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Send flowers to a man?

Flowers to a man

The question that titles this article may have been much to your head, always with doubts and suspicion. The reason is none other than the machismo that persists in contemporary society, both men and women, and in spite of everything we have advanced culturally.

So, we associate flowers with femininity for its delicacy, natural beauty and because it has simply always been.

However, they can be an excellent gift with high emotional and symbolic weight for men, much as it is for the ladies.

Men also appreciate the beautiful

Today the concept of masculine and feminine has changed and there is no border as strict as yesteryear. Therefore a man, unless it be an extremely sexist and archaic person, know also appreciate the detail and beauty of that is given away a flower. Read more

Water of roses

Water of roses

The rose water is a byproduct (or hydrosol aqueous phase) of the distillation of rose petals for the production of rose oil, with a very perfumed flavor and aroma rose very concentrated.

Seasoning very popular in the Middle East, flavored water roses, among other things, creams, pastries, ice cream and even some poultry dishes. In the world rose water is used in cosmetics as fragrance.

Indeed, it is important not to confuse the rosewater with essential oil of roses. If you want to know more about the rose oil you can read about it in wiki. Read more

Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers

Do you want to speak the language of flowers? Would you like the bouquets that regales express exactly the feelings you want? Do you want tips for composing a bouquet of flowers? Here we talk about the language of flowers and show you the highlights and its symbolism.

And you might think that flowers are only the expression of love, but nothing is further from reality. And the language of flowers is not only limited to messages of lovers, but they are able to convey moods, reproaches, thanks, friendship, hope, etc. Read more

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