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Tips for growing flowers on terraces

Growing flowers on terraces

The cultivation of flowers in pots or planters is the perfect way to decorate a terrace. Its flowers for many weeks will add a touch of color to our unique patios or balconies, and they only require some care.

Also, if we grow our own flowers we can create our bouquets of flowers fully customized. If you need help to do so, these tips help us to create them through practical advice.

Growing flowers on terraces
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It all starts with the planting of plants. It is important that we choose a pot or planter equipped with holes for water drainage and prevents it from accumulating on it. In the drainage holes we can put a small layer of gravel or a few potsherds. If the pot we have chosen is terracotta, which must place a plastic wrap to prevent water disappears by its walls.

Use the proper mulch

 If for example you are planting rhododendrons, azaleas or camellias, it is preferable to use a soil for acidophilic plants. And there is a big difference between a mulch for acid loving plants suitable for boxwood one, for example. You will find more information about it here.

The amount of mulch you need depend on the diameter of the pot. A pot of 22 cm needs 5 liters, 25 needs 7, one of 28 needs 10, 32 needs 15, and one of 37 needs 25 and 42 need 33 liters.

Plant size

Another thing to consider is the size of the plants. Place the largest in the center of the pot, so that they have no chance to dominate smaller. You can be very creative with your plantations, selection colors and different types of plants. In addition to the most popular as fuchsias, petunias or geraniums flowers, you can also plant other like roses, lavenders, lilies and begonias.

Why not enjoy a mini garden in our yard?

He thinks that even many vegetables and fruits are easily accommodated to growing in pots, such as tomatoes, lettuce, beans, onions, peppers or figs.

Fertilizer: Nutrients flowers

To create this mini garden that we talked about will have to help the plants grow well, and to do nothing better to choose additional nutrients. Keep in mind the type of plant that is growing, because there are specific to each fertilizer.

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