material, color of the container you choose to grow a garden with edible flowers depends on where it will be located and what the overall stylistics of the garden is.

There are, fortunately, quite universal solutions, for example, containers of tufa. They quite naturally fit into almost any environment and are suitable for edible and any other colors. Such containers of the right size and shape can easily be made by you.Flower Garden From Edible Flowers

For the construction of a home-made container, sheets of paperboard from packing boxes, several bricks and pieces of a tube or logs with a diameter of about 2 cm and a length of about 5 cm will be needed to create drainage holes. From the cardboard make an external frame of the desired size and shape.

There are, fortunately, quite universal solutions, for example, containers of tufa. They quite naturally fit into almost any environment and are suitable for edible and any other colors.

Mix 2 parts (by volume) of dry peat, 1 part of dry cement of any brand and 1 part of building sand. You can add gravel or shells to the mixture. Add the water to a mass with the consistency of a thick dough. Pour the mixture into the outer frame from the cardboard until the bottom layer is about 5 cm thick. On it, install the inner frame from the cardboard. Insert tubes or chunks to create drainage holes. Pour the mixture between the sheets of cardboard, a little pound it (do not get carried away, otherwise the frame from the cardboard will lose its shape). Strengthen the resulting structure from the outside and from the inside with bricks to keep the shape. Leave to dry for 2-3 days. If the weather is very hot, the construction must be sprinkled with water several times. Then, remove the sheets of cardboard and take out the tubes at the locations of the drainage holes, Treat the walls of the resulting device with an iron brush. 4-5 days after this, fill the groove with the appropriate soil mixture and plant the plants.

In such containers, it is very good to grow carnations, lavender, chives, sage.

Edible flower garden in hanging baskets

Traditional hanging baskets are made of plastic coated wire. They contain special inserts made of coconut fibers, wool, wood waste, paper pulp. All of them will retain moisture and soil and allow making holes for planting plants from the sides of the basket.

Fill the basket with compost mixed with soil. Remember that the main problem of “basket” floriculture is the rapid drying of the soil in containers, so it will be very useful to add special water-retaining granules (hydrogel) to the substrate. It is also very useful when planting to add granules of slow-dissolving fertilizers in the amounts indicated in the instructions to the basket primer.Flower Garden From Edible Flowers

Using a sharp knife, make incisions 2-3 cm long on the sides of the basket, spread the soil to the level of cuts and gently push the root system of plants through them (for the least damage to the root system, it can be pre-wrapped in a paper tube, which, after pushing into the incision, must be removed). Roots carefully spread and add the soil until the basket is filled. Then plant the remaining plants from above. Well, moisten the soil.

And one more rule, which must be carried out rigorously: hanging baskets must be very securely fixed. It should be remembered that a basket with well-moistened soil becomes quite heavy and negligence in its consolidation can turn out to be a nuisance.

Of plants with edible flowers for hanging baskets, nasturtiums, small-flowered pansies, tuberous begonias and fragrant pelargoniums are most suitable. Edible flowers in containers and hanging baskets can be combined with different flower crops, ample tomatoes, spicy herbs.

“Flower Tower” can be stationary or portable. The stationary one is made elementary: several high stakes are driven into the ground along a circle with a diameter of 20-30 cm, onto which a plastic pipe is put on. An earth mixture (necessarily mixed with hydrogel) is buried in the pipe. In the wall of the tube, small holes are cut into which the seedlings are planted. To produce a portable “flower tower”, the container (future bottom) and a special frame are enclosed in a polyethylene sleeve, which is filled with soil. In its walls cut openings for planting plants. After growth, plants cover the surface of the entire structure, and the container located at its base serves as a reservoir for water, facilitating normal care.

Another way to decorate your garden in an unusual way is to place pendant baskets in the form of balls. For this, it is best to buy a ready-made light metal construction. Such devices are offered, for example, by the English company Thompson & Morgan. Flower spheres can be suspended in the same way as ordinary baskets and can be mounted on vertical supports. In this case, without any special care, you will receive a charming blooming “tree” during the whole summer season.

For planting in such spherical devices, it is possible to use seedlings of various plants: small-colored pansies, begonias, nasturtiums, remontant strawberries, but, perhaps, the most beautiful variant is obtained when using Valer’s balsam. His flowers can be simple and terry of a variety of colors. For abundant and prolonged flowering, the plant received the English name ‘Busy Lizzie’ (Hard Liza).

The decoration of the fence

The sad, tall fences around many garden plots are, sadly, the sad reality of our days. Can these fences be quickly and efficiently decorated, but also make practical use of it for the florist-cook? It turns out, you can.Flower Garden From Edible Flowers

One of the developments of the English company Thompson & Morgan – a special “flower pads” (flower pouch) for decorating walls and fences. “Pillows” in a form that is not filled with an earth mix are packages of dense plastic with special devices for fastening on the fence. They fill with a suitable earth mix, with sharp scissors they make in the outer side surface of the slits and plant seedlings or plant seeds.

For watering plants in such “pads” -packages, the company’s specialists offer a special device in the form of a plastic conical tube with holes at different levels. Such tubes are installed in each bag and periodically added water through a funnel.

Very beautiful look in such plastic containers, many plants with edible flowers, including fuchsia.

Fences can be use climbing plants. From plants with edible flowers for this, you can use stiff roses, honeysuckle, fire-red string beans and long-stemmed nasturtium.

How to Open a Flower Shop? Fast Profit on a “Beautiful” Business

How to Open a Flower Shop? Fast Profit on a "Beautiful" Business

Hello, friends.

Today I bought a bouquet for one very pleasant occasion, and I caught myself thinking that the trade in flowers brings people not only aesthetic pleasure but also material. And not a little. The familiar owner of a small flower shop once boasted that on average he barges up to 10 thousand dollars a day.

If you take into account the fact that people celebrate important dates every day, go on a visit and on dates, arrange birthdays and weddings, then flowers are very popular goods. Therefore, anyone who sees himself as an entrepreneur, but does not know which niche to choose, it is worth considering how to open a flower shop from scratch.

What start-up capital is needed for this, what nuances should be taken into account, what advantages and disadvantages this kind of trade as – I will tell in detail.

1. Advantages of the flower business

Flowers – it’s always beautiful, even in the store, at least at the exhibition, even though in the greenhouse, though in the wild. But if the natural beauty of a plant is skillfully emphasized in a bouquet, then the demand for such a flower will increase. Therefore, do not be afraid of the opinion of businessmen who did not dare to trade flowers in their time, if you approach the matter competently, in a few months you can create a profitable and profitable business.

And if the question: “How to open a flower shop from scratch?”, Constantly pushes you into doubts and makes you rush between “yes” and “no”, do simply: analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this type of activity. And if the shortcomings do not scare you, start acting.

Among the main advantages of trade in flowers:

  • Easy and relatively inexpensive business start-up;
  • The opportunity to open a store in a small room with a low rent;
  • It is not necessary to be a florist or a specialist in growing flowers – it’s up to you to create a business and hire professionals;
  • The margin for the goods, as a rule, is not less than 90%;
  • A business that involves creative work – come up with new competitive advantages that will only be inherent in your store.

2. What competitive advantages can be used in the trade of flowers?

In the first weeks and months after the opening of the store for a large profit, it is unreasonable to count. In order for it to appear over time, it is necessary to attract the maximum number of customers. To attract customers, even before the opening, it is worth considering how your store can differ favorably from others. Suppliers of flowers are not so many, so count on some unusual plants that cannot offer a nearby store, it is not necessary. What then? Then to surprise the potential buyer?

Once again, I emphasize: the main thing is that you need to open a flower shop – a non-standard way of thinking. You can order the usual color varieties from the supplier, you can come up with original branded compositions, add bonus elements to the bouquets that the customers will like.

Usually, for advantage over competitors, floral businessmen use proven methods:

  • Reasonable and moderate pricing policy – you can do a surcharge less than competitors, but at the same time, make sure that the selling price is not unprofitable for you;
  • To offer a wide range of goods – it’s not just about the number of flower names, you should have bouquets for every taste and purse: modest (for students and state employees), smart (for rich clients), artsy (for originals), cute (for romantics), laconic business bouquets;
  • Sell related products: soft toys, candles, ribbons, figurines, popular literature about the art of ikebana, vases;
  • if the area permits, organize a department for the sale of pot plants, do not limit yourself only to fashionable orchids, offer bonsai buyers, a mini garden of succulents, curly-cut rosemary, as an accompanying product in this department will be soil, fertilizers, pots, and baskets;
  • To increase sales, carry out actions during holidays (February 14, March 8, September 1, it is possible and on New Year), offer customers a card or a small toy as a gift to a bouquet, three bouquets for the price of two, organize discounts;
  • Organize delivery service;
  • Take care of the competence and courtesy of the staff.

Another important nuance in attracting customers – before you open a flower shop, take a closer look at how to sell this product on the street, in tents, and in solid stores. You will notice the difference. Therefore – the advice: in no case do not take in your new store saleswomen from tents – modern standards for the design of compositions differ from those for which they are accustomed to working.

3. The disadvantages of trade in flowers

The main disadvantage in the flower business is the perishable goods and the inability to realize wilted flowers even below the purchase price. Because of this, many entrepreneurs refuse to contact such goods and choose other niches, for example, the opening of a clothing store.

Another disadvantage:

  • high competition, despite some mistrust of businessmen to flowers, many in their sales have succeeded, and “move” them to the market for beginners is very difficult;
  • Seasonality of business – summer entrepreneurs call the dead season;
  • The dishonesty of the supplier – when ordering large quantities of goods, there is a risk of obtaining a part of the marriage hidden among the quality flowers.

Is it advantageous to open a flower shop in the presence of such shortcomings?

Compensate for all these disadvantages is very real, if you properly develop a strategy for attracting customers, learn the style of work of competitors and organize a loyalty program. As for seasonality, you cannot get away from it, even with a low profit; you need to pay taxes, rent, and wages. But here one can also find a way out: to postpone a portion of the revenues received in a successful period for the financial needs of the non-season.

Nobody is insured by the scam supplier. Therefore, when choosing a partner, be guided by real feedback, carefully ask the same competitors, not very advertising their intention to open a store.

4. Formats of the flower business

Like any other kind of activity, the trade in flowers is different in scale and form of organization. You can be the owner of several small pavilions in different parts of the city, trade in simple compositions and earn an income no less than the owners of flower boutiques.

Whichever format you choose for your business, it is advisable to consider the idea of how to open an online flower shop. You will expand the customer base and geography of customers, you will not have casual customers since this kind of trade involves the production of bouquets to order.

Types of outlets that can be used for the flower business:

  • Pavilion – the best option for people with a minimum starting capital, features – the sale of inexpensive bouquets, the location in the busiest places, you can near the markets and metro stations;
  • Directly store – a more expensive option, especially – the need for renting a room and its original decoration;
  • Boutique – pathos institution for sophisticated and prosperous customers, features – exquisite interior, high level of service, the presence of very expensive exotic plants on sale;
  • Online store – distance trade in flowers, features – the ability to combine with any other type of store, great for owners of flower greenhouses.

5. Features of doing business on the sale of flowers

Next, I want to list some of the features of running a flower business.

  1. The similarity of the assortment of flower shops. To stand out, create unusual compositions from ordinary plants, offer customers a variety of types and colors.
  2. The sale of flowers provides waste, which will have to be thrown away. 15-20% of plants cannot be sold, take it for granted and do not get upset about it – all floral businessmen know this.
  3. The peak of sales for “florists” – romantic holidays, in the autumn, winter and early spring, trade are much better than in the summer months.
  4. For a long-term preservation of the presentation of flowers, it is necessary to purchase special refrigeration equipment.

6. Calculation table for the cost of opening a flower shop

There are other figures, for those who want to calculate how much it is to open a flower shop from scratch. And they are much more modest. If we talk about the pavilion or the Internet site, then when they open, there is no need to spend money on repairs and rent. But refrigeration equipment is needed in any case, and this is one of the most expensive expense items.

The ideal option is the combination of offline and online business formats.

7. Recoupment of costs

Under the most favorable conditions (a successful location of the store, daily sales, season), the funds invested in the business start paying off in 3-5 months after the opening.

In the winter-spring period, the profitability is up to 16%, in the summer the figure is significantly reduced.

The average daily amount received for the goods is up to $10 000, per month – 300 000. If you subtract the monthly expenses (salary, taxes, and purchase of material and goods), the net income per month will be 120-150 thousand dollars.

8. Flower shop in the village

Calling such figures, I’m talking about a store in a big city.

If the inhabitants of small towns have a ripe decision to open a flower shop, how much does this venture cost, I will not say for sure (I think it is cheaper at times than in a metropolis), but I can hardly call it successful.

In small settlements, there are not so many people and so many events that would require flowers every day.

What do experts advise in such cases?

  • Organize business as a fickle and sell flowers on the eve of September 1, the holiday of the last bell, March 8, etc.
  • Organize a greenhouse and sell their own products through the Internet.

9. Conclusion

Well, my friends, today I told the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth, about business in the trade of flowers. Disadvantages of this business, I did not hide, and, I hope, this will help you more responsibly and cautiously approach the matter.

I have to wish you good luck and say goodbye to the next new article.

Why Do We Give Flowers On Mother’s Day?

Give Flowers On Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day is coming , which in Spain is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May. The perfect occasion to show our mothers our unconditional love and our admiration for them and how much we love them even if we do not tell them so often. The ideal excuse to strengthen our relationship with them. And, obviously, mothers are delighted to feel that day the center of attention and receive details from their children. In this sense, flowers are always an excellent option to give to our mothers, since they are a very special natural detail that they always love.

A gesture that, since time immemorial, has been related to generosity and love. Arriving even in the Vistorian era to have its own language, where each flower and each color had its own meaning. A time when expressing feelings openly was seen as very bad eyes, so young people expressed their feelings in this beautiful way. Today, although they are no longer used with this sense, the truth is that we continue to remember many meanings of this language of flowers so beautiful that this era bequeathed us and that we can take advantage of to emphasize our message when sending flowers at home in the Mother’s Day.

For this reason, a nice bouquet of flowers is worth all the material gifts of the world, being able to transmit all kinds of messages without saying a single word. And is that giving flowers is very valuable because we are giving that person something beautiful, with a very pleasant fragrance and a little piece of nature. Therefore, it is not a mere material gift, but its meaning goes much further.

Where does the tradition of giving flowers come from?

Tradition of giving flowers come from

The tradition of giving flowers dates back to the Ancient Age, specifically to Egyptian culture. In the Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis was the mother of all divinities, considered as the goddess of motherhood and birth, for which she was always honored and honored with a deep respect for her great fertility power. In Greek mythology, there was the goddess Rhea and in Rome and in Asia the goddess Cibeles, who were the ones who represented this role.

However, although the mother figure was honored, the flowers did not begin to take center stage until the seventeenth century. Period in which every fourth Sunday of Lent was dedicated to the figure of the Virgin and offerings were made in the church as a way of respect and gratitude to be his son.

Mother’s Day would be a tradition later taken to the American lands through the colonizers. At that time Mother’s Day was celebrated on December 8 for being the day of the Immaculate Conception, although later it would be passed on the first Sunday in May for both Christian reasons and for being the month of the Virgin par excellence and the month in the one that the spring brought its first flowers, when the nature is fresher and renewed.

Therefore, this day is ideal to thank our mothers with the fragrance and the flower bellza. And the spring symbolizes life, just as our mothers gave us life after taking us for several months in their womb. So, giving flowers on Mother’s Day is a beautiful tradition that shows the purest and most eternal love to that person who has given us life.

What are the best flowers to give on Mother’s Day?

best flowers to give on Mothers Day

As we have said, flowers are the best gift for Mother’s Day, but you may be wondering what kind of arrangement to choose or what kind of plant your mother would like the most. Surely you know her very well and you know what she might like. Therefore, in Florist Petals we always recommend that you spend a few minutes thinking what you feel for it to be able to trasnmitírselo and think a bit about their way of being to find just what you might like. Your intuition will be perfect, since nobody better than you knows it.

In any case, the simple fact that you remembered her and you had the point of sending her a nice bouquet of flowers will be enough to get her excited. Regardless if you decide to send a bouquet of roses, daisies, carnations, gerberas or lilies. Of course, if you feel passion for gardening, the best option is always a nice basket of plants that can take care. In this way, he will remember you every time he looks at them.

Types of flower packaging

Types of flower packaging

Packing for flowers can be very different, as are the ways of decorating a composition. It does not matter why flowers are presented as a gift, where it is more important to provide a presentable bouquet and to impress the recipient because the beauty of a flower arrangement or a bouquet is often judged on the packaging.Types of flower packaging

Materials for the production of flower packaging

Packing for the decoration of bouquets can be both synthetic and natural. The first type includes:

  • Transparent film – monophonic or ornamented with various shades. The most budgetary and common material for registration;
  • Organza – this fabric of bright colors is used, as a rule, for the winding of stalks.
  • Artificial mesh – a variety of color and shape of the material. It can be monophonic, decorated with lurex, etc. It often goes hand-in-hand with feeling, since it combines well with it. Excellent hold the form and can act as an independent element of the decor;Types of flower packaging

Of the natural materials for packaging flowers can be identified such solutions:

  • Felt – light and soft, it seems to have been created for the decoration of a scattering of flowers. Can be both monophonic and decorated print;
  • Sisal is obtained from the leaves of the agave and is used mainly for the connection of plants with short or medium length stems. Whimsical in terms of selecting a color solution, so to prevent visual “heavier” bouquet, florists use the packaging of those shades that occur in the composition;
  • Jute mesh and fiber – a package with a natural appearance, as if created for registration of a status business bouquet. It gives the composition austerity and presentability.Types of flower packaging

What are the ribbons of flowers?

Tapes in floristry can have a different width, density, and color. In addition, amazes and abundance of materials of manufacture: there are satin and polypropylene, metalized, imitation sheet aspidistra, etc. Often they are additionally decorated with strips of lurex and other threads, paillettes, beads.

In any case, the ribbon is selected depending on the type of colors used and the theme of the celebration. So, romantic bouquets can be supplemented with a lace ribbon.Types of flower packaging

Ways of packing a bouquet

Today, florists give preference to everything natural, and the real trend of recent times is naturalness and minimalism. Ordinary paper, ribbon or organza can emphasize the freshness of field or garden flowers. And in jute mesh pack tulips or a bouquet of royal roses.Types of flower packaging

The simplest version of design – a wide satin ribbon girdles the stems in 2-3 girths or completely drape the bottom of the bouquet. You can use a combination of several packaging materials, for example, lace with thick paper or artificial mesh with felt.

Thanks to the imagination of the masters of the most familiar materials for the packaging of flowers, real works of art are created!

The Best Flowers For A Funeral

In the U.S.A, we are lovers of flowers, among other things, because they transmit joy, happiness and are in themselves beneficial for health and life in general. But they do much more than that.
In times of loss, farewell, and sadness, they give comfort and show respect. They have their own language, they tell a story with all the meanings associated with it, and they accompany us in all the moments of life, even in the most painful moments.
we already told you how to choose flowers for a funeral, and today we review which are the best flowers for occasions like these.
The nickname of this flower is “flower of love” and comes from the Greek words ‘agape’ (love) and ‘ethos’ (flower). No doubt it is a perfect flower if the lost person is someone you loved and wanted a lot.
Represents eternal friendship and is a more than right choice if you want to commemorate one last time the strong friendship that you joined someone.
Represents purity, sympathy, and beauty. The shape of these flowers, with their stylized ornate chalices, is ideal if you want a floral arrangement that decorates the church. Chrysanthemums
The white and yellow chrysanthemums are used a lot to say goodbye to a loved one in Asia. This flower of gold, as we told you in the post about flowers for All Saints’ Day, symbolizes the desire for a long and prosperous life, in addition to good luck.
Symbolizes wealth, strength and throws the message “forever yours.” It is perfect for farewells and to celebrate love.
Along with the dahlia, freesia gives off a slight perfume and is another great representative of unconditional love. It is also among the 5 most resistant and durable flowers.
It symbolizes gratitude, grace, and beauty. Its colors represent love, harmony, and peace, which makes it the perfect flower for a funeral.

It could not be missing from the list of favorite flowers for moments of loss, as it is one of the most representative flowers of moments like this. It is closely linked to Holy Week and it’s pure, serene and elegant appearance expresses desires for improvement in times of loss and mourning.
Symbolizes appreciation, gratitude, and charisma. It is a precious way to thank the lost person.
If there is a flower that expresses love above all, that is the rose, perfect for a commemorative bouquet. Each color of the rose has a meaning and it is important to know it to get it right and not throw a wrong message.
From the U.S.A, we want to accompany you with our flowers even at the most difficult times and that is why we have a special catalog for these occasions. We have all kinds of flowers and arrangements for funerals and cemeteries, and our proposal includes wreaths, palms or flower crosses.

The best plants for an autumn garden

autumn garden

Who says that the outdoor spaces are only for the summer? Autumn is a good time to enjoy our outdoor environments, such as the terrace, the garden, the porch, the balcony …

That is why, we want to help you decorate your exterior with the power of nature. Now, what are the best plants for the fall season? Do not be afraid, we know the answer. Discover the best plants for an autumn garden. Read more

How to prepare a garden?

prepare a garden

The best orientation for gardening is to the south. In this orientation, the garden will receive all the light and heat necessary for good growth.

The ideal to protect the orchards from the wind is to surround them with a hedge. We must control their height by pruning it and thus avoid shading the crops. Fruit shrubs like raspberries are magnificent hedges.

When we project the orchard, we will have to reserve a space for the access of forklifts, machinery, etc., as for example: for the transport of fertilizers. We will also provide some trails.

If we have a land of at least 100 m2, we can plant and collect food for two or three people. We must make partitions to grow different varieties of vegetables. Read more

6 Beautiful Spring Flowers

Winter is finally over and with the arrival of spring, every lover of gardening begins to plan the work in the garden and, especially, began to devote himself to the cultivation of flowers. See your flowery meadow is one of the best feelings for anyone with a passion for nature.

The flowering plants, annual or perennial, are able to turn any outdoor space into a wonderful corner of paradise; rimpiendo color the garden, rather than the terrace of the house, we could really savor the long-awaited spring.

This time of year nature awakens; the fields are filled with small flowers spontaneously and plants begin to color shades of green. Obviously, there are many species of flowers that you can plant in the spring, depending on our personal taste and our requirements, you can choose from many varieties. Read more

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