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Wedding Bouquet Of Freesia

Wedding Bouquet Of Freesia

Freesia bridal bouquets have become very popular, successfully competing with more classic, traditional flower arrangements from, for example, roses. It is enough to see these magic flowers only once, to fall in love with them for their modesty and unique beauty. It is precisely the freesia that is most suitable for emphasizing the gentle, romantic image of the bride. In addition, they are quite persistent and able to preserve their impeccable appearance and charming aroma for a long time.

The frail charm of freesia

Freesia belongs to the family of Coruscant or Iris, and their homeland is considered to be South Africa. The structure of the stems and leaves resembles irises or gladioli, however, in contrast to them, the upper part of the stem is strongly branched, and the leaves are narrower and oblong. By the way, as for the flavor, then, like most tropical flowers, freesias have a pronounced, persistent and delicate smell.

The flower has six petals, arranged in two rows as well as in lilies, and the height can range from 20 to 70 centimeters. There are simple and terry varieties with large wavy petals. In addition, there are more than 200 varieties; a variety of shades will not leave anyone indifferent. In their natural habitat, the Iris flowers bloom in late summer or early autumn, and in the hot season, they have a resting phase.

Wedding Bouquet Of Freesia

The name of this flower comes from the surname of the famous German doctor Friedrich Vries, and before that the freesia was called Tritonia. The flower was introduced to Europe as early as the great journeys of the late 18th – early 19th century. In those days, he was considered the “flower of aristocrats” because of the fabulous cost of floristic compositions, which were affordable only for the powerful of this world.

Today, you can order and buy freesia in almost any flower shop, but this does not diminish their merits. In the image of the bride, they bring notes of the refined aristocracy. Compared with exclusively seasonal plants, another advantage of these flowers is that they are grown in greenhouses, so they are available almost all year round.

Magical properties

Of course, these flowers are not too popular as the same lilies or roses, so they did not have time to acquire a large number of beautiful legends or stories, but one legend does exist.

She tells about how Spring, which came to Earth at one time, was so tired in waking nature from sleep that she fell asleep right on fresh arable land. At this time, the treacherous companions of her predecessor Zima, namely Frost, Wind, and Blizzard, decided to seize the moment and covered the sleeping spring with snow and ice. Nature began to freeze again, the heat disappeared, and with it, flowers and herbs died. And then the freesia flowers began to ring from the cold, making such a clear sound that spring heard it and immediately woke up, expelling winter, and the heat returned to the ground again. In gratitude for the rescue, spring decided to give a freesia a charming, magical scent.

As for the values, these flowers have always been considered the patrons of purposeful and hardworking natures. In addition, a bouquet of freesia is a symbol of serious intentions and confidence in the darling, so such compositions are often presented for engagement. They also symbolize trust in the language of flowers. Florists claim that their fragrance is associated with spring, helping to fight depression. Perhaps, for this reason, many well-known perfume companies use notes of freesia fragrance to create new stunning perfumes.

Wedding Bouquet Of Freesia

Freesia flower arrangement

The original freesia flower arrangement, decorated with decorative greenery, statice or eucalyptus, will be a great gift and a great addition to a wedding or evening dress. In addition, created by the hands of an experienced florist, it can be an excellent interior decoration or part of the decoration of the banquet hall.

Freesias go well with other flowers, although many florists believe that these plants are beautiful in themselves. The especially gentle combination is obtained with lilies of the valley, tulips, and hyacinths, and more strictly with roses or lilies. Amazingly touching and unusual will be a bouquet in combination with elegant and sophisticated callas. They perfectly complement each other, creating a truly light, airy and gentle image.

It is worth remembering that each variety of these colors has its own unique smell. For example, whites have the lightest flavor, violet – sweeter, and red smells too harsh, so they are not recommended for people with hypersensitivity or a tendency to allergies.

Wedding Bouquet Of Freesia

Bridal bouquet from freesias

As mentioned above, they have a huge number of color shades, and the most popular are white, purple, yellow, blue and purple. However, for a traditional wedding ceremony, whites are the best choice. Such a bouquet is an excellent solution for a wedding in the springtime, it will also be perfectly combined with any style of dress and the bride’s look.

More interesting about the original will be the composition, consisting of several flowers of different colors, for example, white, red or orange. This will create a bright accent on the bride’s style, and a greater effect can be achieved by selecting the matching color and accessories: handbags, belts or jewelry, an original flower bracelet, buds woven into the hair, etc. If the wedding ceremony is held in autumn time, it is best to pay attention to the yellow freesia.

Most often, this bridal bouquet has an oblong, rounded shape. In addition, if desired, you can order a composition in the form of a ball. Using a combination with other colors, create and, for example, drop-down, cascade compositions. In this case, everything depends solely on personal preferences. As for the additional elements of decor, there are often used ribbons, lace, brooches, and beads of various sizes. But, as with other varieties of plants, in the design of the main thing – harmony.

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