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Care for geraniums


The geraniums garden (not to be confused with the geraniums or balconies) is true champions of flowering. These are a must in any self – respecting garden. They do not suffer from diseases, do not proliferate and can withstand the harshest winters. We know more about their care.

Decorative and widespread throughout countries, this flower 5 petal seduces us with its flowers from early spring until the first frost. There are over 200 species and varieties of geraniums, but maintenance and care are the same for each of them.

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Planting geraniums

If you make planting in the pots or window boxes, you can plant your geraniums in the months of March / April in regions with temperate climate, although very careful if you live in an area where at that time there is still frost.

To be safe, you can wait until frost disappears altogether, in early May. Mulch will need to potting will be special for this type of plant.

If you go to plant geraniums in the garden, you must wait until late April or mid-May in the colder regions, to ensure that the roots of geraniums strongly rooted. Keep a distance of 30 cm between each plant.

Care and maintenance of geraniums

Geraniums require no pruning. Remove the dead flowers as they appear, as they unnecessarily deplete the plant. Yellow leaves are common in geraniums, but you must remove them as they appear.

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However careful with them because their appearance may be related to excess water. If you see a lot of this, it waits until the soil is dry before watering again, this time with organic fertilizer.

Special fertilizer for geraniums

The special fertilizer for geraniums is especially recommended because with them the flowering of the plant will be much better. Look after receiving water plant, especially if they are in full sun well. Geraniums demand a lot of water.

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