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Gardening work waiting for the summer

We are anchors in January but the summer season is not that far away .Not to see us completely unprepared it is advisable to begin with obviously calm, to organize the garden to make it hospitable and ready to welcome all the new plants . Some routine maintenance operations must be carried out systematically and without interruption. It is often boring work but still essential for the health of the garden . So remember raking leaves, prune the vines and to remove the accumulations of snow from the branches.

If in your garden you expect the presence of the garden health .It is time to start with the maintenance . Premunitevi of new plants and Plant them, instead of the old ones have to be tucked. In addition, to obtain good results, start fertilizing the soil with specific products.

Even the grass and hedges need special care and a little ‘maintenance to overcome the cold season and get the best spring. If your lawn has a suffering look is important to act in a systematic way, first leveling them properly, and secondly it is better to remove all traces of moss present, since this tends to stifle the substrate with often disastrous consequences. Finally do not forget that also during the winter it is appropriate to ensure a correct ventilation even in our lawn . Of course let’s not forget the hedges: These are raked, pruned and it is best to eliminate all pests as long as you are still on time. Read more

Gardening in January, follow the calendar ends meet

With the arrival of January is a good time to put away the tools for a while ‘time . But remember that before needing maintenance, also because in a few months will serve you again and you better find them quickly in good condition and ready to use.

In this period of apparent stagnation it is also the right time to design all new jobs that you want to pursue in the coming seasons , both in your garden that your garden.

Of course, even though you are in the middle of winter, nature never stops. If your garden has a tunnel or a greenhouse is still possible to plant and grow vegetables successfully . Read more

10 tips for ecofriendly gardening

Ecofriendly garden

Not everything that is green is really ecofriendly, often to speed up plant growth or repel insects we resort to extremely invasive methods that release harmful chemicals to the environment. By following these simple tips gardening ecofriendly your plants flourish doing without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

  1. Take away the pests of plants using natural methods

The ladybugs are great allies of ecofriendly gardening because they feed on plant pests, so you should not move them away but you can even buy on dedicated sites. Another natural method to ward off unpleasant creatures “eat plants” is to put 6 cloves of garlic in a quart of boiling water and leave the tea until it reaches room temperature, and then spray it on plants as a natural insecticide.

  1. Select the compost to fertilize

Each year the world produced 4.4 billion tons of organic waste, with all this compost available why buy chemical fertilizers? A good idea is also to produce your own compost specifically for the needs of plants. For example, the banana peels release potassium, the coffee grounds free nitrogen and magnesium and the shells of the eggs for football. Read more

Gardening tips: 8 tragic mistakes to avoid!

Gardening tips

You have a garden large or a tiny balcony, if you have decided to take matters in hand and give to gardening is not much difference: there is a good chance that you are about to commit one of these 8 very common mistakes!

1- Wrong jar!

Each flower, plant or vegetable takes a specific vessel: the plants that require drained soil will need pots with holes in the base. Plants that love moist soil can have a plastic pot, but they may not have the minimum water stagnation boater clay pots. In short, for every plant, you have decided to plant in pots, but what are the vessels that help plants to grow well. Dates importance not only to the material of the vessel, but also to its shape! Read more

7 tips gardening


As decorate a garden or a terrace with beautiful plants and flowers! Do you dare to be considered “a whole gardener”? We indicate some simple, basic but very important tips for both your garden pots to your home or terrace, so you always have a “very lively” and with excellent color plants. Note that a healthy plant is a plant that will have less risk of catching pests. Read more

5 gardening tips for beginners


You want to have a garden but do not know how to take care of him? They no longer have to worry, in this issue we share 5 tips gardening for beginners.

1. Allows insects continue

One of the most important gardening tips are that does not remove all the insects. Insects such as beetles and some manure worms eat birds helping plants. Poultry manure erodes soil and withering plants, so if you keep these insects in your garden will avoid damage to your plants. It also leaves the worms as they take their food from other waste and dead plants, providing nutrients to plants. Read more

Quick gardening tips for beginners

Gardening for beginners

Everyone has dreamed of having a beautiful, green and lush garden. However, the reality often imposes their criteria as lack of time and lack of resources and ends up to ruin such a beautiful dream. It is also possible that not all business thought.

Here are eight good advices for novice gardeners

  1. What do you want to do with your garden? A place for children to play? Gardening? Or a sea of flowers?

It is difficult to combine all these wishes and desires. It is therefore advisable to certain limits, at least at first. And, create your particular Eden will take time. Before starting work, you must consider the different roles that should meet the garden. If you must include, for example, places to sit, play or flowerbeds. Read more

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