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The 5 balcony plants for those who thumb … !

5 balcony plants

Would love to have a green thumb but your, alas, is black here is the 5 balcony plants suited to you! If you love plants and greenery, but you are not expert in gardening or simply caring for plants – in this case from the balcony – we can help you.

Try to cultivate the balcony plants is in fact not a business so impossible: just only choose the right species, which is more adaptable to other environment where they live and who need little care. There are in fact different types of plants suitable to be chosen by beginners botanofile who wish to create a small green space on the balcony or on the terrace of the house.

The advice is to start with herbs or a few fat map, then move on to the evergreen and finally to those of flowers, a little more challenging.

5 balcony plants
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Here is what the 5 balcony plants best to choose for those who thumb … !

1. Herbs

Herbs are not all equal, but some types are easier to cultivate and maintain healthy than other: in this case, we refer to the sage and rosemary. To create a small vegetable garden on the balcony or simply a small green and fragrant corner, you have to choose sage and rosemary, the toughest among all the aromatic plants. Then you can grow in pots on the balcony or on the terrace without too much trouble, why require little water and have a good tolerance to colder temperatures. The only trick useful to their proper survival is that to position in the sunny side of the balcony.

5 balcony plants
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2. Fat seedlings

Another optimal solution to achieve a green space on the balcony or the terrace is to opt for the succulent plants. There are many varieties of this plant species – very nice to see and easy to care for – like cactus, agave and aloe, which require little water and not too much attention. You can buy them with or without thorns, flowering or cluster : you’ll be spoiled for choice, even in the approach between them if they want to combine more than one type of species. Even in this case, prefer the more sunny corner of the balcony to position them.

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3. Trunk of Happiness

The famous “trunk of happiness”, which is the Dracaena, an evergreen plant is very resistant and perfect to be held either on the balcony or in the apartment. The trunk of happiness should be kept strictly in pots and not too exposed to sunlight because it loves the shade. This type of plant does not need abundant watering and can live many years. A little curiosity: Dracena is nicknamed the “trunk of happiness” because it is said to bring good luck to its possessor.

5 balcony plants
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4. The African Violet

The Saintpaulia ionantha, better known as African Violet, is a beautiful map by purple flowers that lends itself very well to being kept in pots and outdoor. This herbaceous perennial species is in fact the original Tanzania and Kenya : for this reason, and having regard to its origin, must be kept in a sunny place, but not under the direct light because both the flowers that the leaves are likely to be damaged. The African Violet does not need a lot of care: does not require it too much water and would prefer that the soil in which it is planted is always quite dry.

5 balcony plants
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5. The Cedar

The cedar is a fruit plant that adapts very well to life as a balcony and terrace. The cedar, as well as having a fragrant wood and emerald green leaves, in fact produces the characteristic citrus similar – in form and color – to lemons, but it turns out to be a much stronger plant than other bearing the same family. The request must be sporadic watering, about every 10 days, while exposure to sunlight is necessary here because the cedar is an excellent solution if you want a beautiful and fragrant plant for the balcony!

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