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Urban gardens: Goes green!

Urban gardens

If you love plants and nature, do not give to have your own garden by the fact of living in the city. Here are some ideas to turn your home into a small oasis: a natural corner in which to relax and enjoy the urban gardening.

Vertical urban gardens

A trend very in, perfect for space, decorate and surround ourselves with nature, which allows you to use your terrace walls and create beautiful compositions of different levels. Vines, hanging plants and potted wall will be your allies.

You want to bring a twist? Using a ladder, a pallet or a lattice with integrated planter. The latter is perfect to get more privacy.

Urban gardens
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An indoor garden

Riding a garden indoors is easier than it seems. Choose flowers and plants that do not require much care, such as cactus, succulents, ribbons or ivy and place them on staggered shelves in the living room or kitchen. Combining plants with different shades of green and foliage density to achieve a more natural and realistic effect.

And in the bathroom? As well, opt for ferns, bamboo and orchids as they are plants that are well suited to wet areas or in low light and also are precious.

Sustainable balconies

If you’ve always wanted to have your own garden, now is the time, even when you have not too much space. Get yourself a good game of gardening, pots and markers for plant and grow your own herbs, berries or vegetables. What do you think a tomato? Nothing better than enjoying the sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes grown at home taste.

The balcony, window or even a sunny corner of the kitchen become the perfect place to have your own crops.

Urban gardens
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A particular forest

Trees and shrubs are also terrace and can be planted in pots. If you want to give your space a twist, opt for small or slow-growing trees such as orange, lemon, oleander or magnificent roses.

The pots have to be heavy, so they do not fall with the wind and medium-sized to prevent the tree from growing too. Opt for pots with natural colors and materials such as terracotta, clay or artificial stone for a more realistic look.

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My small greenhouse

Some plants are more delicate and to protect them from the rain and wind need a greenhouse. We teach you to make your own in a very simple and environmentally friendly way.

Urban gardens
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What do you need?

  • A plastic container as in vegetables sold in the supermarket
  • Plastic sleeves for old CDs
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic greenhouse
  • Fertilizer for plants
  • Seeds
  • Water

We started!

Fill the plastic container with compost, spread seeds and water. Glue the covers of the CD to the edges of the container with masking tape. Cover with plastic and glue it to prevent it from falling. Make a pair of holes for air circulation and presto! You have your own greenhouse.

Give your floor the cool touch as you need and fills your home clean air and good vibes!

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