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Basic tips for saving water in the garden

Saving water

We want to help save water. It will be noted in your pocket and the environment will thank you. Today we want to help in saving water in the garden. Here are some tips…

– It is important that when watering do at night or early morning to avoid evaporation fast water.

– Put systems drip irrigation, it is the least spent water and acts more efficiently.

– Place systems use river water and reuses rainwater, you can use drums or a cistern.

– Use the hose only if necessary to clear an area and do not leave it open all the time or use as a broom.

Saving water
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– Use watering cans, it is not always necessary to use hoses or sprinkler irrigation. With sprinklers or other traditional containers it is possible to maintain the garden, or at least one group of plants, in perfect condition.

– Native species. Its water needs are minimal and are fully adapted to soil and climate. They can live only with the rainwater without need for water them frequently.

– Divide the garden irrigation zones. Some plants need more water than others. Water each zone independently, as required by each group: dry zone, wetland and buffer zone.

– On the edge of the lawn plant which more water needed.

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– Avoid evaporation with bark or mulch. If made in the base of the plants, the irrigation is less need therefore quite conserve water.

– Set l will sprinklers, it is usually seen how the sidewalks or roads are wet because when moving the sprinkler; water comes out of the gardens. If placed so that the water falls only on the area of irrigation, it will be much more efficient and will save many liters. In addition to placing them well, you have to regulate the amount of water given off to prevent some plants remain flooded.

– Eliminate weeds because they are big competitors for water.

– Limit the use of lawn to the real needs. The party takes more water is the turf can make a spectacular garden without much grass. There are also some types of grass that are resistant to drought and need less water.

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