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Care for dahlias


Originating in Mexico, dahlias are bulbous plants in which we find many dozens of different species. The appearance of these is very different, and can even find dahlias cactus shaped or other shaped pompon. It is colorful, of course, is also varied.

Planting dahlias

Tubers (bulbs) Plant Dahlia ideally planted in April / May, after the disappearance of any risk of frost. We planted at a depth of 5-10 cm, with a spacing of 80 to 100 cm from each tuber. The place should be quite sunny, as Dahlias need a lot of sun. Read more

Care for Chrysanthemums


The chrysanthemum is a plant known for decorating the graves in cemeteries, but it can look in our homes and gardens in all its glory thanks to its colorful and late flowering.

In the following lines we will discuss the care and maintenance of chrysanthemums, offering a number of tips so you can grow some beautiful chrysanthemums in your garden or terrace.

Chrysanthemums are originating in Korea, but now it is a cult plant in Japan, where it has become the favorite flower by the Japanese. There is also called autumn flower and is a symbol of pleasure and happiness. Read more

Care for carnations


Carnations, whether perennial or annual, they offer us very features beautiful flowers. Maintaining them is easy, although we will see tips will help you get some beautiful flowers throughout the summer. If you want further advice you will find many more waiting.

The number of species of carnations offers a wide variety of colors and shapes. This plant offers a generous bloom that will serve to decorate beds, rock gardens or planters. Its flowering occurs from May to September. Read more

Care for gardenias


The gardenias are a very popular indoor plants. Proper maintenance, watering, pruning and re-potting help us improve flowering of these. And all this is what we see in the following lines.

First of all say something brief about gardenias, and they are certainly one of the most beautiful indoor plants. They especially like its abundant flowering and its delicate scent of jasmine.

Besides this plant fits well into homes, provided it is not near heat sources to prevent dehydration. Exterior needs a very mild climate, away from the hibernator’s frost. Read more

Care for sunflowers

Care sunflowers

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are plants that offer a beautiful and innovative bloom. Originating in America, sunflower is grown as an annual plant, although some species are perennial. These belong to the family Asteraceae. Of this, the Helianthus are not only the best known, but they are also the largest, with a size that can reach up to 3 m high.

Regardless of the species, almost all have that yellow sunflowers so characteristic reminiscent of the sun. Sunflowers also have the advantage of being melliferous, participating in pollination and therefore in the ecosystem. Read more

Care of the Camellias


Camellias are probably one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs. They offer us a very remarkable flowering in autumn and spring seasons. Planting, care and pruning of camellias will help to improve growth and prevent possible diseases. Their care is simple, as you’ll see in the following lines.

Plantation camellias

It is recommended to plant camellias mainly in the fall season to promote good rooting and better flowering in the early months of the year. In spring we can plant camellias acquired in pots, although they require regular watering the first few weeks. Read more

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