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The importance of inert materials for the life of plants

We have spoken over and over again the importance of draining the soil , so as to avoid stagnation of water and allow to supply to the plant the right oxygen supply while also preventing compaction of the soil. The inert materials , ie those that do not cooperate to the nourishment of the plant, nevertheless play extremely important action, since they allow the life of the roots. So, when you decide to grow a plant and keep it healthy over time, become of paramount importance to know the variety of drainage materials to choose to understand together the functions of inert materials in order to really understand their importance.

Characteristics of porous inert material

One of the most important features of inert materials is their infertility making them impervious to insects, mold, fungus, which gives him a stable life avoiding functional declines. Obviously this is natural and therefore non-toxic materials , definitely another good thing both for the plant and for the man who decides to use them. Furthermore, the use of inert materials, as already mentioned above avoids the compacting of the soil, which often causes the suffocation of the roots. The use of draining materials in fact, ensures the correct flow of oxygen within the vessel, allowing a correct ventilation. The inert materials allow drainage of stable and balanced water, avoiding stagnation dreaded. Also, sometimes, when you use a transparent vase and maybe you decide to make of hydroculture, the inert materials can also become a valuable cosmetic aid that enhances the ornamentation of the plant. But now let’s see how to choose the most suitable with respect to the type of plant. Read more

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