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How to create flower beds without spending too much

flower beds

How to create beautiful flower beds to beautify the garden on a shoestring budget, a bit ‘of dexterity and passion for DIY: tips, advice and step by step instructions for a job in a workmanlike manner and a large well kept garden, with lots of color that will brighten up your lawn and make it more pleasing to the eye.

Flower beds on a budget flowering? That’s how

Realize your flowerbeds will be an easy and creative, and you will do a few “ingredients.” This idea is for you if you have a tight budget but still want to get a good result. The only thing I ask you is a bit ‘of time will be the care necessary to create and maintain a beautiful field of flowers with splashes of color here and there.

Let’s start! If you decided to really save you can plant in your flower bed of seeds instead of plants already grown, since the seeds are much cheaper. Of course if you plant the seeds you have to wait the time it takes to see the results of your work and dedicate a lot of care, since they are much more delicate flowers already grown; but it will be even more satisfying to watch them grow and blossom.

flower beds
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The first step is to figure out where to place your flowerbeds, because the place will determine the type of flowers that you can plantings. For example, some flowers need a very sunny area, while others do not withstand excessive heat and therefore need to be in semi-shade. We must also consider the type of soil in which you plant the flowers, to understand which varieties can withstand some ground during the winter.

Choose the shape of the flower

After you have decided, where you want to create your flower beds is the time to choose what form her. It can be square, rectangular, triangular, short of any geometric shape, but may also have irregular shapes, or act as a corridor for example starting from a point of the garden until you get to your porch.

You can also choose to decorate your garden with many flowerbeds and implement them in the middle, under the windows of the house; in this way you will admire every time you look out.

flower beds
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Test the soil

The next step, after you choose the shape of your flowerbed, is to find an area in which to build it. To do this you can use stakes or stones. At this point, it is necessary to completely remove the grass and especially weeds; but also the larger stones (with a little ‘luck might be okay later on the edges of the flower).

Did this, started to dig around the perimeter of the flower, being careful to follow the desired shape, and then make some deeper holes at the points where you want to plant flowers. To do this we need a hoe and a pair of garden gloves.

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Prepare the ground

Now that you have cleaned, the area with weeds is necessary to prepare the ground to make sure it is suitable for the planting of flowers and make them grow well. If the soil in your garden is hard (i.e. too compact), it is recommended to move him and add sand or other material such as peat, which improves the water drainage process and make it as soft and nourished. If the starting soil is too sandy, instead add a part peat and a fertilizer.

Planting flowers

Before you start planting, your flowers you need to shake the earth well, for example with a small hoe, and chip away any hard lumps, then leveling the soil with a rake. One of the most important things to watch out before planting the seed or plant is to leave the loose soil at the bottom of the hole you dug, by doing so the roots will be able to take root more easily.

Now, before you plant the seeds, carefully read the instructions found on the packaging; where you usually find all the information related to the growth of the flowers and the date of sowing. If you prefer you can choose to grow the flowers in a vase, and only later, when they are strong enough, transplant them in the border.

flower beds
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Outline of the flower border

This is the final step! Outline the perimeter of the flower it will allow you to perfectly define its shape and confine it will protect her from the garden walkways, avoiding, for example in the garden children or dogs trample.

There is a wide variety of choices to opt for the flowerbeds: printed by stones ready for use in natural stone of every shape and color. If the bed is big enough you can also use the bricks to create a real wall, in this case inside of the flower you can also plant taller plants and robust.

To find the right stone or brick you just go to one of the many garden and DIY centers that today are becoming more common, or, if you are lucky enough to live near some river or have a day out program, nothing prevents you to look for some river stone; there are beautiful and in this way would also really cheap!

Finally, if you plan to give your bed a personal touch of originality an interesting variation is to use different materials for the edging, perhaps even recycled, such as: pieces of plates and glasses or scrap of tiles; the effect will be very nice especially if they are colored.

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