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10 plants to purify the house from indoor pollutants


A handbook of plants to purify the house from indoor pollutants that cause diseases and headaches. A green solution at no cost to have a nice house and “clean”

A living room filled with plants and flowers is definitely full of charm and surround ourselves with the green has proven effects on our mood and our health. If we learn to choose the right plants to purify the environment, we can significantly reduce the concentration of pollutants in the rooms where we spend most of the time. This natural remedy will help us to live better, tutelandoci from respiratory illnesses and headaches related to pollution indoors. Read more

Prepare the spring blooms: Flower bulbs in boxes

A flowered balcony everyone likes, especially if the blooms are to coincide with the arrival of spring.

When planting bulbs

If you act in time many bulbs will color your terraces and window sills since mid-March. The cassettes to house with spring flowering bulbs should be prepared at this time: it starts in mid-October and it is possible to go on for the entire month of November.

The specimens to be planted are varied, the most common are the dwarf tulips, narcissus, trumpet, and a sample Chinodoxa or less typical as Scilla sibirica .

During the autumn the bulbs period through a phase of vegetative rest, even if they are not completely inactive, in fact during this period are able to develop the root system . Read more

8 ideal plants to perfume the house

plants to perfume

The so-called “house plants” have different virtues and specific characteristics that make it highly recommended for indoor use of the house; many varieties are able to purify the air, others can be “soothing” and must help to lower our stress levels. Among all species, we can grow in our home there are some also perfect for scenting our rooms and create a more pleasant environment.

Very often for perfuming domestic environments, or simply to ward off unpleasant odors, it resorts to the use of chemicals, as well as having relatively high prices, can harm our health and the health of our pets.

A great way to work around this problem is to use a natural fragrance, and what could be better than a plant? Did they know that among the various species that can grow well even inside the house there are some particularly fragrant, whose aromas remain in the air, purifying it and helping to eliminate bad odors.

Often people think that the scented species, especially the most famous, can be grown only in the garden or on the terrace, in fact some varieties possess the right characteristics to survive well all inside. Read more

Decorated with natural flowers

natural flowers

Garnish with flowers not only are ideas for gardening, but also for decoration natural interiors and welcoming. Therefore, I propose to talk about decorating with natural flowers.

Add or use plastic flowers for interior decoration is counterproductive not only because they provide natural style we are looking forward, but tend to accumulate dust. In addition, it is not my intention to create you a bad reputation artificial plant, but is not optimal for printing a natural home environment.

Therefore, I propose some tips for decorating with natural flowers so you can take them reference and you start redecorating the rooms of your house. Read more

Ideas for home decorating with flowers

decorating with flowers

Spring is an excellent opportunity to incorporate flowers fresh in your home and bring with them great decorative effects of color and beauty. Simply adding a flower under any room you can brighten the space and make a big impact on your decor without changing anything.

Tips for decorating the home with flowers

Flowers in the room

To decorate the room with flowers do not need an exquisite vase, you can place the flowers in a glass simple if the arrangement is small. You can also place a glass of water inside a cardboard bag of gift and there locate your flowers, encouraging the dining room in a very original way. If you use a plain glass, you can add several strips of cloth of different colors that match the table. Read more

10 ideas for decorating with flowers

decorating with flowers

Opens the doors to nature and full of flowers every corner of the house. Natural or artificial spaces impregnate your vitality, energy and optimism. And also beautify any room; they have the superb ability to convey an unparalleled sense of well being. So pay attention to these 10 tips to decorate your house with flowers and enlivens your space creatively. Read more

Plants and flowers to give joy to your home

Plants and flowers

What joy gives plants and flowers in a house! It is a way to bring nature to your home, fill it with life and color … And you can do it in any room. With these ideas I teach you today decorating your rooms will get a very special way thanks to the use of these elements that give a fresh touch to your home and you can enter as you like and are that the plants and flowers filled with positivity that corner where unique. They are able to give vitality, joy, create a romantic atmosphere or country style … Let’s see how…

The chose

The first thing you must consider is how much light and what needs precise temperature the plant in question depending on where the go to locate, so you always look at its best, healthy and beautiful. Read more

Large indoor plants

Large indoor plants

Want to give an exotic touch to your home? Forget about all those little houseplants such views and opt for a large format that is sure to attract all eyes. Below we have prepared a selection with our favorites.

The Medinilla

Endowed with beautiful and remarkable pink flowers with calyx, the Medinilla is a native of Philippine plant. It blooms from early summer to early fall, although its undulating leaves 30 cm long are decorative the rest of the year.

Profiled suspended long stems, flowers grow down into fascinating chalices of a peculiar greenish pink. These plants need high humidity and light, but should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Read more

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