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Care for dahlias


Originating in Mexico, dahlias are bulbous plants in which we find many dozens of different species. The appearance of these is very different, and can even find dahlias cactus shaped or other shaped pompon. It is colorful, of course, is also varied.

Planting dahlias

Tubers (bulbs) Plant Dahlia ideally planted in April / May, after the disappearance of any risk of frost. We planted at a depth of 5-10 cm, with a spacing of 80 to 100 cm from each tuber. The place should be quite sunny, as Dahlias need a lot of sun.

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Dahlias care

Remove all dead flowers as they appear. Once the stems are completely discolored, pedal’s as short as possible.

Dahlias withstand temperatures up to -5 degrees, although in winter it is important to protect your base with a large vegetation cover. If your area is common frosts and very cold, early winter can remove the tubers after the first frost and store them in a dry and protected from light place until the following spring.

To do wait until the foliage has fallen or faded completely. Cut to 10 cm from the ground. Starts rhizomes and let dry by wiping them with a brush. If your area is not many cold, it is still desirable to protect the tubers of dahlias with mulch of dead leaves in the winter period.

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Dahlia is a sufficiently hardy plant, but gladly thank you water it in periods of extreme heat or prolonged drought. You should always water them without wetting the foliage to avoid any risk of disease. Watering preferably make them at night to prevent water evaporation.

Prolonging flowering in autumn

It is possible to prolong flowering dahlias beyond the summer, even until late October. To do this we must provide the fertilizer for flowering plant once a week until the end of flowering plants.

Remove the dead flowers as they appear to not exhaust facilitators Dahlia and thus the growth of new flowers.

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