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What are the plants that bloom in winter?

plants that bloom in winter

For those who like gardening, it is good to know that with the arrival of the cold does not end at the flowering of plants in different ways, but especially with various tricks, you can have a corner of the garden always in bloom.


The cold months require a careful preservation of plants from climate changes, especially by unexpected frosts. The change of temperature also gives us colorful gardens, thanks to the presence of numerous plants, such as the cyclamen.

This common plant often embellishes balconies and flower beds. Its flowering varies depending on when the seeds were planted: in fact, cyclamen have been planted in the fall season can extend their flowering until winter. The thing to remember is not to be overlooked is that the cyclamen fears frost: for this reason it is preferable to place it in the house, away from the currents and the heaters too hot.

Besides the cyclamen, there are many other plants that bloom in winter, maybe less known but equally beautiful. Let’s see some. Read more

10 Tips For The Garden And The Garden In Summer


Garden in bloom and vegetable garden full of fruit to collect. Here are the best hope for the summer of all gardening enthusiasts. The sun, the heat and sudden storms, perhaps accompanied by hail, can put a strain on the garden and the plants of the garden.

Summer is one of the seasons in which the plants and vegetables need the most attention. Therefore, here are some tips to have a vegetable garden and a garden to admire during the warmer months. Read more

Viola tricolor or Pansy: A flower that is resistant to cold

Viola tricolor

The purple flower is a much loved for its elegance and delicacy, and particularly the it’s particular nuances that arise from white to end in the most intense purple.

The purple includes more than 400 species, including hybrids and crossbreeding occurred over time, but its origins come from Ethiopia, South America, New Zealand and Australia, of course changing characteristics depending on the location.

But today I want to talk about a species that can live and flourish throughout the winter.

This is the species Tricolor also called “Pansy”; it is in fact a variant suitable for planting in colder months like January and then is appreciated throughout the winter. Read more

Tips for garden, flowers and plants


The most important thing for a gardener’s interest in learning and not stop watching. It is very advisable to carry a book with everything that happens and do in the garden. This information will be very useful for the present and for the future (years to come).

If you initiate in the world of gardening it is better to start with easy plants that do not require much experience. For example, a Gardenia is quite difficult to thrive for someone who does not know how to fulfill all the demands that it has. You can be frustrated and discouraged. For the moment, the important thing is that your first attempts are satisfactory and encourage you to continue progressing. Read more

Ideas to decorate the garden


A classic lawn, if constantly maintained and kept clean and tidy is certainly nice, but there are many other ways, tricks and decorations to improve its appearance as well as keep the grass cut and pruned the plants and flowers. If you want to turn your garden into a real paradise here are some ideas and suggestions from which you can draw inspiration.

Decorate the garden to make it a more beautiful place

The decoration is at the base of the beauty of a garden; so here’s a series tips and ideas to beautify our little corner of green paradise. Read more

Benefits and properties of Rhodiola


Rhodiola is a medicinal plant with therapeutic use of which use the root and is helpful for our body when adapting to emotional stress.

What is Rhodiola?

The Rhodiola Rosea, also known as Golden Root or Rhodiola is a plant with yellow flowers and scented roses that grow spontaneously in the colder mountainous areas of northern America, Asia and Europe (Pyrenees).

It is a medicinal plant with therapeutic use of which use the root and is helpful for our body when adapting to emotional stress, physical effort and to reduce mental fatigue that cause us stress.

This plant was already used for medicinal purposes by the Inuit, the Vikings and the people of Liberia. Read more

25 tips for planting in pots and planters


Whether you are new to the planting of your best flowers or vegetables in pots and planters, or if you are an expert in this work, I advise you to read these 25 tips for gardening in pots and you will help a lot in the work.

Whether you are new to the planting of your best flowers or vegetables in pots and planters, or if you are an expert in this work, I advise you to read these 25 tips for gardening in pots and planters that you will help a lot in the work. Read more

Plants Buying Guide: How To Choose Healthy Plants?

Plants Buying Guide

In the purchase of plants, even the most common, we must be careful to some characteristics we can reveal whether the plant has been cultivated well or has weaknesses. Here are some tips to quickly identify which plants prefer.

It would be better to avoid buying of flowering plants, why would suffer already in transportation: when the plant is in full bloom is also weaker. Also we do not know when it started flowering, and you are likely to enjoy the flowers for a few days! It would be better to buy them when they present the buds, even if you do not have the color certainty. They will flourish in our home and will be the first satisfaction. Read more

Yellow flowers: Merry even in autumn

Looking at the gardens in autumn everything seems very sad. We need a burst of color to brighten up the darkest days . In this article we suggest you two examples of perennials intense yellow color , with its flowering during autumn, they will be perfect to liven up flower beds and borders .

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and helianthoides Heliopsis “Summer Night”

Autumn has now arrived, temperatures are dropping rapidly and our gardens are changing their appearance.

When all the garden disposes of the summer dress enough even just a few items to give them life : autumn colors are in fact perfect to bring out colorful berries and latest blooms. Winter is on hold, not long in coming, the last glow of life autumn make us appreciate even more the sunny days that gradually become more and more a thing for at least a few months.

Looking forward to the cold season you cannot help but accept with great joy the presence of two composite that are still in full bloom during the autumn period . This is the late Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and helianthoides Heliopsis “Summer Night”, two excellent examples from the yellow flowering. Read more

Gardening work waiting for the summer

We are anchors in January but the summer season is not that far away .Not to see us completely unprepared it is advisable to begin with obviously calm, to organize the garden to make it hospitable and ready to welcome all the new plants . Some routine maintenance operations must be carried out systematically and without interruption. It is often boring work but still essential for the health of the garden . So remember raking leaves, prune the vines and to remove the accumulations of snow from the branches.

If in your garden you expect the presence of the garden health .It is time to start with the maintenance . Premunitevi of new plants and Plant them, instead of the old ones have to be tucked. In addition, to obtain good results, start fertilizing the soil with specific products.

Even the grass and hedges need special care and a little ‘maintenance to overcome the cold season and get the best spring. If your lawn has a suffering look is important to act in a systematic way, first leveling them properly, and secondly it is better to remove all traces of moss present, since this tends to stifle the substrate with often disastrous consequences. Finally do not forget that also during the winter it is appropriate to ensure a correct ventilation even in our lawn . Of course let’s not forget the hedges: These are raked, pruned and it is best to eliminate all pests as long as you are still on time. Read more

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