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2019’s top wedding flower trends

With the trend for wedding flowers seeing a constant flow of ethereal arrangements and soft greenery over the past few years, 2019 will see a triumphant and refreshing return to colour and vibrancy. 2019 will also see brides embrace practicality and tradition with locally-grown flowers and small bouquets. Let’s take a look at 2019’s top wedding flower trends.

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Dried flowers and grass

When choosing decorative accents for floral arrangements, two of the major wedding flower trends for 2019 are dried flowers and ornamental grasses.

Pampas grass, fountain grass and wheat stalks are proving popular alternatives to wedding greenery for brides who desire a rustic, bohemian and vintage-style bouquet or centrepiece. Dried daisies, baby’s breath, lavender and other flowers are also top trends for 2019’s flower arrangements.


Greenery is now a staple feature of wedding flower arrangements, from bouquets to garlands and wedding cake decorations. These plants complement an earthy, woodland or forest chic vibe, which is continuing to prove popular across social media.

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Sustainable plants

With sustainability becoming increasingly popular in our lifestyles, brides are now choosing eco-friendly ceremonies. Fashion designers are also creating sustainable wedding dresses.

With brides thinking consciously about their wedding flowers, the mindset has shifted to quality over quantity. Statement blooms are being selected to make arrangements stand out over elaborate, expensive flowers. By choosing seasonal flowers – and particularly ones that have been grown locally to your wedding venue – you can also reduce unnecessary waste and cost.

Floral aisles

Floral installations such as backdrops and hanging centrepieces have become a stylish way to personalise your ceremony.

Creative floral aisles have become one of the top wedding flower trends for 2019, with rows of lush blooms placed strategically along the aisles. This gives the illusion that the bride is walking through a romantic field of flowers.

Bold coral shades

A pinky-orange cheerful shade, coral can be incorporated easily into centrepieces and bouquets to stunning effect. Peonies, dahlias, calla lilies and roses are just a few flowers that work beautifully in this shade, which is expected to have a big influence in 2019.

Alternatively, try peach roses for a softer take or burnt orange flowers to reference this trend.

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How to Perfect your Bridal Wedding Flower Crowns for the big day

There are so many gorgeous wedding hair styles for brides to choose from to wear on their special day. Many of these designs can be embellished by the use of a gorgeous bridal wedding flower crown to add some Romantic or rustic flair to your bridal ensemble.

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Mastering the Flower Crown

There are a surprising number of ways to wear flower crowns and all kinds of crowns to choose from. More and more brides are choosing to wear them, to embody some Romantic sweetness; there is nothing like a stunning wreath of flowers nestled in your hair to make you feel like a true goddess on your wedding day. But how will you choose to wear yours?

The first thing to remember is that your bridal flower crown should not detract from your gorgeous hair style, it should enhance and complement it. Opting for a full flower crown is a great way to make a statement but it will probably become the sole focus; why not opt for a half crown for a slightly more understated effect?

When it comes to choosing the colour of your flower crown, be sure to take your own hair colour into account. For example, blonde brides will look beautiful wearing bright colours such as pink and blue, while white and creamy coloured flowers will really pop against a gorgeous head of red hair. For brunettes, deep, rich colours, like burgundy, will make a real statement, but if you want to go for something lighter, why not try yellow?

Final tips: make sure you use plenty of bobby pins to secure your crown, but only affix it when you have sprayed your bridal hair style with hair spray. The flowers themselves must not be sprayed, nor should you touch them as the natural oils on your fingers will brown them and you could end up bruising the petals.

More Tips and Tricks

To find out more about flower crowns check out http://www.brit.co/wedding-flower-crowns/ and http://passionforflowers.net/flower-crowns-wedding-hair-inspiration/.

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Wedding Bouquet Of Daisies For The Bride

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