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How to plant a bush

plant a bush

Do not hesitate to buy a plant that is sold in flower or in full vegetation, provided it is in good condition and has been grown in a container. So you get an immediate effect, if you take some precautions when transplant.

When to plant?

The formula of plants sold in container allows planted any time provided they do not freeze, and the plant care until grip.

plant a bush
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Remember especially well watered all summer plantations you have made late spring so that the roots are installed correctly.

Step 1- Soak the lump for 15 minutes in a bucket of water. Meanwhile, place a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot (gravel, expanded clay, helmets …) and then a layer of soil enriched with some slow release fertilizer

Step 2- Remove the plant from the container without pulling it, hitting the bottom of the container, and then scrape the clod with a rake to detach the visible roots outside the cube.

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Step 3- Place the clod at the appropriate level, with more than 1 part or 2 cm from the edge of the pot. The edges with soil, pressing the tips of his fingers.

Step 4- Water thoroughly. Set immediately the branches if it is a climbing plant or shrub that wants to empathize on a wall.

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