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Lily – A Symbol Of Innocence And Purity

Lily - A Symbol Of Innocence And Purity

Pleasant aroma and decorative look made the lily the favorite of florists. Bouquets with this flower look elegant, delicate and romantic, and besides, you can give them for completely different reasons. White, pink, yellow, purple, red, purple and orange buds can decorate any flower arrangement. But when composing a bouquet, it is important to remember that each shade of a lily has a special symbolism – for example, white means purity and innocence, and tiger – wealth and greatness.

A noble flower that conquered humanity

Lily – a flower with a rich and interesting history, known since 1700 BC. It is believed that its name comes from the Old Ghana word “li-li”, meaning “white-white” in translation. The flower, which has gained admirers thanks to aesthetics and pleasant aroma, is second only to rose in popularity and competes with it in the number of symbolic meanings. The image of the lily is a favorite theme of the artisans of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt. In Persia, white buds adorned the royal palaces.

Lily - A Symbol Of Innocence And Purity

The history of this wonderful flower is associated with many legends and traditions. For example, in one of the myths of ancient Greece, it is said that the lily grew up on the spot where Hera’s milk, the wife of Zeus, was spilled. When the goddess wanted to breastfeed the newborn Hercules, he roughly pushed her, and the milk splashed into the sky and the earth. Thus, the Milky Way loomed in the sky, and the earth was covered with beautiful white flowers. Interesting facts about the mysterious plant do not end there; it was also mentioned in ancient German mythology. According to legend, each inflorescence has its own elf, which is born with him and dies. The buds serve as a bell to these mythical creatures calling for prayer.

Symbol of purity and vice

During the Middle Ages, the lily, which served as an attribute of power, acquired a Christian meaning. The white flower began to symbolize purity, purity, and chastity; its image can be found on coins of 11-12 centuries, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. From the 13th century, the bell-shaped bud became an indispensable element of the image of the Madonna.

Orange-red lilies are a symbol of the blood of Christ. Giving states that the white petals changed color the night before the execution of the Savior. It is believed that the flower turned red with shame, unable to bear the gentle gaze of Christ. The ancient Jews believed that “li-li” grew up in the Garden of Eden and was the first to know that Eve succumbed to temptation. Despite what she saw, the beautiful lily remained clean and immaculate; she began to decorate the altars. There is a version that the six-pointed star – a famous Jewish symbol – was created in the likeness of this particular flower.

Lily - A Symbol Of Innocence And Purity

The Egyptians discovered the healing properties of plants of the lily family. Of them received fragrant oil, which is highly appreciated by local beauties. Hippocrates mentioned the properties of this sedative in one of his treatises. In ancient Rome, the flower was used for weaving wreaths that were put on the feast of the spring goddess Flora.

In France, the lily had a special meaning; at the end of the Middle Ages, it became a symbol of royal power and was used as an emblem by representatives of the Bourbon family. Later, this flower, besides purity and innocence, acquired another meaning. He began to be considered a symbol of promiscuity. The stigma in the form of lilies marked the bodies of thieves and women who got rid of an unborn child.

Lilies: the language of flowers

As you know, any flower arrangement has a special meaning, and it should be taken into account when giving. With the help of a competently composed bouquet, you can express your own feelings and cause emotions in the person bestowed. Lily is a multi-valued symbol, so it can be given for different reasons. This flower personifies purity, grace, beauty, luxury. In addition, the snow-white buds symbolize justice, compassion, kindness, and mercy. Red lilies mean love and passion, yellow – treason, pink – refinement, and white – purity and sincere intentions.

Lily - A Symbol Of Innocence And Purity

The value of donated lilies

And in antiquity, and now this flower is given as a sign of respect and goodwill. Despite the fact that most of the meanings, which at various times were attributed to plants of the genus Lily, today have lost relevance, lilies are still presented as a gift to express sympathy and confess sincere feelings. Snow-white buds often become a highlight of wedding bouquets. They are perfectly combined with traditional wedding dresses and give the image of the bride femininity and tenderness. You can give such a bouquet for a birthday, and to anyone – a woman or a man, close friend or colleague. Unlike roses, this flower is universal, and you can even give it for official reasons.

Combination with other colors

Due to the elegance, decoration, and variety of lilies are often used by florists to create original compositions. They can be “main” in a bouquet or combined with other plants. When composing a flower arrangement, remember that white buds have a strong aroma that can cause headaches or cause allergies. Therefore, you need to put them in a spacious room. If you do not tolerate strong odors, choose varieties with a more delicate aroma.

Lily - A Symbol Of Innocence And Purity

Florists are advised not to put “innocent” flowers next to cornflowers and poppies. Lilies are perfectly combined with peonies, irises, phlox, orchids, and white daisies. The composition can be decorated with various ornamental plants. Yellow buds are desirable to combine with red, purple and blue. For a bouquet, as a rule, one inflorescence is enough. Some varieties look interesting in combination with chrysanthemums; such compositions are usually given to the closest people. Placing flowers in a vase, it should be borne in mind that their stamens discard pollen and can stain it with clothes and tablecloth. Of course, stamens can be removed, but it is they that give buds a special delicacy. For bouquet design, it is desirable to use transparent or translucent packaging – for example, foil, film or mesh, so as not to hide the beauty of refined and delicate buds.

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