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10 tips for home gardening

home gardening

Taking care of plants requires a bit of skill and a bit of patience and good will. Some people have a green thumb more developed than others do but all of them with the appropriate precautions can devote himself to in a simple and effective garden with very few efforts.

1. Choice of the vase

The first important step to good plant care is the selection of the vessel. To be taken into consideration for the choice of a good pot is first of all the presence of holes in the bottom for drainage, the thermal shock resistance, the dimensions can be chosen according to the plant and materials (such as terracotta is heavier, the plastic instead it is more resistant to thermal shock, etc.)

2. Beware of weeds

Remove weeds is a way to have a better look and to prevent these infest the rest of the plants, robbing them of nutrients and comprehensible. The important thing is to make sure you know how to recognize and avoid weed species rather useful.

3. Prepare the ground

Prepare a soil rich in nutrients will need to have some flowers, fruits or just the plants healthy and strong. Depending on the variety you want to grow, you create the most appropriate footing. For example, the soil must be more porous for succulents then the earth will be mixed sand, perlite or sphagnum peat, however for the garden you need a fertile soil and nutrient rich humus or manure.

home gardening
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4. Space the plants

Plants need space both outside and in the ground for roots and for this reason it will be suitable to plant a bit far apart, so as to leave the space needed for proper growth. For those who potted the advice it is to put a single plant per pot.

5. Sprinkle enough

One of the most common mistakes that you make in the garden is irrigation of plants. Watering too much or too little is harmful equally so it is important to inquire about the amount of water that need the plants that we have chosen and comply with the recommended dose.

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6. Avoid invasive plants

For an easier management of the garden is very recommended planting invasive species as it might invade your entire green corner. The ivy, wisteria or Virginia creeper are some of the invasive species more common.

7. Exposure to sunlight

When purchased plants or decide to planting of vegetables inquire about the type of exposure to light so that need to place the plants in the best point to his needs. Some plants require direct sunlight fact other instead of indirect light or shadow. For example, a cyclamen not need to direct light while a yes sunflower.

home gardening
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8. Do not overdo pesticides

To avoid the unpleasant presence of insects and pests is best to use natural products or biological control instead of chemicals that should be avoided.

9. Repot in spring

Is highly recommended to repot the plants in the spring, of course for milder weather, taking care to choose a pot that is slightly larger than the former without exaggeration in size. Moreover, this is an operation that must be carried out taking into consideration the pace of growth to encourage a balanced development.

10. Choose varieties suited to local conditions

Not all plants and vegetables grow well in any area but some prefer certain climates and soils, so it is best to check before planting by choosing the most suitable and durable.

If you want to give a green touch to your home, or just want to take care of your plants in the best way, follow these 10 tips, your environment will surely be more pleasant and the air in your home cleaner.

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