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How to Grow Roses

How to Grow Roses

How to grow roses? From planting to care. The treatments for the most common diseases and tips for growing roses in pots or in the garden.

Growing roses does not require any special skills, and if you do not have a rose garden, this is the right time to setting one up. There are different kinds of roses, most fragrant and appreciated mainly by women.

This guide will explain how to grow roses, starting from the installation of bare root roses. The roses with bare roots can be found easily both from specialist nurseries in the “garden center.”

When buying pay attention to the species and variety you choose. The nurseries are able to provide hybrid for every need: cold-resistant, suitable to the gardens to the sea, most fragrant, with particular or inflorescence that bloom over and over again. In recent times they have spread the so-called roses, talk about varieties that continually flourish. Among the variety, we remind the producing flowers so frequently that it is hard to see it before buds. Read more

6 Easy to grow annual plants starting from seeds


Start the cultivation starting from seeds is not always easy; especially as it regards the flowered species, many are decidedly difficult to grow using this method for the more experienced gardeners. But there are some ornamental varieties that anyone can decide to plant and grow from seed; we find out what plant it is and what are their main characteristics.

Any plant can be grown both starting from the seed from which seedlings have grown; very often prefers this second path because safer from the point of view of the final result. Grow a plant from seed means first wait a much longer time before you can enjoy the view of its flowers, in the case of flowering plants, and secondly to have a little luck more.

Already grown seedlings that are sold in garden centers have the advantage of having already got their roots and then their growth will certainly be easier; decide instead of starting from seeds is to risk a bit ‘more, but at the same time be able to enjoy the whole process from start to finish and draw the right satisfaction. Read more

Ideas to decorate the garden


A classic lawn, if constantly maintained and kept clean and tidy is certainly nice, but there are many other ways, tricks and decorations to improve its appearance as well as keep the grass cut and pruned the plants and flowers. If you want to turn your garden into a real paradise here are some ideas and suggestions from which you can draw inspiration.

Decorate the garden to make it a more beautiful place

The decoration is at the base of the beauty of a garden; so here’s a series tips and ideas to beautify our little corner of green paradise. Read more

Benefits and properties of Rhodiola


Rhodiola is a medicinal plant with therapeutic use of which use the root and is helpful for our body when adapting to emotional stress.

What is Rhodiola?

The Rhodiola Rosea, also known as Golden Root or Rhodiola is a plant with yellow flowers and scented roses that grow spontaneously in the colder mountainous areas of northern America, Asia and Europe (Pyrenees).

It is a medicinal plant with therapeutic use of which use the root and is helpful for our body when adapting to emotional stress, physical effort and to reduce mental fatigue that cause us stress.

This plant was already used for medicinal purposes by the Inuit, the Vikings and the people of Liberia. Read more

10 wonderful plants that can also be grown in pots


Both for reasons of space that due to the weather conditions, sometimes it is necessary to opt for growing in pots; the advantages are numerous, and there are very interesting solutions from the aesthetic point of view, as well as practical. We discover, then, 10 species, including flowering plants and not, that can be grown in pots with excellent results and with which we can choose to decorate the garden, rather than the terrace or balcony.

Usually with the arrival of spring all gardeners select some new varieties to be included in your garden to make it more and more lush and captivating; in some cases, however, you do not have more free space directly in the ground, or the available areas do not possess the right exposure to allow optimal growth of plants. Read more

Care for Azalea


The azalea is a plant-shrub that has much beauty because of its beautiful bell shaped flowers. Their care are usually simple and if you follow some basic recommendations can be converted into a large silver interior that can even decorate your home. Dan flowers in late winter or early spring beauty filling the area.

Azalea care in summer

Azaleas need plenty of water and frequent and abundant irrigation to run, especially when they are in the flowering stage. Parents should not get wet or flowers or plants, directly irrigating the land. To care properly azalea is best to keep the humidity of this plant. To do this, in the hottest months you can cover the ground to prevent water from evaporating. Read more

25 tips for planting in pots and planters


Whether you are new to the planting of your best flowers or vegetables in pots and planters, or if you are an expert in this work, I advise you to read these 25 tips for gardening in pots and you will help a lot in the work.

Whether you are new to the planting of your best flowers or vegetables in pots and planters, or if you are an expert in this work, I advise you to read these 25 tips for gardening in pots and planters that you will help a lot in the work. Read more

Plants Buying Guide: How To Choose Healthy Plants?

Plants Buying Guide

In the purchase of plants, even the most common, we must be careful to some characteristics we can reveal whether the plant has been cultivated well or has weaknesses. Here are some tips to quickly identify which plants prefer.

It would be better to avoid buying of flowering plants, why would suffer already in transportation: when the plant is in full bloom is also weaker. Also we do not know when it started flowering, and you are likely to enjoy the flowers for a few days! It would be better to buy them when they present the buds, even if you do not have the color certainty. They will flourish in our home and will be the first satisfaction. Read more

Yellow flowers: Merry even in autumn


Looking at the gardens in autumn everything seems very sad. We need a burst of color to brighten up the darkest days . In this article we suggest you two examples of perennials intense yellow color , with its flowering during autumn, they will be perfect to liven up flower beds and borders .

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and helianthoides Heliopsis “Summer Night”

Autumn has now arrived, temperatures are dropping rapidly and our gardens are changing their appearance.

When all the garden disposes of the summer dress enough even just a few items to give them life : autumn colors are in fact perfect to bring out colorful berries and latest blooms. Winter is on hold, not long in coming, the last glow of life autumn make us appreciate even more the sunny days that gradually become more and more a thing for at least a few months.

Looking forward to the cold season you cannot help but accept with great joy the presence of two composite that are still in full bloom during the autumn period . This is the late Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and helianthoides Heliopsis “Summer Night”, two excellent examples from the yellow flowering. Read more

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