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Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

Over the past decades, floristry has experienced a real boom, having gone from a simple form of romantic bouquets to the most complex flower works. By choosing a more intricate and original composition in the store, you can produce a great effect when presenting, show how important and expensive this person is.

The flower composition is more presentable in appearance, besides it possesses one obvious and very important virtue – the duration of “life”. The fact is that its basis is a moisture-containing sponge, which feeds the plants and ensures a long period of their flowering.

Types of flower arrangements

Today, no one is surprised by the inclusion of sweets, soft toys, fruits and vegetables, various twigs, and another decor in the composition: beads, lace, brocade, sequins, feathers, stickers, figures of butterflies, etc.

The most popular types of flower arrangements are:

Flowers in a basket

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

There is a huge variety of various models and forms: a small basket-glass is the best fit for expressing your romantic feelings, a large one with large colors seems to be created for the anniversary of a relationship. And if you choose flowers without smell, then this gift can be supplemented with a note with the wishes of recovery and present the sick.

A basket with your favorite flowers will be a bright interior detail. If you wish, you can put a sweet gift into it.

Flowers in a box

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

The compositions in the boxes are both a bouquet and a surprise. These gifts are a real miracle of floral art. Such a gift can be presented to a close friend, beloved mother and, of course, a girlfriend or wife. The bouquet in the box will be perfectly complemented by cakes, for example, bright multi-colored macaroons.

Heart shaped flowers

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

Heart of roses will help to confess feelings, to please your beloved for any reason. For registration of this composition can be used in different colors of flower buds. Due to the special skill of the florists, such a gift will remain fresh for a long time.

Composition in the form of a bear

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

A cute bear-bouquet decorated with a bow will please any girl, and it doesn’t matter whether she graduated from college or just goes to grade 1 This composition looks original and in itself will be a memorable gift.

Composition with berries, fruits

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

A delicious and beautiful gift that will look appropriate as an interior detail. You can always choose a basket with flowers and gifts of nature as a gift for a particular holiday or just to set the mood.

A basket with a playful hedgehog and berries, fruits, delicate flowers will remind you of summer. This is an original composition that will be appreciated by women and men of any age.

Flower arrangement has many advantages over the usual bouquet of roses or other flowers. Depending on the theme of the celebration, age, sex, and preferences of the person bestowed, you can create such a floral work that will become the best decoration of the celebration and leave a lasting impression in the soul of the recipient.

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