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Care for hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs. Easy to grow and easy maintenance, flowering hydrangeas will amaze us all summer with its beautiful flowers ranging from pink to blue.

As there are about 500 species of hydrangeas, we will have no problem finding which fits what we want. The best known are those that have the “balls” in pink, purple or white, but as we said before there almost every color.

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Planting hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are preferably planted in autumn. It is essential to plant them in the land of heather, especially if your soil is limestone. Choose a location with partial shade, which ensures you have a beautiful flower and give your shrubs every opportunity to grow properly.

If the hydrangeas Potted acquire, you can transplant them to the ground in the spring and summer periods, avoiding frost and high temperatures. Keep a distance of 80 cm / 1 m between each hydrangea.

Hydrangeas inside

With the arrival of winter’s end, are in the market aimed hydrangeas in pots inside our homes. So that they grow conveniently just you have to take care of basic gestures:

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Place the hydrangeas in a cool place where they receive plenty of light but never directly. Below 21 degrees the plant may suffer. Water them regularly to make sure the compost is always moist, but without flooding the roots.

What to do after flowering hydrangeas?

If no plants abroad, hydrangeas never again flourish. The ideal is to plant them outdoors in the land of heather on April / May, so that they bloom again the following year.

Maintenance of hydrangeas

The maintenance of these plants is very simple and requires almost no care. With a small annual pruning significantly you will improve flowering hydrangeas. After flowering, remove withered flowers. Prune hydrangeas preferably after frost in March.

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