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What Flowers Are Suitable For The Winter Bouquet Of The Bride?

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Winter is a time of wonder and fulfillment of desires. Christmas tree, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, snow, frost and patterns on the windows impose a special imprint on the subject of a wedding in the winter. Winter makes some demands on the plants that make up the bridal bouquet. Cold air can turn a delicate and elegant flower ensemble into a faceless mass in just half an hour of being outside. Bridal bouquet in the winter – what flowers can make such a composition?

What Flowers Are Suitable For The Winter Bouquet Of The Bride?

Features of the winter celebration

It is no secret that there are plants that can easily tolerate temperature changes for a short time, but there are also those that do not tolerate such changes at all. What kind of flowers to choose so that the bridal bouquet created with such careful selection of plants and color palette remains fresh at least until the evening celebration in the room?

The wedding day is very long. Registration at the registry office, a wedding in a church, a photo session in the fresh air is all part of a solemn ritual. Constant movements along the street are inevitable. Florists recommend a large number of plants that can not only withstand temperature fluctuations but also are able to convey the fabulous atmosphere of a winter holiday, which has been close to us since childhood.

What Flowers Are Suitable For The Winter Bouquet Of The Bride?

Flowers for the winter bouquet

To create a unique aura of a wedding celebration in the winter, florists recommend using cold colors and special accessories that imitate snow, pieces of ice, and frost. You can add to the wedding bouquet cones, Christmas tree twigs, and even New Year’s toys as the invariable attributes of winter that take us to childhood when the New Year holidays were the main event of the year. In addition, the smell of spruce throughout the celebration will refresh and relieve fatigue. However, the wedding also includes fresh flowers in compositions that will help bring warmth and comfort to the celebration:

  • Roses are classics in a wedding bouquet. Florists are willing to use these flowers when creating a composition. However, not all roses equally carry cold air. It is not necessary to include in the flower ensemble light shades of buds, the most gentle of which is the white representative of these beautiful creations of nature. Florists, as a rule, enjoy the rich tones of these flowers, decorating bright buds with gypsophila, which creates the effect of lightness and lightness of snow on a frosty day. When creating a composition for the bride, it is better to use small roses, since the bouquet itself will not be large, and large flowers will look out of place.
  • The winter bridal bouquet is distinguished by calm pastel shades that echoes another popular plant of winter bouquets. Ranunculus looks like peonies. Despite its tenderness and fragile appearance of the petals, this plant is able to maintain a fresh appearance until the end of the celebration. To decorate such an ensemble florists offer cones and branches of the Christmas tree. Also used bare branches of trees covered with silver paint. This creates a frost effect.
  • Anemones resemble poppies, but the colors of the petals allow you to create interesting compositions in purple, pink, purple tones. Any shade of a wedding bouquet should be in harmony with the image of the bride and not “fall out” of the overall picture.
  • Peonies do not grow in our latitudes in winter; they are spring seasonal plants, but they have been brought to us from Chile since November. These beautiful flowers are quite hardy, and florists use them with pleasure in their winter wedding bouquets.
  • Amaryllis – exotic plants with a fairly large flower. Bright and distinctive, they look harmonious and add contrast and play of colors to the winter bouquet.
  • Brunia is often used in winter to decorate a flower arrangement. Balls of gray and silver colors imitate snow, ice, hoarfrost, which is so consonant with the winter theme.
  • Cotton is a frequent guest in a winter wedding bouquet. As an ornament for flowers, it is simply irreplaceable. Causing association with snow, cotton creates a true winter composition.
  • To give New Year’s mood to a wedding bouquet, it includes red hypericum berries. They resemble bright Christmas decorations and decorate compositions of bed tones.

What Flowers Are Suitable For The Winter Bouquet Of The Bride?

For the winter wedding bouquet in 2018, all new trends in floristic are characteristic. These are pastel, pink, white-pink tones of the whole composition, the use of medium-sized bouquets in a somewhat careless, disheveled form. Although the classic round bouquets and compositions in the form of a cascade are also in trend this winter. The choice of one or another form of the flower ensemble depends on the preferences of the youngest bride and her height. So, small round compositions are suitable for fragile short girls and cascade-type bouquets for tall, slim brides.


Winter bouquet decor

Wedding bridal bouquet does not differ abundance of green, but there is an alternative to this element. Florists are happy to use cineraria leaves in winter compositions. The muted paints of these leaves, along with the gray bloom on their surface, which creates the effect of frost, perfectly convey the feeling of winter cold and the magnificence of muted winter colors.

What Flowers Are Suitable For The Winter Bouquet Of The Bride?

In order to convey the state of the bride’s sensual tenderness and lightness, feathers are included in floral arrangements. The airiness of this element of decor is consonant with the air plume of the bride’s dress and veil. A similar effect is achieved when using white fur. It harmoniously looks with a bride’s fur coat and adds airiness to the whole image.

To convey a winter theme, florists often use beads, crystals, pearls, or silver decor as decoration. And for the transfer of winter patterns on the glass using lace.

Decorating the bouquet legs is also an important point. Satin ribbons, beads, burlap, openwork lace – all these decorative elements are able to create the completeness of the flower composition and give the image of the bride magnificence and elegance.

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