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Planting Orchids – Care, Types and Tips

Planting Orchids

Orchids whose scientific name is Orchidaceae part of the family of monocots characterized by the complexity of their beautiful flowers. Whose beauty, complexity and diversity have come to astonish the world without any rival in the plant world. In this article, you will know some tips on how to plant and care orchids but first know a little about it.

Growing orchids comprise one of the largest families of flowering plants on earth, with more than 30,000 different species, and at least 200,000 others made up of hybrids. This plant is very common to see different parts of the world because it’s amazing diversity allows it to adapt to different environments.

Features growing orchids

Quite unlike other plants and animals, plants are capable of producing orchid hybrids between species, and not only that as it may do so with related genres. Which is why today there are an overwhelming number of hybrids?


Almost all orchid plants come to flower once a year, but if this is comfortable in your surroundings can do so more often. It is for this reason that if you want to buy them to decorate during a given season, the best option is to buy when you can see the flowers at the same time desired. Which usually they are maintained for a period of six to ten weeks.

Others point to consider about how to grow orchids is that this plant does not like being transplanted why will not bloom for at least one year after the transplant. So if possible, acquire orchid plants in pots rather than a bare root. Read more

How to plant a bush

plant a bush

Do not hesitate to buy a plant that is sold in flower or in full vegetation, provided it is in good condition and has been grown in a container. So you get an immediate effect, if you take some precautions when transplant.

When to plant?

The formula of plants sold in container allows planted any time provided they do not freeze, and the plant care until grip. Read more

6 professional landscaping tricks that will keep your beautiful plants

landscaping tricks

Today more and more people enjoy gardening. Unfortunately, there are still people who rely on harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Maybe they do not know that there is a safer way to grow their plants.

Lucky for you, in this article we will describe some very good tips to care for your plants in a natural way. Some of the tricks may sound unusual and even strange, but once you try them, you will notice that provide surprising result.

Professional gardener’s tricks that will keep your beautiful plants… Read more

Planting tulips: Care and advice


Tulips come from the plant of the tulip, the Liliaceous family and part of the genus of perennial and bulbous. Currently there about 150 species of this plant and a countless number of types of tulips among which includes hybrids and those that are part of a breeding. There are many people who wonder how to plant tulips because of its beautiful flowers that grow vertically.

How to plant tulips

This plant has bright flowers whose colors can be single or double and has a variety of ways. These flowers are excellent for decorating the borders of your garden and there are types of tulips can grow indoors and can even be cut to give as a gift.

This plant begins to bloom in early spring and summer, it is native to the Himalayas and Turkey .Tulip cultivation grows best in areas where you have cold winters and hot dry summers. Plant the tulip is relatively easy to grow and here you get instructions on how to plant tulips and care. Read more

Urban gardens: Goes green!

Urban gardens

If you love plants and nature, do not give to have your own garden by the fact of living in the city. Here are some ideas to turn your home into a small oasis: a natural corner in which to relax and enjoy the urban gardening.

Vertical urban gardens

A trend very in, perfect for space, decorate and surround ourselves with nature, which allows you to use your terrace walls and create beautiful compositions of different levels. Vines, hanging plants and potted wall will be your allies.

You want to bring a twist? Using a ladder, a pallet or a lattice with integrated planter. The latter is perfect to get more privacy. Read more

Violets: Planting and care tips


Violet plant is a herbaceous plant of the violet family coming from the mountains in North Africa Tangier, where they get to measure a height of 15 to 20 cm. Today there are thousands of varieties with different colors including lavender, pink, blue, red and white. Moreover, varieties that can combine two or more colors is known. The leaves have a smooth or wavy texture and can become very variegated. In addition, there are miniature African violets are usually grown in hanging baskets. In this article violets know how to plant and care.

One of the big problems with regards to how to plant violets is that this flower can have some problems to flourish. This is because these plants are very demanding conditions of cultivation One is the need for 14 hours a day indirect light and a rest of eight hours in the dark . A good tip is to place in windows which are facing west or south during the winter, and windows facing north or east in summer. Also keep in mind that this want high night temperatures and lower during the day , but it is appropriate that range from 14 to 28° degrees Celsius, respectively. Read more

Planting flower bulbs in a natural way

Planting flower bulbs

It is more than likely already know the beautiful gardens that give the impression that Mother Nature had thrown down the middle road between culture and nature. The secret to get these harmonious sets and, at the same time rustic, it is on the way planting. With bulbs is also possible to obtain this natural effect. Just follow these tips…

First, you have to dig the piece of ground where you want to grow, so that the soil is well released. Then gets a handful of bulbs and scatter them carefully on the ground: in fact, planted randomly in the same place where they have gone. Sometimes several fall very close to each of the others. Read more

How planting or sowing grass

sowing grass

Today I will teach you to plant or sow properly grass. With these tips and a good job of keeping you a beautiful lawn, not to mention the personal satisfaction that involves yourselves have sown. If queerness know these tips and save you money, either planting or replanting some areas, I invite you to continue reading the article.

When planting grass?

The best time, no doubt, for planting and sowing grass is in spring and autumn; if we sow in times of more extreme temperatures as winter or summer, success will not be so guaranteed. In autumn, the grass grows very fast, while in spring takes a little longer, therefore we sow according to our needs. Read more

Decorated with natural flowers

natural flowers

Garnish with flowers not only are ideas for gardening, but also for decoration natural interiors and welcoming. Therefore, I propose to talk about decorating with natural flowers.

Add or use plastic flowers for interior decoration is counterproductive not only because they provide natural style we are looking forward, but tend to accumulate dust. In addition, it is not my intention to create you a bad reputation artificial plant, but is not optimal for printing a natural home environment.

Therefore, I propose some tips for decorating with natural flowers so you can take them reference and you start redecorating the rooms of your house. Read more

8 tips to keep fresh flowers

fresh flowers

Enjoy your solitude but appreciates good company. Your dog is called roll, and loves being a small-town in the city.

I never understood the fascination with flowers at the house … until I got some for the first time. Simply put you in a better mood, give more life to any room, change the mood of home and gives another impression your guests. I do not know if they are the colors, shapes or essences fired, but there is something very special to have them nearby.

The downside is that if only we let in water, its duration is short and before we know, it will begin to wither altogether. However, there are some simple tricks that today I share with our list of tips to keep flowers fresh longer. Read more

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