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How to decorate a garden

decorate a garden

How to decorate your garden? What items to choose? How to make welcoming outdoor spaces? 10 rules to follow and 100 ideas for furnishing perfectly the home garden with pictures and examples.

Have a nice garden, cared for and decorated, though small in size, values of both their home and to decorate with style garden just very little.

In fact, once you have chosen the style, you must purchase the furnishings needed to host family and friends in a cozy atmosphere and at the same time functional.

decorate a garden
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1) Have table with chairs; prefer those in materials resistant to the elements such as the synthetic rattan, so as to be able to leave the furniture in the garden also in winter.

2) It is important to have good coverage (sailing, gazebo, umbrella, etc) for the evening hours (to protect from moisture) and during the hours of sunshine (to have a shaded area). Our advice is to choose versions closable, so as to manage the spaces.

3) Profit a good lighting system (which allows you to have soft light, for romantic evenings, and bright light for festive evenings!);

4) If the garden is characterized by the largest grass area, it would be useful to develop a platform in order to better enjoy the stay-living area;

5) To furnish a garden does not mean buying a table with 4 chairs and a parasol, but you have to give it its own style , its own footprint and above all through the ‘ objects ( vases, pillows, curtains, candles, Bowls,etc … );

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6) In a garden worthy of respect, cannot miss the barbecue, the undisputed star of the party outdoors. And for those who have space problems a good idea it would also be the creation of an outdoor kitchen.

7) Remember it is important to have a fountain in the garden, mainly for irrigation. Obviously if you have the opportunity, you can also create a comfortable outdoor shower, which will come in handy during the hot summer.

8) If, then, you are among the lucky ones and you have space and money enough, do not miss the chance of a dip in the pool! In this case, also think of a dedicated furniture, which is primarily made of water-repellent material.

9) For those with children at home do not forget to give them a welcoming and safe play area.

10) For those who want to spend part of your garden to the direct cultivation, we recommend to carry out a space dedicated to gear.

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