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Florals are a quick way to achieve a colourful, vibrant room – here are some of the ways you can grow this décor idea without a suspicion of old-fashioned chintz.

Just the word ‘floral’ can have decorators shuddering with fear with those associations of blooms, stems and leafy patterns with chintzy cottage and twee settings, or out-of-date fussy boudoirs.

While it is true that some fans of flower-inspired designs are guilty of letting them spread through the house like a weed, but there are far more subtle and stylish ways to approach a green-fingered decoration.

Floral design has remained persistently popular and the trend continues for people to enjoy this nature-inspired decorating design in fresh, contemporary ways.

Recently, changes to designs use more than a mixture of flower and leaf shapes, so they are more reflective of nature, moving away from older designs that featured only one type of flower.

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Rose bouquets

Roses have always been a favourite flower, and they are the stars of this season’s fashion and decor. Great flowers, such as roses and dahlias, have been used throughout history in textile design, and this continues today. The trend of florals lends itself very well to ‘blowsy’ flowers such as roses, and they work very well as a motif.

Pick of the bunch

Think of your living room sofa like a beautiful window box. Just as you would dig up old plants, replacing dead or withered flowers, you can switch up cushions and accessories with this season’s floral picks giving new patterns, colours and an instant style lift.

Passion for pink

Plunge into pink and opt for sweet nuances or mature, sophisticated, clean-lined contemporary furniture. Layering up a different scale from floral pattern, from ditzy to large scale, in a palette of tonal colours, is a really interesting decor, especially when done using strong colours, such as pink to plum.

Garden florals, where there is a mix of flowers and plants together in one design, is something that should also see growth in the next season, as people love to bring nuance into their inner space.

Combining plain furniture with floral upholstery will not overpower the setting, and works especially well in small rooms. Floral-inspired and contemporary furniture can also include a modern iconic design like the Tulip Dining Table. Find your replica Tulip Dining Table at a site like Pash Classics.  It’s also easy to evoke a gentle country charm by introducing accessories like floral ceramic jugs in various sizes.

Florals are gathering pace in interior design, especially as spring and summer approach and they are a fantastic organic alternative to regimented geometric prints that have dominated décor for a while now.

Homeowners are getting bolder about incorporating bold patterns and colours, and dramatic, large blooms can really be effective in a neutral tone scheme. Consider a statement wall with tropical floral wallpaper which ramp up temperatures and be bang on trend as the interior goes hot and steamy for summer.

To introduce the trend of flowers and tie the scheme together, choose one or two main colours for the floral print. This will unify the room and prevent the display being too kitsch. Alternatively, a beautiful, large bouquet of flowers to take pride of place on the dining or coffee table, is a simple and affordable way to make a statement in any room.


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