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How to grow stevia in your home and take advantage of its sweetening properties


When planting stevia at home we make sure that the product you get is of the highest quality and they have not included harmful chemicals in their care.

Stevia is a plant of tropical origin whose behavior varies in Mediterranean climates, taking an important stop growing when the autumn-winter season arrives. Because of this, it is considered as a multi – annual plan, ie, that can regrow for 4 or 5 years. In the spring leaves us new shoots that emerge below their roots.

From then until mid-August can be reproduced by cuttings, similar to geraniums. However, they should not be planted coppice ending in flower, because you never enrapture. In addition, these flowers never lead to seed germination power, so playback can only be given by cuttings.

Thus, if we plant from a good variety, we get an endless supply of a plant with many medicinal qualities. And, although for many it is still unknown, it is a powerful weapon against the levels of high sugar, high blood pressure and various digestive problems. It is also believed to help in the treatment of people with anxiety and severe disorders such as obesity. Read more

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