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Large indoor plants

Large indoor plants

Want to give an exotic touch to your home? Forget about all those little houseplants such views and opt for a large format that is sure to attract all eyes. Below we have prepared a selection with our favorites.

The Medinilla

Endowed with beautiful and remarkable pink flowers with calyx, the Medinilla is a native of Philippine plant. It blooms from early summer to early fall, although its undulating leaves 30 cm long are decorative the rest of the year.

Profiled suspended long stems, flowers grow down into fascinating chalices of a peculiar greenish pink. These plants need high humidity and light, but should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

Large indoor plants
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It provides enough space for it, as it can reach a meter and a half tall and grow considerably in width. Because of its great growth it can roll over their weight, so plant it in a heavy pot foot wide. Do not move too as the light changes can cause you to lose your buds.

Kalanchoe “Magic Bells”

At the top of a long stems that can reach nearly one meter high we find these wonderful flowers of Chinese origin, whose appearance is reminiscent of a small hanging lamps. After flowering, they remain beautiful for at least two months. This plant is commonly called “magic bells”.

This species of Kalanchoe is a hardy plant that enjoys abundant lighting and may take even directly, as long as not too strong. On the contrary they hate the cold, so we must ensure that they are not exposed to temperatures below 12 degrees.

In summer, the “magic bells” can be outside on the balcony or terrace, but always sheltered from the wind.Water them regularly but in small amounts, since excess moisture abhor. In winter, watering every two weeks will be enough. From March throw in fertilizer every three weeks.


In South America these close relatives of pineapples growing in the wild, but in our climate need a warm place to spend the winter. With its bracts bright, yellow or purple red, the Guzmanias will give our homes a cheerful note.

The Guzmanias need a lot of sunlight, but never direct. These plants drink a lot, so you should be careful that your soil does not dry. When the foliage is in full bloom, you give them a specific fertilizer every two weeks.

They appreciate the heat throughout the year, so you should take care that the temperature never drops below 16 degrees at all times.

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