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What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?

What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?

The flower compositions created by florists impress with their beauty, spectacular combinations of different plants and their colors, and also with various outlines. In this article, we will talk about what kinds of the bouquet are, and how to order a bouquet of flowers with delivery, which will be an ideal addition for any occasion.

Classification of Floristic Compositions

It is worth noting that, depending on who is intended flower gift for conventionally, you can distinguish the following types of bouquets:


Beautiful bouquets of flowers often serve as decoration for festive or official events. In such cases, floral design performs a decorative function and is selected in accordance with the preferences of the originator of the event or the organizer of the event.What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?


When creating women’s compositions, it is allowed to use almost any forms, types of colors and their colors. It is possible to use both spectacular bright color combinations and light harmonious combinations. The only restrictions can be related to the age of the recipient. So, for example, when choosing a gift for a woman on the 50th anniversary, you should avoid too dark tones, and give preference to bright or saturated and bright colors.


Male compositions are often more strict and restrained, they are dominated by straight lines and clear outlines. The color scale for a man should be juicy and picturesque, pastel tones should be avoided. It is allowed to use the white color since it is universal.

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Popular Bouquets

The most common forms of a bouquet of flowers used by florists can be combined into several groups:


An arbitrarily collected composition has a special ease, it looks natural and is one of the trends of the past and the current seasons. The free assembly scheme looks modern and fresh, dynamic and sometimes a little careless. At the same time to achieve the desired effect is often more difficult than when assembling perfectly round structures. The freely assembled plants look great in any quantity and are perfect for wedding floristry, and also as gifts.What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?


A bouquet in the form of a ball is one of the classic variations that serve as the basis for the embodiment of all sorts of ideas. Round assembly scheme is perfect for wedding floral elements, table decorations for holidays and corporate events, as well as gifts for any occasion.

Linear (vertical).

As a rule, in linear compositions, the plants unfold in one direction. Allowed the location of tiers, resulting in a cascading (multi-level) structure, an effective completion of which often serve as a long branch of ornamental foliage.


The fantasy of florists has practically no boundaries; therefore, today one can find floral compositions performed in the most incredible forms. As a rule, wireframes are used to implement unusual ideas, which make it possible to obtain and fix the desired shape. It can be:

  • Bouquets of flowers in the form of a heart, ideal for a declaration of love or marriage proposal;
  • Bouquets of flowers in the form of toys – a wonderful gift for the birthday of the child or an option for decorating the restaurant hall, in which the celebration will be held. In such cases, you can order the creation of a bouquet in the form of animals or a favorite of your baby from the cartoon character.

What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?With additional decorative elements.

Decorate and make the composition as impressive and solemn as possible using special boxes, trunks or baskets. So an excellent addition to a children’s holiday will be a bouquet of flowers in a box in the shape of a ship, and on the anniversary of my mother can be supplemented with flower Present wicker basket or decorative elegant little box, which will emphasize the beauty and elegance of composition.

A bouquet of roses in the shape of a heart for a loved one can also be packed in a spectacular box. In addition, you can complement the romantic gift with air pasta pastries, Raffaello sweets, exotic fruits or favorite sweeties of your halves.

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Types of Color Choices in a Bouquet

The color scheme can be very diverse. At the same time in floristic it is customary to use the following color combinations, which are considered to be the most harmonious and effective:

  • Similar – suggest the choice of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, for example, blue, cyan and magenta or pink, coral and peach.
  • Contrast – the opposite colors of the spectrum are selected: orange and violet, blue and yellow. Also, in contrast, combinations, buds of bright and saturated colors, supplemented by snow-white inflorescences, are allowed to participate.
  • Monochromatic – assume a choice of different shades of the same color, for example, pink, raspberry, fuchsia, and salmon.
  • Polychromatic – colors from different parts of the color spectrum are taken. An example of such a solution is a combination of blue and light purple hydrangeas, orange roses, white freesia and yellow roses.

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