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What Flowers To Give In August?

What Flowers To Give In August?

In August, the golden age begins for the flowering of long-awaited plants that will please us with their beauty until the fall. Flowers in August give this month unique colors and aroma, they are actively used in floral ensembles to celebrate a birthday, congratulate each other on professional holidays and celebrate lavish weddings.

What Flowers To Give In August?

Flowering plants of the last summer month

All summer we look forward to such bright and luxurious representatives of the flora of the last summer month:

  • Chrysanthemums are adorable representatives of the flora, which are also in other seasons in floristic shops, but these are imported plants. We are dearer to ourselves, with a smell and a magnificent terry inflorescence. Each year, we see all the new varieties of these gifts of nature – white, green, pink, cream – which shades do not.
  • Eustoma is another beautiful August. This is the second wave of the flowering of this plant. The first was in June and, by the end of the summer, she again makes us happy with her beauty. The second flowering is not so abundant, and the inflorescence is already smaller, but this plant has not lost its charm. The variety of shades allows creating unique ensembles from these gifts of nature – from cold to saturated warm.
  • Alstroemeria – a representative of the flora, which at the end of summer also blooms a second time. It is called in different ways – a miniature lily, a garden orchid, but as it is not called, this flower simply conquers its stamina and charm. Alstroemeria can be added to any buds, especially since it looks good with small roses, creating truly luxurious ensembles.
  • Roses are the most magnificent plants of all time. They are good in any color combinations, different sizes and for many reasons. There is not a single person who would be indifferent to these representatives of the flora. Rosa has always admired, admired her, grew and gave each other as a symbol of love and respect, worship and passion.
  • Many flower lovers are looking forward to the end of summer to enjoy the flowering of another flower – dahlia. Flowering flowers in August, which have a variety of varieties and colors, make this plant desired at every home plot. Terry large inflorescences of this representative of the flora have won the love of many. They also look good in cutting in mono books and complex bouquets.
  • Another magnificent flower of August is the gladiolus. A high arrow, strewn with inflorescences and buds, which will certainly bloom, even if the gladiolus is cut. A symbol of military glory and victory, the gladiolus is loved by many florists, and they gladly bred these flowers on their site.

What Flowers To Give In August?

August as a symbol of abundance

Another feature of August is the abundance of fruits and berries this month. Bouquets are accepted to complement the gifts of gardens and orchards. This can be as voluminous baskets full of apples, pears, raspberries and strawberries of repair varieties, neighboring with representatives of the flora, as well as floral compositions in traditional packaging with the addition of spices, berries, and leaves of the trees, starting to turn yellow.

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Holidays of the third month of summer

In August, many professional holidays, birthdays and weddings. But there are holidays that celebrate everything, regardless of the profession and the day of their birth. In August we celebrate three big church holidays:

  • Honey rescue, which is celebrated on the 14th;
  • Apple saved, which is celebrated on the 19th;
  • On the 29th there is a nut or bread salmon, which occurs at the time of ripening of the hazelnut and the end of harvesting of cereals;

Making a bouquet

The last month of summer still promises us hot summer days, but cool nights and fresh morning shows indicate that the seasons are inevitable, and we must hurry to enjoy the gifts that August prepared for us.

What Flowers To Give In August?

It is not just to collect and give flowers. It is a very important packaging and presentation method. When decorating a flower arrangement, it is necessary to take into account who it is intended for. The design of the bouquet for women and men takes place in different ways.

At the packaging of a female composition, the packing material of bright colors is used. Various accessories are used in the form of beads, artificial dragonflies, and butterflies. In addition, various bows, lace, and braid are actively used in the design of women’s bouquets. These accessories create a special charm and charm of summer heat and an abundance of flowering plants.

The use as decoration of baskets and hat boxes focuses on the female belonging of the flower arrangement. Today, floristic stores offer a huge selection of these decor elements of floral ensembles.What Flowers To Give In August?

Men’s bouquets differ in that the bouquets themselves seem to be stretched upwards, the lines of composition are strict and laconic. In order to design a man’s composition, use a single-color packaging material, kraft paper, burlap sacks are also suitable. But accessories do not use at all. In order to bind the stems of the bouquet, apply the tow.

Today in fashion, natural materials and a natural look of the composition, slightly disheveled, as if assembled in a hurry. Also, following this trend, natural shades of petals are appreciated. These features should be considered when creating a flower presentation.

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