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Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers

Do you want to speak the language of flowers? Would you like the bouquets that regales express exactly the feelings you want? Do you want tips for composing a bouquet of flowers? Here we talk about the language of flowers and show you the highlights and its symbolism.

And you might think that flowers are only the expression of love, but nothing is further from reality. And the language of flowers is not only limited to messages of lovers, but they are able to convey moods, reproaches, thanks, friendship, hope, etc.

Language of Flowers
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Language of Roses

If we have to speak the language of flowers, of course we have to start with the most popular of all. And because of its popularity is often thought that the main language of roses loves, but nothing is further from reality.

The language of roses depends on the color of these and red roses and yes they are a symbol of passion and intense love, others symbolize other values. For example the yellow rose shows loyalty to friends and happiness. Pink meanwhile show affection and romantic love, while the golden show loyalty. White meanwhile symbolize purity and innocence, oranges help seduce, purple are ideal for showing love to mothers and blue symbolize an impossible love.

Language of Tulips

The aesthetics of tulips is beautiful and the main language itself represents love. But it is a much more romantic and less passionate love that red roses symbolize, for example. It is a love like that shown with pink roses.

However the colors of tulips also mark the specific language in the industry. If you want a small idea, you can base yourself on the symbolism of the colors of the roses that we saw earlier.

Language of Orchids

Besides being a beautiful exotic flower, they have a very special meaning for happy couples. This flower symbolizes the desire and perfection of things, and is closely related to feminism and sexuality. It is a very intimate flower to offer people who are in a very special place in your heart.

Language of Daisies

The resistance of these flowers contrasts with the delicate symbolism of daisies. These symbolize the sensitivity and the innocent and virginal love. Flowers are ideal gift for sweet girls without malice.

Language of lilies

This is one of the preferred by scholars, because it symbolizes intelligence and power flowers. Therefore you will have seen that many emblems of global organizations have a lily as a symbol of their impact.

Language of gerberas

These flowers convey joy and simplicity. They are very popular in the most modest wedding because they are inexpensive but they create a fabulous bouquet of flowers symbolizing the happiness of that great day.

Language of jasmines

If you give away jasmines a person you are wishing good luck and joy. They can also symbolize sweetness and innocence.

Language of Chrysanthemums

These flowers as present in cemeteries symbolize hope. That meaning and how resilient are the flowers have become protagonists of these places, but we should not forget that their color can also express joy and luck for a new beginning.

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