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Water of roses

Water of roses

The rose water is a byproduct (or hydrosol aqueous phase) of the distillation of rose petals for the production of rose oil, with a very perfumed flavor and aroma rose very concentrated.

Seasoning very popular in the Middle East, flavored water roses, among other things, creams, pastries, ice cream and even some poultry dishes. In the world rose water is used in cosmetics as fragrance.

Indeed, it is important not to confuse the rosewater with essential oil of roses. If you want to know more about the rose oil you can read about it in wiki.

Water of roses
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Create our own rosewater

In the following lines we will help you create your own rosewater in your home in a simple and fast way. In this way you can benefit from the properties it has and can make use of it.

To do just we need to have prepared a liter of water and about 200 grams of rose petals.

To start with, we put the liter of water into the pan and next to it will boil rose petals inside. Boil petals over low heat for about two hours.

At the end of the two will verify hours you no longer have a liter of initial water because boiling, but still not have an amount of water of more than considerable roses and, above all, a very natural fragrance, because as you have seen no we used any kind of chemical.

We must let the water cool naturally. Once cooled completely place them in the glass container to prevent any other material hinder the scent of rosewater.

Rose water uses

Many of its uses the find in the Wikipedia. Rose water is very useful not only for skin cleansing, but also allow you to perfume it depending on how much you apply. This does not create a perfume too strong, but a very light fresh scent, especially for anyone who likes the roses. To apply you use a cloth or cotton.

Among its most prominent uses are the natural skin moisturizer, softener hair lotions aftershave, tisanes anti stress, soothing for sensitive skin, antiseptic against infections, helps against oily skin and acne, concealer solutions and more so on.

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