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What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

Thinking about her future wedding image, each girl pays much attention not only to the dress – his color, style, and ornaments but also to one of the most important attributes of the image of the bride – a bouquet. Today, floristic stores offer a huge selection of colors and ready-made compositions, which makes the choice even more difficult. But there is one tendency when it comes to the color of the petals of the future flower ensemble: many girls prefer a bouquet of a pink bride.

The main holiday

The wedding ensemble is not only an important component of the whole image but also an accessory filled with symbolism. The symbolism of flowers is enclosed both in the plant itself and in its color. Pink represents tenderness, romanticism, and femininity.

Such a symbolism of color and its soothing halo conquers the palm of the primacy on a par with white when it comes to choosing a color for the composition of the bride. This choice speaks of the girl as a vulnerable, creative and gentle person. His unique tone of pink can choose a girl of any age, complexion and hair color. This versatility of this shade in different variations allows you to find exactly the tone that suits every girl.

Light-skinned blondes are approached by a gently pink shade, and burning brunettes are more saturated in tone: coral, crimson, and fuchsia.What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

In addition, when choosing a color, you should consider the overall color solution of the whole celebration. The pink color perfectly blends with the bride’s snow-white outfit, but adding some color accents still costs to create a single color picture. It can be different ways of adding color:

  • Boutonniere on the lapel of the groom’s jacket will create a single ensemble with the image of the bride.
  • Minor accents in pink color will help the banquet hall to blend in with the overall color background. These can be balloons, tablecloths, napkins on tables or cute little bouquets of fresh flowers that can “revive” the atmosphere of the hall.
  • Pink ribbons on cars with ornaments in shades of pink will give a special flavor and festive mood.

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Bridal bouquet

Bouquets of the bride with pink flowers today consist of the most diverse representatives of the flora. Nature herself has colored many flowers in this shade. In addition, scientists, working on selection, create all new varieties of flowers in pink:What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

  • The composition of roses in pink tones is the most luxurious option for those who love these beautiful flowers. Rose is a symbol of love, and the tint of petals speaks of tenderness. An elegant combination of the symbols of the plants themselves and the shade of the petals makes it possible to enclose a deep meaning in the bouquet. Decorate such an ensemble can be leaves of the fern, Ranunculus, and peonies.
  • Peonies are frequent guests in wedding compositions. Delicate inflorescences with a delicate aroma allow creating incredible beauty flower ensembles. Addition to lavender, berries, beads allows you to give the bouquet a unique charm. Tender greens will emphasize the spring mood.
  • Tulips are delicate spring flowers. Pink shades of petals allow adding the image of the bride of spring freshness and heat. Gypsophila creates an air halo around the bouquet and gives the lightness of the entire composition. In addition, these representatives of flowering flora well tolerate the cold and can remain fresh throughout the wedding celebration.
  • Lily is an excellent choice, as it is a symbol of family happiness and devotion. These flowers with pink petals are in perfect harmony with asparagus, roses. Look great lilies in cascading compositions, creating the effect of a flower waterfall.
  • Strict and majestic calls are also in pink. The unsurpassed beauty of this flower gives a wide scope for creativity. Callas with a pink petal, decorated with beads, creates an exquisite bouquet of the bride. The symbol of purity and femininity, this flower becomes an excellent end when creating a whole beautiful image of the bride.

Bouquet shape

Collect the flowers in a magnificent bouquet will help the florist. The knowledge and experience of a professional will help in creating a wedding composition. Important is also what kind of dress will be on the bride, what she is growth and complexion.What Do The Bridals Bouquets come From Pink Flowers?

The round shape of the bouquet will suit a short, fragile bride. This is a classic form of the wedding ensemble, but in the hands of a high bride, it will look somewhat inappropriate.

Much better for tall and slender brides is a suitable bouquet cascade type. These are several layers of flowers that seem to float on each other. The abundance of downwardly directed elements creates a waterfall effect. Such beauty does not suit short brides. Such a composition visually “podrezhet” growth, and if it is so small, it is better to prefer another form of the flower ensemble.

The bouquet of the bride from pink and lilac colors also adds not only colors but also elegant elegance. Especially in the summer, you want something bright, colorful and fresh. The composition of pink and purple shades looks just great and harmonious. The combination of color and mood will ensure the holding of the festive event at a high level and leave a memory for life.

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