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Care for gerberas


The gerbera is a beautiful houseplant originally from Africa and very popular for its beautiful flowers. Its flowers are used in bouquets, so they are one of the most popular florist’s flowers. See their main care.

Planting the gerberas

The gerberas are plants that need a good mulch to flower profusely. You need to transplant every two years (preferably always in spring) to a pot with a slightly larger diameter.

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The roots of gerbera not support either excess water, so be very careful with him. The container you choose for it should be well drilled in the bottom. To improve drainage placed in the bottom of the container a bed of gravel or clay balls to facilitate water flow.

As mentioned above, they need good mulch, especially if placed indoors. And it is this which will supply the nutrients it needs to grow. Also it needs moisture, low but steady, that will not be wet the foliage.

Care gerberas

Gerberas need a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees, but it should never lose 13 degrees. The best place to put them is in a place where there is good light, but never directly, especially in summer.

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Avoid quite place it near a heat source such as a radiator, since this plant of tropical origin needs moisture. In summer you can place gerberas outdoors, in an environment in partial shade. In the Mediterranean region can live outside all year, provided they are well protected.

They require a moderate but regular watering. In spring and summer you should keep the soil moist and make sure the water flow is carried out correctly. In these two seasons it is recommended that you add liquid fertilizer for green plants every month to extend the maximum flowering. To keep moisture place the pot on a bed of clay balls with water underneath.

In the seasons of autumn and winter reduce watering until the soil is completely dry between watering and during those months completely stop the supply of any fertilizer. Click here http://quiotl.com/ to know more tips.

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