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What Flowers Are Used For The Red Bridal Bouquet?

What Flowers Are Used For The Red Bridal Bouquet?

The wedding is the most exciting and important day in the life of every person. The troubles and cares of organizing a celebration, inviting guests, decorating a banquet hall, and thinking through even the smallest details in the image of the bride – all this takes a lot of time. One of the most important moments is the choice of plants for the composition, which will accompany the young all the celebration. Today, many girls decide on more ambitious options than has recently been taken – for example, a red bridal bouquet.

What Flowers Are Used For The Red Bridal Bouquet?

Wedding Bouquet Flowers

In the culture of many peoples, shades of red symbolize wealth, love, passion, well-being, happiness in marriage, so it is not by chance that in many countries this color is chosen as the wedding color.

In our culture, the symbolism of red symbolizes the love and blood of Christ shed on a crucifix. Therefore, all shades of scarlet will be appropriate for the sacrament of the wedding, and if you combine it with a white color that personifies purity and innocence, then the image of the bride will be very symbolic.

Many representatives of the flora have red shades of petals:

  • Roses – the most common representatives of the flora in wedding bouquets. The symbolism of this flower is so capacious that, perhaps, cannot be compared with any other plant. It is passionate and all-consuming love. Such a composition will look harmoniously against the background of a white dress of the bride.
  • Tulips – beautiful spring flowers, fragile and delicate, capable of emphasizing the graceful elegance of a beautiful bride, symbolize youth, carefree and sincere love.
  • Scarlet peonies look great in a wedding bouquet and do not require special supplements, although if they are required, these representatives of the flora blend harmoniously with many other gifts of nature.
  • Red gerberas are very suitable for creating an image of a cheerful, cheerful girl who loves the sun and gives a good mood to everyone around her. These flat large flowers will not be able to create a dense bouquet, so they should be combined with other representatives of the flora.
  • Poppies – seasonal spring flowers that can create a unique wedding composition. However, their short flowering in the spring makes poppies rare plants in wedding bouquets.
  • Red calls come in unforgettable floral arrangements. A symbol of aristocracy, they are the best fit elegant and sophisticated brides. Choosing calla in red, the young girl shows that she loves and appreciates her chosen one.
  • Red carnations are not so often found in wedding compositions. It is a symbol of victory, courage, and glory. Such a bouquet will suit a calm homely girl, personifying a warm family hearth.
  • Other plants are less often part of the wedding bouquet. These are orchids, anemones or hydrangeas. However, these plants form the red bridal bouquet.

What Flowers Are Used For The Red Bridal Bouquet?

Color palette combination

The use of red bouquets is impossible without adding this shade to the bridal outfit. This is done so that the bouquet does not become a bright spot, “falling out” of the overall picture of the wedding celebration. Bright accessories are able to “reconcile” the composition with the image of the bride. This may be a belt, shoes, flowers in his hair, a handbag, a flower bracelet on his hand, a boutonniere on the lapel of the groom’s jacket.

In addition, the decoration of the banquet room also requires the inclusion of red: tablecloths on the tables, vases of flowers, napkins, balloons – everything will be harmoniously combined if you adhere to a certain color range.

However, if the bride chose a dress in red, then the composition needs to be worked on. So that the flowers do not merge with the outfit and the image was not too saturated, it is worthwhile to include the buds of other flowers in the composition:

  • The combination of red and white flowers gives the image of the bride a certain tenderness and tranquility along with a bright and passionate filling.
  • Adding blue buds to a bouquet will add to the image of romance and singularity. It can be hydrangeas, irises. The airiness and lightness of the bouquet will add a gypsophila.
  • The combination of red and green creates a unique image in the spring-summer style. This bouquet looks very gentle and is combined with the atmosphere of heat and sun, especially if the celebration takes place in the lap of nature.

What Flowers Are Used For The Red Bridal Bouquet?

Forms of wedding compositions

Creating a unique red bridal bouquet, it is necessary to take into account one more thing. There are several types of wedding compositions that are suitable for one or another girl, depending on body size and height:

  • The sphere is the classic form of the bridal bouquet. Flowers tightly fit into a small bouquet and fastened with braid. This form is suitable for low bride’s brittle physique.
  • A ball-shaped flower ensemble is also very common. Flowers create a bouquet of a round form without a leg. Such a composition is fixed on a band that can be worn on the wrist, which will save the bride from the constant holding of flowers in her hand.
  • Bouquet of cascade type is created on the frame and has the shape of a drop. Climbing plants seem to descend from the base, creating a waterfall effect. This bouquet will look good in the hands of tall slender brides.
  • Scepter – one of the design options for a wedding bouquet. Flowers should be on long stems. This version of the composition is suitable for slender brides, looks great with a trouser suit.
  • A crescent is a form of a flower ensemble, in which the flowers are attached to the frame in the form of a sickle. This version of the bouquet has many downward elements that seem to flow down. This form is suitable even for pregnant brides.

Any wedding arrangement provides for the inclusion in the bouquet of seasonal or thematic additions:

  • Winter implies silvery twigs as if covered with frost, crystals shining like ice in the sun. The inclusion of conifer twigs and cones in the composition also corresponds to the theme of winter.
  • Spring marks a multi-colored insert, an abundance of greenery and spring flowers.
  • Summer will delight spikes, ripe fruit, and berries.
  • Autumn will surprise you with a riot of colors, bright autumn leaves, ears of cereals and fruits.

In any case, the main condition for choice should be a sense of proportion and beauty. But in the end, it’s necessary for the bride to decide – she should like the bouquet.

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