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Plant the bulbs in late summer to the spring bloom

Since mid-September you can start planting bulbs for spring flowering; among them we list: tulips, crocuses, grape hyacinths, hyacinths, anemones, cyclamen, daffodils and many other.

It can easily find the bulbs in normal garden centers and nurseries, or you can use those stored from the previous season.

It is important to just plant the bulbs that are in very good condition and well firm: those bruised, presenting cutting, rot and soft parts have to be discarded, because the bulb may die quickly, without, however, get to growth.

When you decide to plant new bulbs it is important not simply choose according to the beauty of the flower; usually these plants to be compared with each other, it is therefore important to choose the right height, as well as specimens agree well with each other. Read more

Roses: Tips for the land and irrigation


Some practical advice to give our roses the right soil and the right amount of water, in order to have healthy plants and thrived.

The rose is not per a delicate plant but is demanding in the soil, humidity, in the pruning and fertilization. A good fertilization allows our growing vigorous roses producing abundant and lasting blooms. A healthy plant is a plant that resists even better to pests. At the base of damaged plants from pests during the summer there is often a shortage of nutrients in the soil. Read more

How and when to plant in the garden tagete


If we like organic farming must be clear that we must use the resources and support that gives us nature in combating pests or improve productivity, we mean the flora and auxiliary fauna, of which we have already spoken several times in the blog, many plants help us attract beneficial insects to the garden or just to repel pests of our plants, this is what is known as an auxiliary flora. Read more

7 Tips for cultivating cut flowers

Cultivating flowers

Having one outdoor space, whether it be a garden, large or small, or a terrace, is always a great blessing, especially for those who had a passion for plants and flowers. If you love flowers and want to also use them to adorn the rooms of the house or make great bouquet to give away at every opportunity excellent idea it is to cultivate species adapted to be severed.

Have in their garden some species of flowers ideal to be cut is a great way to save money in the purchase of expensive bouquets and to be able to bring into the home a little of nature.

The flowers are valuable allies in the design of home environments; the beauty of a bouquet colorful and fragrant can literally transform the atmosphere of a room, also the flowers are always appreciated gifts and can brighten our home and change our mood. Read more

5 Flower Plant For Small Aromatic Garden

Aromatic flower plant

Usually, we appreciate plants with our eyes because we admire their colors and shapes, but the aroma is something else, it may be invisible, but adds significantly to the pleasures of gardening dimension and with a little planning, plant they give your garden an extra dimension. Here are 5 aromatic plants perfect for a small space.

The plants smell always be a delight to the senses in general. Having even one of them, should be a rule to give your home a positive and magical vibration. The fragrance of the plants clean the environment and psyche are an antidote to sadness and an incentive for the soul.

Put them where you can enjoy its aroma when passing near them, it is the best you can give your private spaces. The smell in a garden is an integral experience, and in a small garden, can make the experience much richer. These are five examples of plants smell, but there are many more species to choose from. Read more

How to plant begonias

plant begonias

The Begonia is a hybrid plant of several species of America. It belongs to the family of Begoniáceas. It is multiplied by tubers. Its height varies between 20 and 25 cms. Its flowers can be of different colors depending on the variety of Begonia and are immensely beautiful.

Date advisable culture: The Begonias are recommended planting from the end of December to April.

As plant Begonia tubers: The sow at a distance between them of 15 cm and a depth of 5 cm. Read more

How to plant gladiolus

plant gladiolus

The gladiolus, whose scientific name is ssp Gladiolus, belongs to the family of the Iridaceae and is a bulbous perennial plant. Its origin is in Europe, Asia and tropical Africa. Its cultivation is very simple and beautifully decorate our gardens.

Date recommended for cultivation. The gladiolus is advisable to plant from January to June because it is a spring bulb.

How to plant gladiolus bulbs. The bulbs the sow at a distance of 12 cm between them at a depth of 10 cms other.  Read more

How to plant roses

plant roses

When you’ve made a choice among the many varieties and colors of roses and you are about to plant your favorite rose bush, it is advisable to stop for a moment to think about the following points…

1) The roses grown in pots can be planted throughout the year as long as there is no frost.

2) In the case of roses grown outdoors, it is best planted in autumn. Then the soil is still warm and therefore still may form some rootlets. Only then the plant will have optimum growth the following spring.

3) Rosebushes like a sunny place, but some varieties will sometimes too hot in a location south. The Rambler roses, for example, are a good choice. ! Look at this when choosing!

4) Rosebushes like a warm and airy place where the wind can caress the leaves. This is not the same as a place windy or drafty, where lurk all sorts of diseases.

5) Climbers should not be planted too close to a wall, where most of the time the soil is too dry. A distance of about 30 cm. It is perfect. Read more

Planting Orchids – Care, Types and Tips

Planting Orchids

Orchids whose scientific name is Orchidaceae part of the family of monocots characterized by the complexity of their beautiful flowers. Whose beauty, complexity and diversity have come to astonish the world without any rival in the plant world. In this article, you will know some tips on how to plant and care orchids but first know a little about it.

Growing orchids comprise one of the largest families of flowering plants on earth, with more than 30,000 different species, and at least 200,000 others made up of hybrids. This plant is very common to see different parts of the world because it’s amazing diversity allows it to adapt to different environments.

Features growing orchids

Quite unlike other plants and animals, plants are capable of producing orchid hybrids between species, and not only that as it may do so with related genres. Which is why today there are an overwhelming number of hybrids?


Almost all orchid plants come to flower once a year, but if this is comfortable in your surroundings can do so more often. It is for this reason that if you want to buy them to decorate during a given season, the best option is to buy when you can see the flowers at the same time desired. Which usually they are maintained for a period of six to ten weeks.

Others point to consider about how to grow orchids is that this plant does not like being transplanted why will not bloom for at least one year after the transplant. So if possible, acquire orchid plants in pots rather than a bare root. Read more

Planting tulips: Care and advice


Tulips come from the plant of the tulip, the Liliaceous family and part of the genus of perennial and bulbous. Currently there about 150 species of this plant and a countless number of types of tulips among which includes hybrids and those that are part of a breeding. There are many people who wonder how to plant tulips because of its beautiful flowers that grow vertically.

How to plant tulips

This plant has bright flowers whose colors can be single or double and has a variety of ways. These flowers are excellent for decorating the borders of your garden and there are types of tulips can grow indoors and can even be cut to give as a gift.

This plant begins to bloom in early spring and summer, it is native to the Himalayas and Turkey .Tulip cultivation grows best in areas where you have cold winters and hot dry summers. Plant the tulip is relatively easy to grow and here you get instructions on how to plant tulips and care. Read more

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