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Plants Buying Guide: How To Choose Healthy Plants?

Plants Buying Guide

In the purchase of plants, even the most common, we must be careful to some characteristics we can reveal whether the plant has been cultivated well or has weaknesses. Here are some tips to quickly identify which plants prefer.

It would be better to avoid buying of flowering plants, why would suffer already in transportation: when the plant is in full bloom is also weaker. Also we do not know when it started flowering, and you are likely to enjoy the flowers for a few days! It would be better to buy them when they present the buds, even if you do not have the color certainty. They will flourish in our home and will be the first satisfaction.

Plants Buying Guide
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Moreover, it must observe the leaves well. A healthy plant never has curled or yellowed leaves, but sturdy leaves, bright green uniform. I know that it tends to remain dazzled by the beauty and color of the flowers, but we must not distract us and also to evaluate the foliage.

We look at the roots. How? On the bottom of the pot, the drainage hole, the roots may appear: it is a sign that the root system is robust, and the plant needs repotting. Plants without this feature still need to grow in pots in which they find themselves before being repotted; otherwise it will produce more roots to leaves.

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There must be blackened or soggy parts on the stem or leaves, a sign of fungal disease.

In essence, we need to choose plants whose behavior appears more vigorous and balanced. And last but not least, also choose the type of plant that is well adapted to the place where we’re going to fix. The most common mistakes are so choose healthy plants, but not suited to our windowsill, to our garden or our home. There are plants that need lots of light and others do not want to live; plants adapted to hot and other suited to the cold; plants that need to be repaired in the home and others that we cannot stay at home. So when you see the map you like, if you have not done the research between tabs with the characteristics of the plants, it is good to ask the retailer if the plan is suitable to the place where you want to place.

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