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Ideas to decorate the garden


A classic lawn, if constantly maintained and kept clean and tidy is certainly nice, but there are many other ways, tricks and decorations to improve its appearance as well as keep the grass cut and pruned the plants and flowers. If you want to turn your garden into a real paradise here are some ideas and suggestions from which you can draw inspiration.

Decorate the garden to make it a more beautiful place

The decoration is at the base of the beauty of a garden; so here’s a series tips and ideas to beautify our little corner of green paradise.

ideas-to-decorate-the-gardenA green corridor

One of the most striking ideas to decorate the garden and make your garden a paradise is to build a real green corridor made of plants, bushes and flowerbeds leading to a garden area to the entrance of your home.

Instead of a normal green area only it consists of grass you can, with a little ‘fantasy, organize a corridor using a variety of plants and flowers with their colors and shades of green make for a pleasant and harmonious over your garden. To create this landscape glimpse you may require the help of a professional gardener, but if you choose plants and shrubs easy to manage, you can then keep your path pretty easily.

A small road of stones

A path built with stones is an excellent idea to decorate the garden and give a personal touch, creating a beautiful sight in your garden. To achieve it you just outline the path, remove the grass and make the shallow excavations at the points where you want to place the stones. In the market, there are stones and tiles for outdoors in the most different colors and different shapes.

A multi-level lawn

To make it more special and interesting your garden you can think of to break the monotony of the uniform plan of creating areas of land on different levels. For example, it is possible to dig a hole and in its interior a second hole leaving a sufficient thickness of the edge to plant, for example, seasonal flower or evergreens, and position the center of the second hole an important shrub such as a willow or a maple Japanese.

Another interesting idea is to place on a different level (higher or lower than the grass), relaxation area, a gazebo or a pergola, or just organized area with benches or outdoor armchairs.

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A shaped lawn …

Break the mold and decorate the garden creating something impressive is an excellent idea if you want to really impress. And why not do it by creating different forms within the lawn? To give a new shape to your little paradise is enough to decide which of the various, geometric or not, you can please.

You can take inspiration from the English gardens where flower beds and different levels of land forming beautiful designs with colors designed specifically for each corner. To give movement to your garden by creating different shapes can also use artificial plants, stones or statues. The important thing is to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and do not overdo it, better to choose a few items but well associated with each other.

ideas-to-decorate-the-garden3Use gravel

Another very material used today for outdoor furniture is gravel, with which you can play to your heart, creating portions of land as opposed to the turf. You can choose a point or an entire path to be filled with gravel and place inside small flowerbeds or some vases.

This material is perfect if you like the Japanese style; using the gravel you can create a little zen garden set in a verdant setting will be certainly effective.

Something extra

There are many decorative elements that can be added to decorate the garden and make it more personal and in line with your style: as fountains or artificial ponds, the singular forms or size vessels or even reversed and basements in the lawn to create a kind cascade of flowers, classic flowerbeds or multilevel.

All these and other design objects outdoors can help to add something unique to your garden, you can just only a bit ‘of good will and a lot of imagination!

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