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Care for iris plant

iris plant

The plant flowers iris are both beautiful and elegant. He also is an easy plant to grow, as we shall see in the following lines with the correct maintenance and small gestures that keep our beautiful iris in bloom year after year.

Iris plant is very resistant, while tolerate even the most severe winters. In fact the cold assists in proper development of the plant.

Its flowers are characterized by three beautiful petals of the most varied colors. The color purple is more present, but we can also find them in blue, yellow, red or white.

iris plant
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Planting iris plant

Ideally, the plant is cultivated iris in spring or summer. Usually they are usually planted from May to November, to have a great bloom the following summer.

Plant the rhizomes of the plant in a well-aerated soil without burying too. Keep very little separation between them. With 5-10 cm between each plant will be more than enough. By not bury their rhizomes too, they receive sunlight at the top, which helps them take root. And it is that if something affects the growth of young plants iris is the lack of sunlight.

If planting is produced from a potted plant, it can be performed in the months of September-October. You can leave them outside, always in the shelter throughout the winter. Flowering will occur two or three years after planting.

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Plant maintenance iris

Maintaining this plant can be minimized because it is a flower that requires very little care.

Remove faded flowers to measures they appear, but leave the foliage until it is yellow, usually on September. And the plant needs iris plants are yellowing to make reservations for the next flowering.

Eliminate weeds growing in the center of the plant to release the rhizomes. No need for irrigation, as this plant needs little water.

The lifetime of a plant iris can be 5 to 20 years. To maximize your life, apĆ³rtale organic fertilizer for bulbous plants annually, especially after flowering. Here http://clickmyemails.com/ you can find more tips.

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