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The most important thing for a gardener’s interest in learning and not stop watching. It is very advisable to carry a book with everything that happens and do in the garden. This information will be very useful for the present and for the future (years to come).

If you initiate in the world of gardening it is better to start with easy plants that do not require much experience. For example, a Gardenia is quite difficult to thrive for someone who does not know how to fulfill all the demands that it has. You can be frustrated and discouraged. For the moment, the important thing is that your first attempts are satisfactory and encourage you to continue progressing. Read more

Planting flowers

Planting flowers

With plants that are sold as flowering, you can embellish your balcony at a time. However the care taken when planting is essential to ensure a lasting and abundant decoration. When to plant? You can plant all year, except during periods of frost. However, the best times are as follows…

– Late April to mid-June for decoration summer.

– From February to April for spring decoration. – In October and November for decoration fall.

– From autumn to February for winter decoration keep in mind that spring bulbs such as tulips or daffodils have been planted in the fall, along with the biennial plants, for example. Read more

Ideas for home decorating with flowers

decorating with flowers

Spring is an excellent opportunity to incorporate flowers fresh in your home and bring with them great decorative effects of color and beauty. Simply adding a flower under any room you can brighten the space and make a big impact on your decor without changing anything.

Tips for decorating the home with flowers

Flowers in the room

To decorate the room with flowers do not need an exquisite vase, you can place the flowers in a glass simple if the arrangement is small. You can also place a glass of water inside a cardboard bag of gift and there locate your flowers, encouraging the dining room in a very original way. If you use a plain glass, you can add several strips of cloth of different colors that match the table. Read more

10 ideas for decorating with flowers

decorating with flowers

Opens the doors to nature and full of flowers every corner of the house. Natural or artificial spaces impregnate your vitality, energy and optimism. And also beautify any room; they have the superb ability to convey an unparalleled sense of well being. So pay attention to these 10 tips to decorate your house with flowers and enlivens your space creatively. Read more

Plants and flowers to give joy to your home

Plants and flowers

What joy gives plants and flowers in a house! It is a way to bring nature to your home, fill it with life and color … And you can do it in any room. With these ideas I teach you today decorating your rooms will get a very special way thanks to the use of these elements that give a fresh touch to your home and you can enter as you like and are that the plants and flowers filled with positivity that corner where unique. They are able to give vitality, joy, create a romantic atmosphere or country style … Let’s see how…

The chose

The first thing you must consider is how much light and what needs precise temperature the plant in question depending on where the go to locate, so you always look at its best, healthy and beautiful. Read more

Watering and feeding flowers

Watering and feeding flowers

We must water the plants we have in our homes to compensate for the lack of rain and changing conditions. To do this we must also find adequate nutrients to meet your needs. And it is that the roots planted in pots look in vain nutrients in the soil spontaneously.

The plant needs on a regular basis the intake of additional nutrients, especially during their period of growth or flowering. Do not forget however to give your plants a period of annual leave, spacing the frequency of irrigation and fertilizer application. Read more

Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers

Do you want to speak the language of flowers? Would you like the bouquets that regales express exactly the feelings you want? Do you want tips for composing a bouquet of flowers? Here we talk about the language of flowers and show you the highlights and its symbolism.

And you might think that flowers are only the expression of love, but nothing is further from reality. And the language of flowers is not only limited to messages of lovers, but they are able to convey moods, reproaches, thanks, friendship, hope, etc. Read more

Tips for growing flowers on terraces

Growing flowers on terraces

The cultivation of flowers in pots or planters is the perfect way to decorate a terrace. Its flowers for many weeks will add a touch of color to our unique patios or balconies, and they only require some care.

Also, if we grow our own flowers we can create our bouquets of flowers fully customized. If you need help to do so, these tips help us to create them through practical advice. Read more

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