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Send flowers to a man?

Flowers to a man

The question that titles this article may have been much to your head, always with doubts and suspicion. The reason is none other than the machismo that persists in contemporary society, both men and women, and in spite of everything we have advanced culturally.

So, we associate flowers with femininity for its delicacy, natural beauty and because it has simply always been.

However, they can be an excellent gift with high emotional and symbolic weight for men, much as it is for the ladies.

Men also appreciate the beautiful

Today the concept of masculine and feminine has changed and there is no border as strict as yesteryear. Therefore a man, unless it be an extremely sexist and archaic person, know also appreciate the detail and beauty of that is given away a flower.

Flowers to a man
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This is even with the toughest men. Knowing appreciate the romantic, emotional and sentimental symbolism of a flower does not go with the physical strength and the work performed by one person, but with depth and emotional capacity.

It also will agree that many men today are just as likely to be interested in sports and politics as art, fashion, and even the decor and aesthetic beauty, often previously regarded as exclusive to females. Thus, in this extension of tastes and male spheres, flowers can play an important role as a natural gift for all occasions, especially for decorating the apartment of any man.

The exact flower

As with women, when we’re going to give a flower to a man must be a little gigs. “For a flower to be that perfect gift or décolletage we seek we must crosscurrent a little and see that we are going to give is consistent with the tastes and personality of the person who will receive”.

“To give flowers to a man is wise from basic colors and limit the palette, which should be as monochromatic as possible, traditional and universal shades like blue, yellow, red, etc”, added. “Similarly, to go as the possible insurance can opt for flowers with a simple composition, but just as beautiful as orchids, gardenias and sunflowers”. I appreciate your advice, as are relations specialists.

The theme of the arrangements and meaning

If you do not want to give only one flower, but a rich and beautiful floral arrangement, we must consider that male tastes are quite different from the female by nature and instinct.

Thus, for the descendants of Adam are advisable to strengthen arrangements with modern designs, the lines are clean and strong, and visually moving to a natural environment.

Similarly, they can combine various flowers or more copies of the same gender and all this interplay of natural beauty can be guided by the meaning of flowers. Either because the honoree known or because you will explain it or you’ll discover that this aspect of the meaning rounded the message you want to move with your gift.

Just so you have a guide which we can remember from that red roses are an expression of love, romance and passion, so they are ideal for the couple; while white roses are perfect for a good friend, for his allegory of loyalty, friendship and love.

Meanwhile, the sunflowers are perfect for congratulating on an achievement or to wish a speedy alleviation of disease, and orchids, always elegant, are undoubtedly the best choice to simply look good, either for a birthday or any holiday date.

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