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What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

Most people spend their lives at work. Here, as a rule, he celebrates with the collective and birthdays, and professional holidays. One of the components of a gift for any holiday or solemn event is a flower arrangement. Not all of us are well versed in floristry. Therefore, the question of which flowers to present to an office worker in honor of a solemn event often occurs.

There are standard rules of business flower etiquette. However, choosing flowers for an office worker, you should consider his tastes. Someone prefers classical, someone likes field flowers. This is worth remembering. Flowers today are given to colleagues, management, subordinates, business partners. Gifted flowers are a demonstration of respect, gratitude, recognition of merit. Flower Arrangement is considered a popular business gift. But they need to be skillfully selected. With this, professional florists are doing very well.

What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

Nuances of choosing a gift

A bouquet designed as a gift for a partner must have originality and restraint. It is better to send it by courier with the obligatory presence of your business card. With a decor, do not overdo it. A wrapper can be a stylish rice paper or cloth, there should not be more than two kinds of plants.

A gift for the leader should be presented to all employees. The personnel present looks ridiculous. It is advisable to accompany him with a postcard. The beauty and originality of the composition can not border on the high cost since this factor will be misunderstood. When choosing a presentation, it is better to contact professionals who will help you choose the right composition. It can contain calls, strelitzia, heliconia. The first symbolizes the balance, the second – courage.

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If the boss is a man, the composition can be combined. A bouquet of irises, large roses or chrysanthemums looks great in contrast. When the boss is a woman, she should give roses, lilies, orchids. Care should be taken to wrap up the presentation. It can be bold, but not frivolous.

Experienced florists will help to make the right composition so that there are no embarrassing situations. For example, red is considered a symbol of love. Therefore, a bouquet of red tulips or roses can be misinterpreted.

Flowers for colleagues

Flower bouquets, designed as a gift for a colleague, should be elegant and convey feelings such as respect and attention. Too fragrant flowers for the composition will not work. Do not include in the composition and dried flowers. A bouquet of succulents in a flower box will look good. Look good bouquets of roses, orange orchids, peonies, carnations.

What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

The collective composition should be accompanied by a gift card with warm words and wishes from office workers.

As for the size of the presentation for an office worker, a collective gift cannot be small. Huge bouquets will be suitable for an anniversary or another important solemn event.

The bouquet for the man is more laconic, the color scale is restrained. As a package, the fabric looks impressive, although you can also use wrapping paper. You can give a bouquet and without a wrapper, tied with a beautiful ribbon. In compositions for men, exotic plants look original. They seem to emphasize the value of the employee, its importance.

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Actually, a specialist in floristry will easily pick the right composition for any holiday and for any employee. Before choosing a bouquet, one only needs to know the preferences of the one to whom the gift is intended.

What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?

What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?

The flower compositions created by florists impress with their beauty, spectacular combinations of different plants and their colors, and also with various outlines. In this article, we will talk about what kinds of the bouquet are, and how to order a bouquet of flowers with delivery, which will be an ideal addition for any occasion.

Classification of Floristic Compositions

It is worth noting that, depending on who is intended flower gift for conventionally, you can distinguish the following types of bouquets:


Beautiful bouquets of flowers often serve as decoration for festive or official events. In such cases, floral design performs a decorative function and is selected in accordance with the preferences of the originator of the event or the organizer of the event.What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?


When creating women’s compositions, it is allowed to use almost any forms, types of colors and their colors. It is possible to use both spectacular bright color combinations and light harmonious combinations. The only restrictions can be related to the age of the recipient. So, for example, when choosing a gift for a woman on the 50th anniversary, you should avoid too dark tones, and give preference to bright or saturated and bright colors.


Male compositions are often more strict and restrained, they are dominated by straight lines and clear outlines. The color scale for a man should be juicy and picturesque, pastel tones should be avoided. It is allowed to use the white color since it is universal.

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Popular Bouquets

The most common forms of a bouquet of flowers used by florists can be combined into several groups:


An arbitrarily collected composition has a special ease, it looks natural and is one of the trends of the past and the current seasons. The free assembly scheme looks modern and fresh, dynamic and sometimes a little careless. At the same time to achieve the desired effect is often more difficult than when assembling perfectly round structures. The freely assembled plants look great in any quantity and are perfect for wedding floristry, and also as gifts.What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?


A bouquet in the form of a ball is one of the classic variations that serve as the basis for the embodiment of all sorts of ideas. Round assembly scheme is perfect for wedding floral elements, table decorations for holidays and corporate events, as well as gifts for any occasion.

Linear (vertical).

As a rule, in linear compositions, the plants unfold in one direction. Allowed the location of tiers, resulting in a cascading (multi-level) structure, an effective completion of which often serve as a long branch of ornamental foliage.


The fantasy of florists has practically no boundaries; therefore, today one can find floral compositions performed in the most incredible forms. As a rule, wireframes are used to implement unusual ideas, which make it possible to obtain and fix the desired shape. It can be:

  • Bouquets of flowers in the form of a heart, ideal for a declaration of love or marriage proposal;
  • Bouquets of flowers in the form of toys – a wonderful gift for the birthday of the child or an option for decorating the restaurant hall, in which the celebration will be held. In such cases, you can order the creation of a bouquet in the form of animals or a favorite of your baby from the cartoon character.

What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?With additional decorative elements.

Decorate and make the composition as impressive and solemn as possible using special boxes, trunks or baskets. So an excellent addition to a children’s holiday will be a bouquet of flowers in a box in the shape of a ship, and on the anniversary of my mother can be supplemented with flower Present wicker basket or decorative elegant little box, which will emphasize the beauty and elegance of composition.

A bouquet of roses in the shape of a heart for a loved one can also be packed in a spectacular box. In addition, you can complement the romantic gift with air pasta pastries, Raffaello sweets, exotic fruits or favorite sweeties of your halves.

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Types of Color Choices in a Bouquet

The color scheme can be very diverse. At the same time in floristic it is customary to use the following color combinations, which are considered to be the most harmonious and effective:

  • Similar – suggest the choice of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, for example, blue, cyan and magenta or pink, coral and peach.
  • Contrast – the opposite colors of the spectrum are selected: orange and violet, blue and yellow. Also, in contrast, combinations, buds of bright and saturated colors, supplemented by snow-white inflorescences, are allowed to participate.
  • Monochromatic – assume a choice of different shades of the same color, for example, pink, raspberry, fuchsia, and salmon.
  • Polychromatic – colors from different parts of the color spectrum are taken. An example of such a solution is a combination of blue and light purple hydrangeas, orange roses, white freesia and yellow roses.

What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

A bouquet for an engagement can be very diverse. Choose your favorite flowers of your girl or create an effective and unusual variation to your taste. At the same time that the flower composition is sure to please the future bride, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of florists.

A Bouquet That Tells About Your Feelings

Thinking about what flowers to give to the engagement, the heroes for the floral composition should be selected, given their symbolic meaning. It must be plants that embody your sincere feelings.What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

  • The perfect option will be a luxurious bouquet of roses. Will fit buds of red color, symbolizing true love, or snow-white inflorescences being a symbol of endless tenderness, pure and eternal love. You can also combine both these colors or complement the white bouquet with light lilac, light pink or peach accents.
  • The air alstroemerias will tell about fidelity and happiness, they will be charmed by graceful lines of petals. Exotic and a variety of colors alstroemeria will create the most amazing color combinations.
  • The most delicate peonies are plants, with which incredibly elegant and beautiful bouquets of flowers are created. Amazing peonies of local or Dutch varieties will help express boundless love, enjoyment, and idyll.
  • Refined tulips of pastel tones become the embodiment of tenderness, sincerity and a new beginning. The combination of gently-lilac, pale pink and snow-white tulips will be an ideal bouquet of flowers for the engagement.
  • Touching carnations are plants embodying feelings of love and happiness. Carnations are extremely gentle both in mono composition and perfectly complement polybouquets.

Regardless of what kind of flowers for engagement you plan to choose, it’s important to worry about how to present a flower gift. To organize a truly unforgettable surprise for your chosen one, we recommend you to order a bouquet of flowers with delivery. So you do not have to worry about how to pick up an order from the salon, and where to store it before delivery.

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Compositions for Engagement

a bouquet of flowers for the engagement Choosing the right version of the floral gift, you can stop choosing on a mono-bouquet or try a little experiment and pick up a really interesting and original eclectic combination.What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

  • Effective addition of roses will be lilies and callas. Choose a monophonic combination or add small contrasting accents and ornamental foliage. So snow-white inflorescences will look great in combination with bright impregnations of lilac freesias, statics or out.
  • The composition of pions will play with new colors due to the addition of enchanting inflorescences of buttercups, hydrangeas or miniature freesias. Perfect accompaniment of such an ensemble will become fragrant eucalyptus leaves.
  • Elegant tulips will look extraordinarily in the company with irises, alstroemeria, lisianthus and pin-shaped roses. Combining different varieties of tulips (dwarf, terry, lily-colored), it is also possible to achieve an incredible effect.

Speaking about color decisions, it is not necessary to stop at one color. Harmoniously will look like soft combinations of similar tones and bold contrast combinations:

  • light pink or white with bright scarlet;
  • snow-white buds with shades of purple or blue;
  • pink, peach and tender lilac;
  • white, light purple, pink and deep purple.

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What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

Thinking about her future wedding image, each girl pays much attention not only to the dress – his color, style, and ornaments but also to one of the most important attributes of the image of the bride – a bouquet. Today, floristic stores offer a huge selection of colors and ready-made compositions, which makes the choice even more difficult. But there is one tendency when it comes to the color of the petals of the future flower ensemble: many girls prefer a bouquet of a pink bride.

The main holiday

The wedding ensemble is not only an important component of the whole image but also an accessory filled with symbolism. The symbolism of flowers is enclosed both in the plant itself and in its color. Pink represents tenderness, romanticism, and femininity.

Such a symbolism of color and its soothing halo conquers the palm of the primacy on a par with white when it comes to choosing a color for the composition of the bride. This choice speaks of the girl as a vulnerable, creative and gentle person. His unique tone of pink can choose a girl of any age, complexion and hair color. This versatility of this shade in different variations allows you to find exactly the tone that suits every girl.

Light-skinned blondes are approached by a gently pink shade, and burning brunettes are more saturated in tone: coral, crimson, and fuchsia.What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

In addition, when choosing a color, you should consider the overall color solution of the whole celebration. The pink color perfectly blends with the bride’s snow-white outfit, but adding some color accents still costs to create a single color picture. It can be different ways of adding color:

  • Boutonniere on the lapel of the groom’s jacket will create a single ensemble with the image of the bride.
  • Minor accents in pink color will help the banquet hall to blend in with the overall color background. These can be balloons, tablecloths, napkins on tables or cute little bouquets of fresh flowers that can “revive” the atmosphere of the hall.
  • Pink ribbons on cars with ornaments in shades of pink will give a special flavor and festive mood.

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Bridal bouquet

Bouquets of the bride with pink flowers today consist of the most diverse representatives of the flora. Nature herself has colored many flowers in this shade. In addition, scientists, working on selection, create all new varieties of flowers in pink:What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

  • The composition of roses in pink tones is the most luxurious option for those who love these beautiful flowers. Rose is a symbol of love, and the tint of petals speaks of tenderness. An elegant combination of the symbols of the plants themselves and the shade of the petals makes it possible to enclose a deep meaning in the bouquet. Decorate such an ensemble can be leaves of the fern, Ranunculus, and peonies.
  • Peonies are frequent guests in wedding compositions. Delicate inflorescences with a delicate aroma allow creating incredible beauty flower ensembles. Addition to lavender, berries, beads allows you to give the bouquet a unique charm. Tender greens will emphasize the spring mood.
  • Tulips are delicate spring flowers. Pink shades of petals allow adding the image of the bride of spring freshness and heat. Gypsophila creates an air halo around the bouquet and gives the lightness of the entire composition. In addition, these representatives of flowering flora well tolerate the cold and can remain fresh throughout the wedding celebration.
  • Lily is an excellent choice, as it is a symbol of family happiness and devotion. These flowers with pink petals are in perfect harmony with asparagus, roses. Look great lilies in cascading compositions, creating the effect of a flower waterfall.
  • Strict and majestic calls are also in pink. The unsurpassed beauty of this flower gives a wide scope for creativity. Callas with a pink petal, decorated with beads, creates an exquisite bouquet of the bride. The symbol of purity and femininity, this flower becomes an excellent end when creating a whole beautiful image of the bride.

Bouquet shape

Collect the flowers in a magnificent bouquet will help the florist. The knowledge and experience of a professional will help in creating a wedding composition. Important is also what kind of dress will be on the bride, what she is growth and complexion.What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

The round shape of the bouquet will suit a short, fragile bride. This is a classic form of the wedding ensemble, but in the hands of a high bride, it will look somewhat inappropriate.

Much better for tall and slender brides is a suitable bouquet cascade type. These are several layers of flowers that seem to float on each other. The abundance of downwardly directed elements creates a waterfall effect. Such beauty does not suit short brides. Such a composition visually “podrezhet” growth, and if it is so small, it is better to prefer another form of the flower ensemble.

The bouquet of the bride from pink and lilac colors also adds not only colors but also elegant elegance. Especially in the summer, you want something bright, colorful and fresh. The composition of pink and purple shades looks just great and harmonious. The combination of color and mood will ensure the holding of the festive event at a high level and leave a memory for life.

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What Flowers to Choose to Create a Wedding Composition?

What Flowers to Choose to Create a Wedding Composition?

The creation of a wedding composition of flowers to decorate this solemn event depends on such factors as the time of year, the style of dresses and the aesthetic taste of the married. Due to the breadth of the choice of the flower assortment on the market, it is sometimes difficult to decide which flowers to choose for creating a wedding composition. Consider the most popular flowers that are used in wedding floristic.

What Flowers to Choose to Create a Wedding Composition?Decorative roses

Roses, undoubtedly, are in the lead among the flowers used in wedding bouquets. They have long symbolized love and beauty. Roses have the property to fit perfectly into any style, and to approach different compositions. By itself, a bouquet of fresh roses looks delicious. They are in harmony with elegant wedding dresses and do not lose their freshness for a long time. Another plus of these colors is a wide color palette.

Spring tulips

These flowers are still considered spring, although today they can be bought at any time of the year. Tulips symbolize tenderness, love. Variety of varieties and a rich color palette of tulips make it possible to realize any creative idea and achieve the desired result. Using these colors in the wedding composition will make the bouquet look fresh throughout the celebration. When you create a composition, you use bright colors and a contrast effect.

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Elegant peonies

The lushness, tenderness, and stylishness of these colors made them popular at wedding celebrations. They look great both in a separate bouquet and in combination with other colors of the composition. Peon season is the end of spring and the beginning of the summer period. Although you can buy them at other times of the year if you want.

Pion-shaped roses

These flowers are used in compositions of weddings arranged in European style. Tenderness, chic, delicacy of pin-shaped roses made in Europe these flowers the leaders of wedding floristics. Due to the fragrance and sophisticated figure, many fans have found fans around the world.

What flowers to choose to create a wedding composition?Exotic orchids

Despite the exotic nature, today there is an opportunity to purchase orchids in any flower kiosk. Flowers have a unique charm and elegant appearance. With a certain skill of the florist, the composition will delight guests and add to the image of the bride romantic.

Japanese roses

These flowers are also called lisianthus or eustoma. They really look like miniature roses. They have such qualities as organic and tenderness. Plants are very fastidious to temperature changes, so it is not recommended to use them in winter.

Aristocratic Callas

Callas symbolize luxury, prosperity, wealth. They are used at wedding celebrations, arranged in a classical style. Thanks to the large flowers of calls, shaped like a bowl, the composition is filled with tenderness and expressiveness.

Fragile anemones

The vulnerability, tenderness, elegance of the anemone create the same romantic image for the bride. A contrast and style make the composition refined and delicious.

What flowers to choose to create a wedding composition?Elegant freesias

The aroma of freesias, which is inherent in tenderness, elegance, will be a perfect addition to a complex wedding composition or a bouquet of the bride.


These plants are quite popular due to their good compatibility with other plants in wedding compositions. They give the bouquet airiness and volume. Plants are capricious to a temperature regime, therefore at a strong heat or a cold to use them do not recommend.

In addition to these plants, gerberas, alstroemerias, carnations, lilies, chamomiles, etc. are used in wedding compositions. With the right approach, a beautiful wedding composition can be created by any combination of representatives of the flora. Used in wedding bouquets are also various decor elements.

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How to Plant a Cedar in a Garden Plot?

How to Plant a Cedar in a Garden Plot?

Cedar is a bright representative of coniferous trees, adored by connoisseurs of nature for its beautiful appearance, its fragrance and high resistance to severe frost.

The fruits are seeds-nuts, encased in cones. Nuts for many are a treat. But in our review, we will talk about how to plant cedar.

If the question arises, how it will be faster to get a cedar from a seed or a seedling, then the answer, of course, is from a seedling. But the fact is that they are not very cheap. Yes, and 100% guarantee that the seedling has no problems taking root in the garden.

From the sunflower seeds

For those who are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to test their strength in gardening, we suggest growing cedar from sunflower seeds.

Initially, you need to select quality planting material. Seed should be without foreign unpleasant aroma, not to have damage and mold and to be with a fresh crop.

It is known that cedar seeds retain their ability to germinate for only three years. With good storage, the seeds can retain their properties for several more years, but it is better to pick fresh nuts for germination.

When the seeds have undergone visual selection, they should be etched in a solution of potassium permanganate to prevent their damage by mold or fungus.

It should be prepared for the fact that the seeds of cedar quickly do not germinate. As a rule, it will take those 5-7 months.

Planting nuts after processing in potassium permanganate or “Maxim” solution is to be soaked for three days. Water should change daily.How to Plant a Cedar in a Garden Plot?

The next stage is the placement of pine nuts in a tissue bag with wet sand or a container equipped with holes for ventilation for storage. In natural conditions, nuts are under a layer of snow and pine needles. We will take care of their storage in the refrigerator.

In this situation, keep the pine nuts for about 5-7 months, periodically moistening the sand and watching for the absence of mold.

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If the fungus is still found in the sand, it should be replaced, and the seeds should be inspected and the damaged ones removed. The best place to store nuts is the bottom shelf in the refrigerator.

As soon as the specified period of time passes, the nuts are washed and planted in flower pots.

Time for sowing nuts can be determined by the appearance of a crack on its shell and the appearance of a white sprout in it. If such changes occur with at least one nut, they can all be sown.

It is necessary to cover the container with glass. When the emerging sprout will throw off the shell, and a “small palm tree” will appear, you can be congratulated with the successful sprouting of the nut.

Soil for these purposes is necessary sandy loam. The depth of seeding of cedar seeds is 1 cm. If the pots are kept in a room with a temperature of + 20C … + 22C, the shoots should appear after about half to one month.

After the emergence of shoots, it is necessary to provide enough sunlight for the growth, moreover, constant exposure to the rays is not welcome.How to Plant a Cedar in a Garden Plot?

In the garden area, you need to pick up a spot without drafts and place there for a while containers with cedar seedlings for hardening.

Gradually, “walks” need to be increased. And when the sapling gets used to such conditions, it can be safely planted in the open ground. A young seedling of cedar is fairly well tolerated by a transplant.


When a young tree reaches the age of three, they can be transplanted only in the spring.

Well, in older trees, the percentage of rooting will be inversely proportional to its age. If the roots dry out, the cedar tree may completely die, never rooted in a new place.

Adult trees, which are about five years old, must be transplanted with a cloud of land. Prepare such a tree for a transplant for about a year.How to Plant a Cedar in a Garden Plot?

It occurs as follows – around the trunk, at a distance of 1 meter, you should make a circular incision of the roots. Thus, the deep roots still remain untouched for a year, and then they are as deeply withdrawn as possible with a cloud of soil.

In the first years of life, a seedling or a transplanted tree should be protected from burning sun rays. For this purpose, the cedar is planted in the shade of other trees or in the depths of the garden.

Care should be taken to watering the young seedling, obtained from the nut tree at home. Water should be used sparingly so that the cedar is rooted and developed normally, but it is impossible to tolerate over moistening.

The adult tree is provided with a mulching layer around the trunk to retain moisture. As mulch, you can use pine needles.

To grow at home, it takes not so much effort, how much time and patience. Enjoy the view of adult cedar on the site can be not immediately but after a few summer seasons.

Cedar is in demand with the gardeners because its attractiveness is measured to a greater extent than other coniferous trees.

How to prepare the seed for planting?

Determine the way to grow cedar will need long before the start of the season because to prepare the seeds, removed from the cones, it will take several months.How to Plant a Cedar in a Garden Plot?

Success will depend on many factors: the quality of the seedling; compatibility of local soil and the conditions of growing a seedling in a nursery; shelf life of nuts and, of course, your desire and patience.

Nature prepares nuts for planting in the traditional way: cones fall off, pine nuts are poured out of them; seeds stay during the winter under a layer of snow; swell and safely germinate in the spring.

To speed up the process of scarification at home, you can rub the side of the nut with sandpaper and help the seed germinate.

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In order not to complicate your life too much, you can do much easier, and plant nuts at a depth of 2 cm into the ground under the tree. To save them from rodents and birds, seeds can be planted in a container and left on the street, taking care of the external protection.


10 best indoor flowering plants

Indoor plants not only decorate the interior, but also improve the mood. Growing flowers and other plants is a real art that requires patience, attention and the necessary knowledge. There are a large number of plants for growing inside the house, but there are several kinds that are very popular with many growers and amateurs. On the site https://getpotted.com/, there are seedlings of many plants that you can buy for home planting. You can be sure that here you buy a good and healthy plant that will please your family with its beauty.

There are 10 most popular plants that can grow at home in different garden flower pots with the necessary care:

  • Rhododendron and Azalea.

It is very beautiful, and its blooming falls on winter time, when many house plants rest and do not blossom, but you really want bright colors. Therefore, azaleas are readily bought and often given in winter instead of a festive bouquet.

  • In nature it is a powerful vine, shrub or small tree. There are varieties that have at the same time two colors or change their color during flowering, so home flowers of bougainvillea will be a wonderful decoration for any room.

  • Hoya.

It is one of the most common and fast-growing indoor blooming lianas with beautiful leaves in the form of a heart . Having acquired an adult plant, which is quite expensive, you can soon see fluffy velvety flowers collected in a spherical umbrella.

  • Room spathiphyllum, received as a gift, will bring grace in the personal sphere and long-awaited female happiness. It’s best to give it to a young woman whom he will surely bring good luck to, unmarried – will help find your love. This beautiful tropical plant is also called the “White Sail”, thanks to its unusual flowers, like sails.
  • Narrow long oleander leaves are similar in shape to willow leaves. Oleander flowers produce a pleasant and strong aroma, but with abundant flowering, it is best not to leave the plant overnight in a bedroom.
  • This flower is grown not only in the room, but also on the balconies, loggias, outside window boxes, gardens, even in the open ground
  • Epiphytes or air orchids are the largest group, but there are terrestrial species and saprophytes. There are more than hundreds of varieties and hybrids of this flower . At present, phalaenopsis has gained wide popularity among florists; it is on the site Getpotted.com.
  • This is a representative of the family cactus. The genus contains about 200 bizarre species, differing in the range of growth, size and shape of the plants. You can be grown it in any types of garden flower pots. The prickly pears are large single, very spectacular flowers, usually yellow, red and yellow-orange.
  • Many kinds of Kalanchoe are actively used in indoor floriculture, because they are unpretentious in their care, also have medicinal properties. if the soil is completely dry, the plant will continue to grow painlessly, feeding moisture from the air.
  • Dionaea muscipula.

It is unique kinds of predatory plants of the Droseraceae family. This is a small herbaceous plant with a rosette of 4-7 leaves that grow from a short underground stalk. The plant feeds on various insects and spiders, sometimes slugs.

It should be remembered that your plants need good care, since they find it difficult to adapt to life outside natural conditions. Read the information about caring for your plants and they will fill your home with harmony and joy. Each plant has its own characteristics and preferences. Create for them the necessary conditions to make them feel comfortable.

Chamomile Garden: How to Choose and Grow In the Garden

Chamomile Garden: How to Choose and Grow In the Garden

The indispensable attribute of the suburban area – a large flowerbed, rock garden, lawn with ornamental bushes planted on them, grasses, flowers. Chamomile garden is a large perennial found, perhaps more often than others. Care for her is not difficult, she does not require close attention, and flowers against the backdrop of bright greenery, will attract attention and make you admire yourself.

A photo of a large garden chamomile can be found in our article, perhaps someone immediately wants to grow this flower in their own area.

Varieties of chamomile

In order to enjoy the beauty of the flowers, it is worth picking, from a large number of varieties, suitable only for your garden plot. Many kinds of large chamomiles can be seen in the pictures.

The variety of the plant is a large perennial chamomile, the varieties of which are grown, amaze with the brightness and size of the inflorescences. You can choose even terry chamomiles that resemble chrysanthemums and asters.

Multicolored shrubs can be red, lilac, pink or yellow. If desired, plants with different flowering periods are selected. Considering the fact that the garden chamomile looks beautiful in the cut and the flowers, regardless of the variety, cost a long time, it will not be difficult to decorate your home with a beautiful bouquet throughout the summer.

  1. Nivianica – chamomile is a large perennial. The size of the inflorescence, with proper care and observance of uncomplicated agrotechnical rules, can reach 15-20 cm. The height of the bush is about 70 cm. It loves sunny places that are not blown away by winds. It looks great in the cut, keeps a fresh look for a long period.Chamomile Garden: How to Choose and Grow In the Garden
  2. Princess – a low, blooming from the beginning of July until frost, variety. The height of constantly growing shoots is about 35-40 cm. It blooms perfectly with regular watering. Seeds sown from autumn will sprout in spring and give beautiful flowers already in the same season. The flower is small, about 10 cm in diameter, but there are several of them on one shoot.
  3. Alaska is another variety with large flowers and a high stem. A big plus is blossoming from the beginning of the summer season to its end. Planted seedlings in early spring or seeding.
  4. To color grades of a garden, chamomile carries pyrethrums – pink and red; yellow cucurbits. The rose bush grows up to 60 cm, the red tolerates penumbra, and can reach a height of one and a half meters. Unpretentious in the care, grow on any soil, easily tolerates drought.

Chamomile garden: growing and grooming

Grow a bush of daisies on your site is not difficult. There are several ways to plant:

  • Seedlings – planted after the threat of recurrent frosts, as the plant is still tender, the roots and sprouts can freeze. Planting is carried out step by step, through 25-30 cm, several plants (usually 3-4 pieces) per well;
  • Division of the bush. Cultivation of chamomile by this method is the simplest. Usually, the shrub is divided when it reaches the age of 3-5 years. The preferred period is September. So the chamomile before frosts will have time to take root, and in the winter it will leave a completely strengthened plant;
  • Growing from own seeds. This method is not too popular with gardeners, because it is not always possible to get the desired result. Parental signs may not be as clear as we would like, so the cultivation from the seeds of chamomile garden is not very frequent. To get beautiful flowers on the site, you need to buy seeds in the store. This way you can get a beautiful plant.

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Selecting the best seat, landing

Regardless of which way of cultivation is chosen, the site for planting in the garden area is selected in advance. It must meet several conditions:

  • Garden chamomile prefers weakly acid soils, so it is necessary to take into account this nuance;
  • The plant loves well-warmed sunny places;
  • Before planting chamomile in the ground, organic or mineral fertilizers are introduced;
  • When planting, take into account the distance between future adult bushes. Frequent planting will lead to thickening and, possibly, exhaustion and disease.

When growing large garden chamomile, you must adhere to the elementary rules of agricultural machinery for the care of perennial plants. Although it is a rather unpretentious flower, without proper supervision, the plant can lose its decorative effect, the flowers are ground, the stem will be thin, and the leaves may turn yellow.Chamomile Garden: How to Choose and Grow In the Garden

If you compare photos of large varietal chamomiles with proper care and growing by themselves, you can see the difference.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the planting holes and the distance between the planted plants. The step size should be depending on the height of the adult plant. With voluminous, powerful shrubs it is worth to maintain a distance of 80 cm to 1 m.

Compost and mineral fertilizers are poured into the hole. This can be a complex composition, purchased in a specialized store, designed for perennials.

After planting a beginner you need to water and leave alone for a few days for survival, before wrapping up space around the plant.

Watering, top dressing

It should be noted that the garden chamomile is drought-resistant, but with regular watering, the bloom will be brighter, the stems will grow higher, so the flowers will get more nutrition and will be larger.

Irrigation can be combined with top dressing. To increase the green mass of beautiful leaves, plants respond well to watering with a solution of mullein or chicken manure. You can prepare your own top dressing by pushing an armful of freshly mowed grass in a bucket of water for a week. When the composition ferments, it is bred at the rate: 1 liter per bucket of water.

Mandatory feeding during budding and flowering chamomile. The application of fertilizers can be carried out as follows: first, a small watering is done, then a fertilizer solution is introduced and again the plant is watered. This is done for better assimilation of nutrients and, in case an excessively saturated solution is prepared.

Weeding from weeds will give the flowerbed not only a neat appearance but also will not allow fungal and viral diseases to develop, which are often associated with thickened plantings or thickets of weeds. It is very convenient to use the cultivator for weeding and loosening the soil.

At the same time, it is desirable to loosen the ground around the plants. So the chamomile bushes will get enough moisture and air to the roots.

For a better winter, adult flowers are cut off at the end of autumn, leaving small hemp. To the plant well-tolerated frosts, they should be sheltered by pouring a layer of peat, leaves or old sawdust.Chamomile Garden: How to Choose and Grow In the Garden

Procedure for the rejuvenation of chamomile

On average, in one place a shrub of ornamental chamomile can grow to five years. After this, you either need to separate the plant or perform a rejuvenation procedure. It is done this way: on the one hand, shoots are trimmed along with the root system. The nutrient soil (humus, compost) is poured into the formed well and the plant is watered abundantly.

This procedure is carried out 5 years after planting and then regularly every 3 years, pruning the bush every time on the other side.

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With the correct planting, observance of the rules of care, the plant will thank with high stems, openwork leaves and large beautiful flowers that can decorate both the cottage area and the apartment in cut bouquets.

Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

You can give flowers to your beloved woman about and without reason. The very fact of the gift is already giving the weak sex a pleasure. Order a beautiful bouquet of roses have the opportunity on our blog. The gift can be supplemented with a box of chocolates, a soft toy, balloons.

Self-contained packaging

You can entrust the packaging of flowers to specialists, and, if you want to show your personal creative abilities, you can pack a gift yourself. First of all, they are determined with the number and color of the plants in the bouquet. The composition can include single-color flowers. It can be of the following types:

  • Bouquet with the use of floral foam. He can be given any form by showing a fantasy. A composition with a heart shape looks romantic;
  • In the classical composition, plants are located side by side (opposite each other) or in the form of a spiral.

Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

Floral foam as an element of decor

For a bouquet decorated with floral foam, you need roses up to 10 cm long. The flowers are removed by thorns and leaves under the stem. Foam must be thoroughly moistened. Plants are installed at the base close to each other. Cut off the leaves of roses attached to the base of the side. The composition can be supplemented with ribbons, beads, imitating pearls, decorative butterflies.

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Traditional composition

When the plants that make up the composition are few, they are located next to each other. Components of the composition are exposed on one level and bandaged with stems. As a decor use also a film, a floral grid or kraft paper.

To do this, on the table or in the hands of all the components of the bouquet are stacked on one level. Then the stems are bandaged with tape. If desired, the bouquet can be wrapped with a film, decorative mesh or paper.Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

The spiral variant is used in the presence of a large number of plants. The basis for such a composition is one rose, which is held in the left hand. The others have a spiral method, shifting them downwards. Stems of colors I place at an angle, thus they do not stir to each other and between them, there is some space.

Florists share secrets

When decorating a composition, it’s good to know the tastes and preferences of the person to whom the gift is intended. Then the bouquet will not only look original but also deliver to the recipient his pleasure. In addition, there are a number of postulates that are adhered to by professional florists:

  • It is considered a bad form to give bouquets fully wrapped in cellophane or foil. Do not wrap flowers with crepe paper or polyester ribbons that have gone out of fashion.
  • It is desirable that the composition does not lose its naturalness. As a wrapper, corrugated paper, floral mesh, jute ropes are used.
  • The wrapper should promote the disclosure of the beauty of plants, but in no way attract unnecessary attention.
  • The same rule applies to the rest of the decorative elements. They should complement the composition, but not stand out against its background.
  • Plants must be cut early in the morning and stored in a room with a low temperature. A bouquet of such flowers can stand for a long time.
  • It must be remembered that not all flowers blend well with each other.

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What Flowers Decorate The Temple?

The tradition to decorate the temple for holidays in Orthodoxy goes back deep into the past. A special decoration for each Orthodox celebration is a mystery and usually differs in color and composition of plants. It can be both living and artificial flowers, and the temple with this decoration remains a sacred place for believers and prayers.

A special culture of Orthodoxy

Wherever the temple was located, whether it be a huge metropolis or a small village, believers will always find a way to decorate the House of God in a special way on the eve of a church holiday. People are very sensitive to the place where you can find answers to your questions, find peace of mind and pray.

Many grow plants themselves on site, someone buys flowers especially for the holiday in the store or creates from the fabric luxurious artificial flowers that cannot be distinguished from the real ones. However, there are special traditions for the decoration of the temple, which should be taken into account and, in order not to do something irrelevant, it is better to consult a priest who will definitely support and direct.

For the Orthodox Church, the main thing is the God who is invisibly present nearby, and those who came to the temple to pray, and the flowers are of a secondary nature. The use of flower garlands, compositions near the royal gates should be such as not to distract the attention of believers from the sacrament of prayer and from the icons.

In addition, every church festival has its own color in the vestments of clergymen. This should be taken into account when choosing the color of plants and the composition of floral arrangements. Easter is painted in red shades, and this color imposes an imprint on the flower arrangement of the holiday.

What flowers to choose to decorate the temple? Of course, uncritical tones, calm and emphasizing the greatness and steadfastness of the temple and faith, the icons and the reverence of the prayers. More and more people tend to decorate the temple with cut flowers, but the presence of plants in pots is also acceptable.

As a variant of this decoration, you can use those plants that were grown at home and then brought to the temple. After the holiday, you can take them home again. It can be:

  • asparagus;
  • palm;
  • aralia;
  • ficauses;

These green representatives of indoor flowers perfectly blend with flowering pot plants: chrysanthemums, aralia, begonias, callas, hydrangeas. These flowering representatives of the flora can also decorate the church feast on their own.

You can also use artificial flowers, as in the old days they were decorated with icons, cakes. However, they must be made of quality materials and in a highly artistic style.

Flowers that cannot decorate the temple

The fact is that there are plants that are not accepted to enter the temple. These include those representatives of the flora, which have thorns and thorns. In the Orthodox culture, it is not customary to bring to the temple the instruments of torture of Christ. Such specimens include acacia, hawthorn, and dog rose. Roses also remove thorns before decorating the temple.

Also, to plants that are unacceptable for the decoration of icons, include poisonous or “spell” representatives of the flora, who participate in cult rituals and “love potions”. This is hemp, cow-grass, bleached, sleep-grass, Ludlum.

In addition, those flowers that have a strong sweetish smell are not used – it can cause headaches or dizziness in believers. Such inflorescences include some species of lilies, jasmine, cherry branches – all those plants, the smell of which can kill the unique aroma of the church room.

Special holiday atmosphere

To create a special mood of reverence in the great holiday today, many different adaptations and construction tricks are used. To fix floral garlands or small bouquets use mounting foam, building glue, all kinds of guns and nozzles. This allows you to create a unique aura of solemnity, and thus fastenings do not damage the plants themselves and the decoration of the temple.

Decorating the temple with flowers for Easter creates a special atmosphere, joy, and grace. Here often use a harmonious multi-color design. Any floral frame is done with the knowledge of the priest. By his blessing, a garland of thirty-three carnations – according to the number of years of Christ, lined with candles “Christ is raised!” Or the decoration of the icon of the Blessed Virgin with white lilies can be made, as a reminder of her purity and purity.

But the decoration of the temple uses traditional Russian plants, rather than imported varieties of flowers. So, for Christmas, it is customary to decorate the temple with coniferous branches or even whole small trees. In addition to the symbolism of eternal life (evergreen plants), this decoration allows you to feel the sensation of the sacrament, which takes place in the temple.

On Palm Sunday, believers decorate the temple with flowering willow branches and bring candles with flowers in the form of fluffy balls of this plant for consecration. In southern latitudes, where spring has already entered its rights, decorate the temple with the help of branches of weeping willow, which is otherwise called the Jerusalem willow.


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