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Planting flowers

Planting flowers

With plants that are sold as flowering, you can embellish your balcony at a time. However the care taken when planting is essential to ensure a lasting and abundant decoration. When to plant? You can plant all year, except during periods of frost. However, the best times are as follows…

– Late April to mid-June for decoration summer.

– From February to April for spring decoration. – In October and November for decoration fall.

– From autumn to February for winter decoration keep in mind that spring bulbs such as tulips or daffodils have been planted in the fall, along with the biennial plants, for example.

Planting flowers
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1) Soak the plants in a bucket for a quarter of an hour.

2) Meanwhile, place a drainage layer (gravel, helmets, and expanded clays) in the bottom of the pot or planter. The containers are fitted with a water reservoir do not require drainage layer. Mix in a bowl the substrate retainer water gel (only in the case of decoration summer) and a fertilizer Osmocote slow dissolution rate. Start filling the container with this mixture.

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3) Before placing the plants, scratch a bit with a rake outside lumps, and then place them leaving 1 cm. between the surface of the earth and the edge of the pot.

4) Chock plants on earth well as tightening placing the go. Water thoroughly.

Caution: When removing plants from pots, pull the stems. You have to press in the bottom of the pot to slide the clod. Visit http://apporello.com/ for more details.

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