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Green manure

Green manure

A beautiful garden needs good soil. In order to improve the structure and soil texture, often exhausted at the end of the season, why not make use of nature? To do nothing better than helping the green manure, as discussed in the following lines.

What is green manure?

Speaking of green manure we do fast growing plants that grow even in late fall and covers the ground significantly. For a short period of time they create a lot of organic matter that helps the earth to recover naturally enrich and manage.

Green manure
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Use of green manure

Sowing: First of all you “scratch” slightly the area to be planted. Once done, planting the seeds on the fly and you bury them slightly raking and tamping the soil and grass. Germination of these will occur within a few days.

Burial: By the end of October, although the vegetative cycle has not been completed, the mower passes. Wait a long week and after its layer surface to bury the plant material.

Benefits of green manures

The rapid fermentation of these fertilizers improves soil structure, providing humus and nitrogen.

In spring you will have a thin, lumpy ground without weeds, something that will be very beneficial.

This coverage limits the leaching of the garden and the landslide on sloping grounds, very negative phenomena when the plots are not cultivated.

Main species

The main varieties of suitable plants for this purpose have divided into two groups, ideal for summer crops and perfect for winter crops.

For summer you can use species of sorghum, millet, corn, soy or beans. Ideal for winter are oats, barley, rye, wheat, clover, lupins and peas.

Where and how to buy?

Green manures are sold in envelopes. Usually they are easy to find on the shelves of most stores specializing in the care of the garden.

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