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Artificial Wedding Bridal Bouquet – An Alternative To Live Flowers

Artificial Wedding Bridal Bouquet - An Alternative To Live Flowers

The wedding day is an exciting moment, preceded by a thorough and long preparation. The newlyweds and their relatives are perplexed by cares about the celebration, the organization of the wedding and the wedding, the image of the bride.

All these efforts can be stretched for a while, but a bouquet of fresh flowers the girl sees on the day of the wedding. It happens that he does not like something, then an artificial wedding bouquet of a bride can become an alternative.

Artificial composition

It’s no secret that not only the composition and form cannot arrange a bride. However, the reality is that there is simply no time to change anything in a bouquet of fresh flowers. Such small troubles, accumulating, can lead to the fact that the bride begins to sob at her most important day in the life. It affects not only the mood but also make-up, the general impression of this great holiday.

Artificial Wedding Bridal Bouquet - An Alternative To Live Flowers

In addition, live flowers have a feature that leads the bouquet into a waste state even before the main celebration, and yet the whole day ahead. Frost, heat, wind, lack of moisture do not give chances to live in fragile plants. In addition, there is a danger that pollen, the juice of stems and leaves can spoil the wedding dress.

To avoid the effects of adverse weather conditions, many resorts to the creation of bouquets-doubles. However, these precautions do not give full confidence that the composition will look luxurious until the end of the day.

These unpleasant moments, experienced by many brides, have created a new trend in floristry – artificial wedding bouquets. Materials, color solutions, craftsmanship when creating flowers allow creating incredible beauty compositions for the bride.

Many girls prefer artificial flowers and create original and luxurious bouquets for the wedding image, which have a number of advantages:

  • The persistence of the composition is so superior to living analogs that competition at this point is simply not considered. These bouquets are not afraid of frost, heat or wind. They will not fade, they will not wither and they will not have to be reanimated before the photo session. Such a composition will retain its appearance even many years after the wedding day.
  • The universality of such an accessory is amazing. It is not always possible to find among the living colors exactly the shades that are necessary to match all the accessories in color. Among the stages of creating materials for artificial colors, staining is one of the most important. Natural dyes, which are used to create various shades of petals, amaze with their diversity.
  • Wedding bouquets for the bride – artificial flowers used in them are much lighter than alive, and such a bouquet will not lead to fatigue caused by its constant wearing. In addition, such a composition can be done in advance, which will give confidence that it looks exactly as it should according to the plan.
  • Not the most recent advantage of artificial flowers is their cost. It’s no secret that the wedding ceremony is a costly exercise. When forming a composition of fresh flowers, cut one day ago, the cost will be significant. Qualitative analogs of artificial materials will cost an order of magnitude cheaper. If the girl decides to make the bouquet herself, it will not only significantly reduce its cost but will also create a special energy of the composition, which will become a guard for the family. When it is created, the girl will invest her soul in the floral ensemble. The main thing is to show imagination, creativity, and the wedding composition will become the most luxurious.

Often, in the presence of a bouquet of fresh flowers, the understudy is made in order to throw flowers to girlfriends. In addition, that the girl, who will get such a composition, will be able to store it for many years, there is one more reason. When the flowers are in the hands of the bride all day, they also become a guard for the young family, as they are fueled by the energy of the young wife. To give such a bouquet to other people’s hands is considered a bad sign. They say that the bride gives her happiness with the bouquet.

Artificial Wedding Bridal Bouquet - An Alternative To Live Flowers

The decoration of a flower composition

In order to decorate a wedding composition from artificial flowers, they use the same accessories as for decorating a live composition. The fact is that outwardly artificial does not differ from the natural one. The only difference is that there is no floral flavor. Even with close examination, it is impossible to distinguish living plants from inanimate ones.

Artificial wedding bouquet of the bride is decorated with beads made of pearls, crystals, satin ribbons, laced lace. Moreover, it can also be made of these materials. The original look of the composition makes it so desirable for many brides who do not pay attention to the opinion that in the hands of the girl there should be just real flowers.

Forms of such wedding bouquets repeat analogs from living plants. It can be round or spherical compositions that have long been considered classic. Cascade shape looks very good in the hands of a tall, slender bride due to the elongated configuration and hanging elements of the composition.

You can also make a free bouquet, more magnificent and natural, or a bouquet-fan, which came into vogue not so long ago. “Game” with color and shape allows creating incredible beauty bouquets for the bride from artificial flowers.

For the design of such bouquets, various brooches, chains, stones, and accessories in the form of butterflies are also used. Keeping such bouquets for many years will help the newlyweds with a warmth to remember that happy day when their family was born.

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