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Planting flower bulbs in a natural way

Planting flower bulbs

It is more than likely already know the beautiful gardens that give the impression that Mother Nature had thrown down the middle road between culture and nature. The secret to get these harmonious sets and, at the same time rustic, it is on the way planting. With bulbs is also possible to obtain this natural effect. Just follow these tips…

First, you have to dig the piece of ground where you want to grow, so that the soil is well released. Then gets a handful of bulbs and scatter them carefully on the ground: in fact, planted randomly in the same place where they have gone. Sometimes several fall very close to each of the others.

Planting flower bulbs
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In that case, it is advisable to plant a little more separated, but not too well to maintain the natural distribution. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to create groups of elongated shape. This increases the paradoxical effect of capricious and balanced. Applying a kind of planting in flats, as is usually done in buckets and pots, a natural course of consecutive flowers is obtained in a relatively small area, but with a natural look.

Plantar in a way ordained this other cropping system applied since ancient times. Here the bulbs are scattered haphazardly in a gradual transition. After removing the earth, a row of bulbs is placed, as we want. We will consider planting distance prescribed on the label. The circle, oval or other form now filled with bulbs.

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All bulbs are placed at the same distance from each other. When they are distributed, we can plant them one by one with a handy automatic planter, by hand or with a small shovel. Cultivating orderly way has the advantage that you can put more bulbs on the same surface, and therefore, the garden will be even more full of colors.

Choice of colors Soft colors like light yellow, pink and violet to, are very suitable for planting naturally, while intense primary colors look best on planting orderly way. The cultivation ordered is better more cultured and classical gardens, while natural plantation applies increasingly less formal gardens.

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