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3 Tips for Transforming Your Back Yard

There’s little more relaxing than having a quiet space to rest, breathe fresh air, and restore your spirits after a hectic day. If you’re dreaming of creating a beautiful backyard retreat but aren’t sure how to get started, you’re not alone. But designing your dream backyard getaway doesn’t need to be stressful or time intensive. Follow these three simple tips to make your outdoor retreat a reality.

Illuminate Your Lawn

The quickest way to bring some magic to your lawn is to fill it with just the right amount of light. It’s not necessary to completely illuminate your yard. You just need enough brightness to provide dimension and, of course, help you navigate in the dark! There is a bounty of options for going about this, and the route you take will depend on the size and layout of your lawn. Reach out to local experts for guidance on the possibilities and best practices for installation. You may be a simple web search for landscape lighting design St Louis MO away from the luminous lawn of your dreams!

Cozy ‘Round the Campfire

Now that your lawn is well lit and welcoming, it’s time to create a space where you can gather with the people you care about for a little outdoor relaxation. You may opt for a dining area or a couple of lounge chairs, but why not go for a beautiful fire pit where you can huddle on a chilly evening swapping stories and roasting marshmallows! There are plenty of affordable fire pit options on the market, or you can pull out the shovel and a measuring tape and create one yourself!

Savor the Seasons

To make your outdoor space a true haven all year long, plant some native flowers, trees and shrubs to create a beautiful and inviting oasis. Organize your plantings with varieties that flower at different times of the year for a seasonal feast for the senses!

You deserve a peaceful place to relax and reconnect with nature. Follow these three simple steps to transform your backyard into an outdoor haven.

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