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Planting flower bulbs in a natural way

Planting flower bulbs

It is more than likely already know the beautiful gardens that give the impression that Mother Nature had thrown down the middle road between culture and nature. The secret to get these harmonious sets and, at the same time rustic, it is on the way planting. With bulbs is also possible to obtain this natural effect. Just follow these tips…

First, you have to dig the piece of ground where you want to grow, so that the soil is well released. Then gets a handful of bulbs and scatter them carefully on the ground: in fact, planted randomly in the same place where they have gone. Sometimes several fall very close to each of the others. Read more

How planting or sowing grass

sowing grass

Today I will teach you to plant or sow properly grass. With these tips and a good job of keeping you a beautiful lawn, not to mention the personal satisfaction that involves yourselves have sown. If queerness know these tips and save you money, either planting or replanting some areas, I invite you to continue reading the article.

When planting grass?

The best time, no doubt, for planting and sowing grass is in spring and autumn; if we sow in times of more extreme temperatures as winter or summer, success will not be so guaranteed. In autumn, the grass grows very fast, while in spring takes a little longer, therefore we sow according to our needs. Read more

Decorated with natural flowers

natural flowers

Garnish with flowers not only are ideas for gardening, but also for decoration natural interiors and welcoming. Therefore, I propose to talk about decorating with natural flowers.

Add or use plastic flowers for interior decoration is counterproductive not only because they provide natural style we are looking forward, but tend to accumulate dust. In addition, it is not my intention to create you a bad reputation artificial plant, but is not optimal for printing a natural home environment.

Therefore, I propose some tips for decorating with natural flowers so you can take them reference and you start redecorating the rooms of your house. Read more

8 tips to keep fresh flowers

fresh flowers

Enjoy your solitude but appreciates good company. Your dog is called roll, and loves being a small-town in the city.

I never understood the fascination with flowers at the house … until I got some for the first time. Simply put you in a better mood, give more life to any room, change the mood of home and gives another impression your guests. I do not know if they are the colors, shapes or essences fired, but there is something very special to have them nearby.

The downside is that if only we let in water, its duration is short and before we know, it will begin to wither altogether. However, there are some simple tricks that today I share with our list of tips to keep flowers fresh longer. Read more

Care for iris plant

iris plant

The plant flowers iris are both beautiful and elegant. He also is an easy plant to grow, as we shall see in the following lines with the correct maintenance and small gestures that keep our beautiful iris in bloom year after year.

Iris plant is very resistant, while tolerate even the most severe winters. In fact the cold assists in proper development of the plant.

Its flowers are characterized by three beautiful petals of the most varied colors. The color purple is more present, but we can also find them in blue, yellow, red or white. Read more

Planting flowers

Planting flowers

With plants that are sold as flowering, you can embellish your balcony at a time. However the care taken when planting is essential to ensure a lasting and abundant decoration. When to plant? You can plant all year, except during periods of frost. However, the best times are as follows…

– Late April to mid-June for decoration summer.

– From February to April for spring decoration. – In October and November for decoration fall.

– From autumn to February for winter decoration keep in mind that spring bulbs such as tulips or daffodils have been planted in the fall, along with the biennial plants, for example. Read more

Care for hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs. Easy to grow and easy maintenance, flowering hydrangeas will amaze us all summer with its beautiful flowers ranging from pink to blue.

As there are about 500 species of hydrangeas, we will have no problem finding which fits what we want. The best known are those that have the “balls” in pink, purple or white, but as we said before there almost every color. Read more

Basic tips for saving water in the garden

Saving water

We want to help save water. It will be noted in your pocket and the environment will thank you. Today we want to help in saving water in the garden. Here are some tips…

– It is important that when watering do at night or early morning to avoid evaporation fast water.

– Put systems drip irrigation, it is the least spent water and acts more efficiently.

– Place systems use river water and reuses rainwater, you can use drums or a cistern.

– Use the hose only if necessary to clear an area and do not leave it open all the time or use as a broom. Read more

How to plant lavender: advice, care and harvesting

Plant lavender

The lavender plant is perennial and can produce for more than a decade, its scientific name Lavandula angustifolia is native to the Mediterranean region is widely used in the manufacture of essential oils for the production of perfumes and toilet. There are many people interested in learning how to plant lavender because it is highly prized for use as an ornamental plant in gardens, with many varieties of lavender used for this purpose.

Lavender flowers are used as a food source for honeybees, since it is considered to honey produced with this plant as one of the best quality nectars. Flowers are also used to add flavor and aroma to a variety of dishes among which include sauces, salads, jellies, ice cream and a lesser amount in wine and vinegar, for this purpose they are also used the leaves.

There are many crops of lavender, however the most commonly used species Lavandula angustifolia is because it produces an essential oil of better quality. If the necessary care on how to plant lavender is applied can measure between 30 cm to 2 m in length, this depends very much on the species used. Its flowers are very small and may be purple, pink or white. Read more

Ideas for home decorating with flowers

decorating with flowers

Spring is an excellent opportunity to incorporate flowers fresh in your home and bring with them great decorative effects of color and beauty. Simply adding a flower under any room you can brighten the space and make a big impact on your decor without changing anything.

Tips for decorating the home with flowers

Flowers in the room

To decorate the room with flowers do not need an exquisite vase, you can place the flowers in a glass simple if the arrangement is small. You can also place a glass of water inside a cardboard bag of gift and there locate your flowers, encouraging the dining room in a very original way. If you use a plain glass, you can add several strips of cloth of different colors that match the table. Read more

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