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6 professional landscaping tricks that will keep your beautiful plants

landscaping tricks

Today more and more people enjoy gardening. Unfortunately, there are still people who rely on harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Maybe they do not know that there is a safer way to grow their plants.

Lucky for you, in this article we will describe some very good tips to care for your plants in a natural way. Some of the tricks may sound unusual and even strange, but once you try them, you will notice that provide surprising result.

Professional gardener’s tricks that will keep your beautiful plants…

landscaping tricks
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1. Use kitchen waste, garden

Yes, you can use any part of your kitchen waste for your garden. You must make ditches between the rows of your plants with a depth of 1 foot then bury kitchen waste.

To prevent odor and flies, cover the trench with soil piled up along the edge of the ditch.

2. Use ash wood and coffee to regulate the pH

When many different plants are planted, the soil pH is varied. To carry all close to neutral again, you need to do a soil amendment on a large scale. You can alkalize the soil for seeds of beets, broccoli, using wood ash and fireplace. For plants such as roses and azaleas, you can use ground coffee.

3. Use the urine as fertilizer

The composition of urine can vary, but one thing is certain, which is rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen can promote the growth of foliage and is very effective for green plants.

Should collect urine in a bottle and dilute with water in 1:10 ratio then apply it to the root zone.

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4. To kill weeds using vinegar

Weed has never been a friend for a gardener. So if you like gardening, the first thing you should do is delete it. But from today, no longer you have to use a chemical weed murderer. Instead, use vinegar, a better alternative because it is natural.

Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and then start soaking weeds. Vinegar is acid and will burn and kill weeds in a couple of days.

Do not forget to water your garden after to remove excess acidity or sprinkle a little baking soda to neutralize the pH.

5. Use of egg shells and oyster shells to fertilize your garden

Eggshells and oyster shells are slow release fertilizer that can be used to fertilize the soil and increase your health. The shells containing calcium carbonate can alkalize the soil. Mince well everything to make the pieces as small as possible before use.

6. Use baking soda to combat fungi

The use of a commercial fungicide is not an option for those who want to avoid contact with harmful chemical. As a replacement, use baking soda, which is cheap, non-toxic and can effectively combat fungal disease. It is easy to use and provides excellent results.

To so this, just add a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Then pour the solution into a spray bottle. Then you can start to soak the plants and soil. For more visit http://spottingit.com/.

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