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Hyacinth: Ornamental plant for gardens and balconies

The hyacinth is a plant particularly appreciated for its ornamental appearance, thanks to its special flowers, romantic and delicate.

The hyacinth has distant origins, namely from Asia Minor; its scientific name is Hyacinthus and inspired by the mythology by the story of the killing of Hyacinth by Apollo.

It ‘a bulbous plant that can be grown in this period and then last for many months, until spring.

The hyacinth has long fleshy leaves and is very famous and loved for its flowers that are harvested in the cob.

Another very special aspect is the variety of species that can also vary in flower color that can go from white to blue to purplish pink.

This is also why the hyacinth is an ideal plant for ornamental play action in the garden or in the balcony. Read more

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