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How planting or sowing grass

sowing grass

Today I will teach you to plant or sow properly grass. With these tips and a good job of keeping you a beautiful lawn, not to mention the personal satisfaction that involves yourselves have sown. If queerness know these tips and save you money, either planting or replanting some areas, I invite you to continue reading the article.

When planting grass?

The best time, no doubt, for planting and sowing grass is in spring and autumn; if we sow in times of more extreme temperatures as winter or summer, success will not be so guaranteed. In autumn, the grass grows very fast, while in spring takes a little longer, therefore we sow according to our needs.

sowing grass
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What plant variety?

As the lawn is marketed is the result of a set of different seeds, based on the acquired predominating we grow a type of grass or other package. There are plenty of mixtures according to the brand we buy, however, the market usually find two types of mixtures, according to what you want. On the one hand, we find the ornamental grass, which is the best selling for being very aesthetic sheet and thin, but does not support very well the frequent trampling. On the other hand, have overseeding, ideal for places that suffered much or not withstood the winter.

You could appoint you hundreds of names, but each brand has a tendency to name differently from their mixtures form, so my advice is that you centrist first in your climate and then use that think give and you shall know the variety suitable for you. How to plant grass step the first step is to stir the soil to about 20 centimeters deep. We review the soil has good drainage, this step is vital because, although some types of grass withstand water logging, they can be attacked by fungi and other diseases. Then we apply some organic fertilizer that we have available, for example, compost or vermicompost.

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Now, with all the loose potting soil, we will clean the surface removing remains of other plants, sticks and stones to achieve a flat, even surface. Finally, after this tedious but necessary work will proceed with planting. Remember that the seed of grass is not very large so that once spread is sufficient to leave a thin layer above ground between 3 and 5 centimeters. If we want to improve soil drainage is a good idea to add a little sand to the mix.

Once we have the buried seeds and all ready we will only apply a good watering, remember to water in a way that simulates raindrops to avoid pile up in a corner seeds and help grow everything right. At this stage it is important to risks of 2 to 3 times a day to keep the area always wet and the grass germinate much earlier. As you can see is not complicated sow the lawn.

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