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What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

Flowers are able to delight, delight, touch, and no matter presented a bouquet for a magnificent celebration on the occasion of the anniversary or on a weekday as a compliment. Every year, floristics offers sophisticated clients new and original solutions in color and combination of plants, but nevertheless, we expect even more fresh and unusual ideas from professionals in the field of composition. The year 2018 was no exception, and we look forward to the most fashionable bouquets. Read more

What Flowers Are Suitable For The Winter Bouquet Of The Bride?

What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

Winter is a time of wonder and fulfillment of desires. Christmas tree, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, snow, frost and patterns on the windows impose a special imprint on the subject of a wedding in the winter. Winter makes some demands on the plants that make up the bridal bouquet. Cold air can turn a delicate and elegant flower ensemble into a faceless mass in just half an hour of being outside. Bridal bouquet in the winter – what flowers can make such a composition? Read more

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

Examples Of The Most Elegant Flower Arrangements

Over the past decades, floristry has experienced a real boom, having gone from a simple form of romantic bouquets to the most complex flower works. By choosing a more intricate and original composition in the store, you can produce a great effect when presenting, show how important and expensive this person is. Read more

What Flowers Are Used For The Red Bridal Bouquet?

What Flowers Are Used For The Red Bridal Bouquet?

The wedding is the most exciting and important day in the life of every person. The troubles and cares of organizing a celebration, inviting guests, decorating a banquet hall, and thinking through even the smallest details in the image of the bride – all this takes a lot of time. One of the most important moments is the choice of plants for the composition, which will accompany the young all the celebration. Today, many girls decide on more ambitious options than has recently been taken – for example, a red bridal bouquet. Read more

What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

The wedding is a great occasion to show your taste and refined style when creating the image of the bride and decorating the whole celebration as a whole. For those who prefer to stand out, use those unique nuances that are not beaten or are rarely used, there is an opportunity to play with color. A purple bridal bouquet is able to emphasize individuality, romance, and gloss. Read more

What Kind Of Creative Bouquet Can You Give For A Birthday?

What Kind Of Creative Bouquet Can You Give For A Birthday?

Choosing a bouquet of flowers for a birthday or other significant event, we are guided by our own tastes and ideas about the beautiful – we buy the composition that we like. And this is not accidental, because it is easier to choose a gift for a close friend or relative when we know his interests and hobbies. But with the bouquet, everything is more complicated because we rarely ask each other about floristic preferences.

A good alternative, in this case, can be a creative bouquet for a birthday. It can include something that surely will please the birthday man, with or without flowers. In addition, the share of surprise in such a presentation will allow you to treat with humor the date that many adults cause a note of sadness – another year has lived, old age is approaching. Read more

Artificial Wedding Bridal Bouquet – An Alternative To Live Flowers

Artificial Wedding Bridal Bouquet - An Alternative To Live Flowers

The wedding day is an exciting moment, preceded by a thorough and long preparation. The newlyweds and their relatives are perplexed by cares about the celebration, the organization of the wedding and the wedding, the image of the bride.

All these efforts can be stretched for a while, but a bouquet of fresh flowers the girl sees on the day of the wedding. It happens that he does not like something, then an artificial wedding bouquet of a bride can become an alternative. Read more

What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

Most people spend their lives at work. Here, as a rule, he celebrates with the collective and birthdays, and professional holidays. One of the components of a gift for any holiday or solemn event is a flower arrangement. Not all of us are well versed in floristry. Therefore, the question of which flowers to present to an office worker in honor of a solemn event often occurs.

There are standard rules of business flower etiquette. However, choosing flowers for an office worker, you should consider his tastes. Someone prefers classical, someone likes field flowers. This is worth remembering. Flowers today are given to colleagues, management, subordinates, business partners. Gifted flowers are a demonstration of respect, gratitude, recognition of merit. Flower Arrangement is considered a popular business gift. But they need to be skillfully selected. With this, professional florists are doing very well.

What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

Nuances of choosing a gift

A bouquet designed as a gift for a partner must have originality and restraint. It is better to send it by courier with the obligatory presence of your business card. With a decor, do not overdo it. A wrapper can be a stylish rice paper or cloth, there should not be more than two kinds of plants.

A gift for the leader should be presented to all employees. The personnel present looks ridiculous. It is advisable to accompany him with a postcard. The beauty and originality of the composition can not border on the high cost since this factor will be misunderstood. When choosing a presentation, it is better to contact professionals who will help you choose the right composition. It can contain calls, strelitzia, heliconia. The first symbolizes the balance, the second – courage.

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If the boss is a man, the composition can be combined. A bouquet of irises, large roses or chrysanthemums looks great in contrast. When the boss is a woman, she should give roses, lilies, orchids. Care should be taken to wrap up the presentation. It can be bold, but not frivolous.

Experienced florists will help to make the right composition so that there are no embarrassing situations. For example, red is considered a symbol of love. Therefore, a bouquet of red tulips or roses can be misinterpreted.

Flowers for colleagues

Flower bouquets, designed as a gift for a colleague, should be elegant and convey feelings such as respect and attention. Too fragrant flowers for the composition will not work. Do not include in the composition and dried flowers. A bouquet of succulents in a flower box will look good. Look good bouquets of roses, orange orchids, peonies, carnations.

What Flowers To Give An Office Worker

The collective composition should be accompanied by a gift card with warm words and wishes from office workers.

As for the size of the presentation for an office worker, a collective gift cannot be small. Huge bouquets will be suitable for an anniversary or another important solemn event.

The bouquet for the man is more laconic, the color scale is restrained. As a package, the fabric looks impressive, although you can also use wrapping paper. You can give a bouquet and without a wrapper, tied with a beautiful ribbon. In compositions for men, exotic plants look original. They seem to emphasize the value of the employee, its importance.

Actually, a specialist in floristry will easily pick the right composition for any holiday and for any employee. Before choosing a bouquet, one only needs to know the preferences of the one to whom the gift is intended.

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What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?

What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?

The flower compositions created by florists impress with their beauty, spectacular combinations of different plants and their colors, and also with various outlines. In this article, we will talk about what kinds of the bouquet are, and how to order a bouquet of flowers with delivery, which will be an ideal addition for any occasion.

Classification of Floristic Compositions

It is worth noting that, depending on who is intended flower gift for conventionally, you can distinguish the following types of bouquets:


Beautiful bouquets of flowers often serve as decoration for festive or official events. In such cases, floral design performs a decorative function and is selected in accordance with the preferences of the originator of the event or the organizer of the event.What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?


When creating women’s compositions, it is allowed to use almost any forms, types of colors and their colors. It is possible to use both spectacular bright color combinations and light harmonious combinations. The only restrictions can be related to the age of the recipient. So, for example, when choosing a gift for a woman on the 50th anniversary, you should avoid too dark tones, and give preference to bright or saturated and bright colors.


Male compositions are often more strict and restrained, they are dominated by straight lines and clear outlines. The color scale for a man should be juicy and picturesque, pastel tones should be avoided. It is allowed to use the white color since it is universal.

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Popular Bouquets

The most common forms of a bouquet of flowers used by florists can be combined into several groups:


An arbitrarily collected composition has a special ease, it looks natural and is one of the trends of the past and the current seasons. The free assembly scheme looks modern and fresh, dynamic and sometimes a little careless. At the same time to achieve the desired effect is often more difficult than when assembling perfectly round structures. The freely assembled plants look great in any quantity and are perfect for wedding floristry, and also as gifts.What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?


A bouquet in the form of a ball is one of the classic variations that serve as the basis for the embodiment of all sorts of ideas. Round assembly scheme is perfect for wedding floral elements, table decorations for holidays and corporate events, as well as gifts for any occasion.

Linear (vertical).

As a rule, in linear compositions, the plants unfold in one direction. Allowed the location of tiers, resulting in a cascading (multi-level) structure, an effective completion of which often serve as a long branch of ornamental foliage.


The fantasy of florists has practically no boundaries; therefore, today one can find floral compositions performed in the most incredible forms. As a rule, wireframes are used to implement unusual ideas, which make it possible to obtain and fix the desired shape. It can be:

  • Bouquets of flowers in the form of a heart, ideal for a declaration of love or marriage proposal;
  • Bouquets of flowers in the form of toys – a wonderful gift for the birthday of the child or an option for decorating the restaurant hall, in which the celebration will be held. In such cases, you can order the creation of a bouquet in the form of animals or a favorite of your baby from the cartoon character.

What Are The Shapes And Types Of Bouquets?With additional decorative elements.

Decorate and make the composition as impressive and solemn as possible using special boxes, trunks or baskets. So an excellent addition to a children’s holiday will be a bouquet of flowers in a box in the shape of a ship, and on the anniversary of my mother can be supplemented with flower Present wicker basket or decorative elegant little box, which will emphasize the beauty and elegance of composition.

A bouquet of roses in the shape of a heart for a loved one can also be packed in a spectacular box. In addition, you can complement the romantic gift with air pasta pastries, Raffaello sweets, exotic fruits or favorite sweeties of your halves.

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Types of Color Choices in a Bouquet

The color scheme can be very diverse. At the same time in floristic it is customary to use the following color combinations, which are considered to be the most harmonious and effective:

  • Similar – suggest the choice of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, for example, blue, cyan and magenta or pink, coral and peach.
  • Contrast – the opposite colors of the spectrum are selected: orange and violet, blue and yellow. Also, in contrast, combinations, buds of bright and saturated colors, supplemented by snow-white inflorescences, are allowed to participate.
  • Monochromatic – assume a choice of different shades of the same color, for example, pink, raspberry, fuchsia, and salmon.
  • Polychromatic – colors from different parts of the color spectrum are taken. An example of such a solution is a combination of blue and light purple hydrangeas, orange roses, white freesia and yellow roses.

What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

A bouquet for an engagement can be very diverse. Choose your favorite flowers of your girl or create an effective and unusual variation to your taste. At the same time that the flower composition is sure to please the future bride, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of florists.

A Bouquet That Tells About Your Feelings

Thinking about what flowers to give to the engagement, the heroes for the floral composition should be selected, given their symbolic meaning. It must be plants that embody your sincere feelings.What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

  • The perfect option will be a luxurious bouquet of roses. Will fit buds of red color, symbolizing true love, or snow-white inflorescences being a symbol of endless tenderness, pure and eternal love. You can also combine both these colors or complement the white bouquet with light lilac, light pink or peach accents.
  • The air alstroemerias will tell about fidelity and happiness, they will be charmed by graceful lines of petals. Exotic and a variety of colors alstroemeria will create the most amazing color combinations.
  • The most delicate peonies are plants, with which incredibly elegant and beautiful bouquets of flowers are created. Amazing peonies of local or Dutch varieties will help express boundless love, enjoyment, and idyll.
  • Refined tulips of pastel tones become the embodiment of tenderness, sincerity and a new beginning. The combination of gently-lilac, pale pink and snow-white tulips will be an ideal bouquet of flowers for the engagement.
  • Touching carnations are plants embodying feelings of love and happiness. Carnations are extremely gentle both in mono composition and perfectly complement polybouquets.

Regardless of what kind of flowers for engagement you plan to choose, it’s important to worry about how to present a flower gift. To organize a truly unforgettable surprise for your chosen one, we recommend you to order a bouquet of flowers with delivery. So you do not have to worry about how to pick up an order from the salon, and where to store it before delivery.

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Compositions for Engagement

a bouquet of flowers for the engagement Choosing the right version of the floral gift, you can stop choosing on a mono-bouquet or try a little experiment and pick up a really interesting and original eclectic combination.What Bouquet of Flowers to Give To the Betrothal?

  • Effective addition of roses will be lilies and callas. Choose a monophonic combination or add small contrasting accents and ornamental foliage. So snow-white inflorescences will look great in combination with bright impregnations of lilac freesias, statics or out.
  • The composition of pions will play with new colors due to the addition of enchanting inflorescences of buttercups, hydrangeas or miniature freesias. Perfect accompaniment of such an ensemble will become fragrant eucalyptus leaves.
  • Elegant tulips will look extraordinarily in the company with irises, alstroemeria, lisianthus and pin-shaped roses. Combining different varieties of tulips (dwarf, terry, lily-colored), it is also possible to achieve an incredible effect.

Speaking about color decisions, it is not necessary to stop at one color. Harmoniously will look like soft combinations of similar tones and bold contrast combinations:

  • light pink or white with bright scarlet;
  • snow-white buds with shades of purple or blue;
  • pink, peach and tender lilac;
  • white, light purple, pink and deep purple.

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