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Feng Shui For The Office

To maintain concentration and serenity in the office everyone has their own methods. Some people listen to music to get away from the noise; there are those who put the pens and pencils always perfectly aligned in the same position because this helps to relax. There are some who relies on Feng-Shui, the ancient art geomantic Taoist Chinese, helps to achieve the best possible result in terms of harmony, friendliness and productivity in the office.

Would you like a working environment more harmonious it is more motivating for you and your employees? Would you like to think more effectively and be more productive? Then you should consider Feng Shui for the office, but for Feng Shui decoration, you may need to change your office furniture layout, and jasonl office fitout layouts are perfect for your office. However, before changing your office furniture layout you can try these 10 basic Feng-Shui rules to harmonize your office …

1) Take a correct position before the desk that gives a sense of grounding and solidity. Having a wall behind you allows a higher concentration and therefore increased productivity.

2) Being able to control the openings of the room at all times (doors and windows), without moving from your chair, it increases the sense of security and serenity. Mirrors or other reflective surfaces can be inserted in the office to allow greater control of the space in which you work.

3) Hang pictures of landscapes with hills or paradisiacal beaches allows the mind to wander and stimulate your creativity allowing you to enlarge (virtually) in restricted spaces within which you work every day.

4) Adjust the number of objects on your desk because it affects in a major way on productivity. The more sheets, books and work materials on our desk the less the news that will join. It is essential to take on the desk only the strictly necessary objects: in this way, the universe will provide for our needs.

5) Distancing your body from all electrical devices of at least 50 cm. Flat panels do not cause problems but chargers, power supplies, and mini-fridges can cause bloating and problems such as the legs.

6) Use a square or rectangular desk to give a sense of rootedness. If the meeting is important, however, to use round or oval tables to allow everyone to look in the eye and communicate more easily.

7) It is also very important to carefully choose the main color in the room based on your personality and your career goals …

  • Orange: Helps in moments of confusion;
  • Silver: Increases self-esteem;
  • Blue: It prevents nervous exhaustion;
  • White: Soothes;
  • Yellow: It stimulates the mind;
  • Indigo: Recalls the intuition;
  • Brown: Protects insecurity;
  • Black: Avoid emotional hypertension;
  • Gold: Useful for achieving the objectives;
  • Rose: Relieves mental tension;
  • Red: Decreased physical fatigue;
  • Green: Calms the nervous system;
  • Violet: Call the unconscious and spirituality;

8) The office location relative to the sun can greatly affect the productivity. Working in an office facing north you will run more easily in sadness or depression. Sunlight helps to get success and good productivity. For this are optimal environments facing east or south? The West is only recommended for those who remain in the office until late.

9) Add a work environment plants can be a great help because they purify the air from pollutants. The Dragon Tree, for example, is recommended if the room is many computers. The Viper’s Bowstring Hemp and the Spathiphyllum Wallisii, however, are great if you work in an environment in copiers and printers. If you are on the office carpet and flooring glued, and then the most suitable plants are Aloe, Fig and Devil’s ivy.

10) The commitment to maintaining the serenity in office must be constant. Giving good morning, be kind and helpful, smile even less happy brings well-being and tranquility. If your colleagues have different opinions, you need not be arrogant to assert your own ideas. If these are better than the time will help.

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