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10 wonderful plants that can also be grown in pots

Both for reasons of space that due to the weather conditions, sometimes it is necessary to opt for growing in pots; the advantages are numerous, and there are very interesting solutions from the aesthetic point of view, as well as practical. We discover, then, 10 species, including flowering plants and not, that can be grown in pots with excellent results and with which we can choose to decorate the garden, rather than the terrace or balcony.

Usually with the arrival of spring all gardeners select some new varieties to be included in your garden to make it more and more lush and captivating; in some cases, however, you do not have more free space directly in the ground, or the available areas do not possess the right exposure to allow optimal growth of plants.

10-wonderful-plants-that-can-also-be-grown-in-potsIn all these cases, you may decide to resort to growing in pots, selecting containers of different types that can accommodate the most of new varieties.

We have often spoken of plants able to grow and produce flowers and fruits even if grown in a container; in this case, we offer a selection thanks to which it will be easy to expand the range of varieties present in our outdoor space.

It is 10 plants, including real fruit trees in miniature, beautiful flowering species, aquatic and climbing, with unique characteristics and totally different from each other; some easy to grow, other more delicate, but always perfect for creating original combinations and realize valuable and attractive environments.

1) Some varieties can grow in vas or and are perfectly able to bear fruit; obviously this kind of plant needs a warm climate and plenty of natural light.

One of the rules that apply to tend till plants grown in pots is to irrigate carefully and consistently, of course, the reason is that the substrate on which they live is small and therefore dries more quickly.

2) The lilies, an aquatic species of which there are several varieties with which you can decorate an artificial pond, rather than a simple barrel; The Nymphaea ‘Midnight’ is a variety of small size and rapid growth.

3) There are molt the small fruits that can be grown in pots, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, strawberries of forest and other body and still.

Even though it is almost always the vines that grow a lot, you can buy dwarf varieties that are easy to grow even in moderately sized containers; these plants need a good sun exposure and constant irrigation to keep a level moisture stable minimum.

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4) The sweet agate, or potatoes American, vegetables are very useful in the kitchen where the plant can be used for ornamental purposes; the off creeping foliage is very beautiful as it comes from large containers that are home to a diverse and colorful composition.

5) Speaking of vegetables, one that usually does not compare the lists is the celery; in fact it is a plant that, thanks to the poorly developed root system, can also grow well in pots, giving the opportunity to those who want to cultivate it but have not a vegetable garden to start a small personal production anywhere.

6) The hops would be a choice really original; it is a climbing plant large that, in addition to being the ‘ ingredient main d she beer, is a green species that can also be grown in pots and blooms throughout the summer.

7) The orchid cactus, such Epiphyllum which includes about 19 different species, in addition to beautiful flowers is characterized by a growing cascade which makes it perfect to be grown in a hanging container.

This plant needs plenty of light but does not like direct sunlight, and soil very draining; in the season of blooms it is important not to move the plant because the buds fall easily.

8) Some varieties of citrus fruit, roué are easy to grow even in pots and even indoors; s is the dwarf varieties of oranges, mandarins, lemons and other species, which besides being very beautiful and fragrant are able to contribute to the creation of an elegant and very attractive.

9) Many Japanese maples have the right characteristics to also grow in pots, and thanks to the magnificent colors and horizontal growth are highly decorative; need a large container in which there is good well-drained.

10) Finally, the so-called and ornamental be represent a perfect choice from the point of view decorative and can be very easily grown in pots.

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